OnePlus Watch Software Update B.48 Change Log

  1. vovowong
    Gingerbread May 8, 2021

  2. Markh2000
    Honeycomb May 9, 2021

    Markh2000 , May 9, 2021 :
    Latest update won't let me play music on the watch. Keeps flashing pause and play and won't play anything. Got my OnePlus Buds Z connected..

    What a mess this watch is turning out to be! Has lots of potential but us users are simply guinea pigs testers.

  3. brian.sedore
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 9, 2021

  4. Y1596766333741
    Cupcake May 9, 2021

  5. abulsalam3
    Eclair May 9, 2021

  6. warrior143
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 9, 2021

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  7. jimmmysil
    Honeycomb May 9, 2021

    jimmmysil , May 9, 2021 :
    This annoying bug needs to be fixed asap! During a call while using Bluetooth buds after a random amount of time the watch it self all of a sudden takes control of the call and is impossible to switch back to buds again even if you chose your buds as output in the call screen, the watch stubbornly keeps the call, all you can do is switch back to the phone speaker. To fix that you have to end the call, disconnect the buds and reconnect them and then make a call.

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  8. Peter Barányi
    Froyo May 9, 2021

    Peter Barányi , May 9, 2021 :
    Update W301GB_11_B.49
    Ahoj po aktualizácii všetko funguje rovnako ako sledovanie SPO2 v noci prenos dát do aplikácie ale všimol som si či odídem od telefónu a stratím dosah bluetooth a po návrate musím zobudiť telefón dovtedy sa hodinky spoja inak vyzerá to odpojené. má s tým niekto problém?

  9. sathvikdeepu
    Eclair May 9, 2021

  10. warrior143
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 9, 2021

    warrior143 , via OnePlus Nord , May 9, 2021 :
    Don't Purchase waste of money. Oppo watch is good one you can purchase. Its value for money... 19000/- it's beautiful... You should go for it...

  11. ImaneHeydari
    Froyo May 9, 2021

  12. apitaes
    Eclair May 9, 2021

    apitaes , via OnePlus 8 Pro , May 9, 2021 :
    Took the watch while I was cycling outside, massive disappointment. The only thing that recorded was time and heart rate. No distance, no speed, nothing.
    GPS needs to be working OnePlus.
    Weather app does not sync
    Step count is off, way off
    Sleep monitor is not accurate
    Music is unreliable
    Connectivity is weak at best said:

    I have never had any issues with my oneplus devices (OP2, OP6, OP8 Pro and buds) but the watch is not to standard. One thing is to have less options compared to other companies, I don't care about that, I buy based on what I want and like. Another thing is to have a device that does not have the components in working order.
    I like this watch but the software needs to work accordingly.
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  13. ImaneHeydari
    Froyo May 9, 2021

  14. danishhazari
    Gingerbread May 9, 2021

  15. Atritya Suraj
    Gingerbread May 9, 2021

  16. darrelllmr
    Gingerbread May 9, 2021