OnePlus wins big at iF Design Award 2019

  1. Dale F. Copywriter Mar 16, 2019

    Dale F., Mar 16, 2019 :
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    Hi friends,

    We have some exciting news to share. On March 15, OnePlus was awarded not just one, but FOUR prizes at the International Forum (iF) Design Award 2019 ceremony in Munich, Germany!

    Going up against 6,400  submissions  from over  50  different  countries, the OnePlus 6, Bullets Earphones and Bullets Wireless stood out from the crowd to take home awards in the Product and Packaging categories. 

    The three products were commended for their eye-catching and premium designs, as well as their environmentally-friendly packaging. The decisions were made by a panel of 67 judges from around the world, all masters of different fields of the design industry.

    “I think the iF Award is really one of the most prestiguous awards in the world because it's judged by so many international designers,“ Damian Mackiewicz, VP of Design at Harman International Industries, said during the ceremony.

    This year’s achievement of four design awards is OnePlus’ greatest yet, following the 2018 Golden Pin Design Award given to the OnePlus 6 and the 2015 iF Design Award given to the OnePlus One. 

    “We’re very happy to have obtained four design awards at  iF Design Award 2019,” said @Pete, who added that we couldn’t have achieved these things without the valuable input of you guys – the OnePlus Community.

    “Through the valuable suggestions given by our community members and a deep understanding of what people really want, we will continue to strive for designs that enrich our users’ lives through customer-centered innovation.”

    Congratulations to our extremely talented designers, who all work hard to perfect even the tiniest details of every OnePlus product. And thanks to you, our wonderful OnePlus fans, who inspire us to push our designs to the limit.

    From the premium build of the OnePlus One to the carbon fiber pattern of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, what’s YOUR favorite OnePlus product or design feature? Let us know.

    Never Settle

  2. dsmonteiro Community Consultant Community Expert Mar 16, 2019

    dsmonteiro, Mar 16, 2019 :
    That would be the OnePlus One's packaging. That was one amazing unboxing experience!

  3. MarcioReis87 Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 16, 2019

  4. alessiodales Gingerbread Mar 16, 2019

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  5. Moin2200 KitKat Mar 16, 2019

    Moin2200, Mar 16, 2019 :
    Well deserved. I feel like the 6 and 6T has been the most refined oneplus devices so far.

    The quality and build have been a pleasure to use and overall I've been very satisfied using them.

  6. cdnfarmer Jelly Bean Mar 17, 2019

    cdnfarmer, Mar 17, 2019 :
    congrats! Well deserved.

    The burdenless OOS is probably my favourite feature. And the wireless bullets as my favourite product. Awesome headset that gives me freedom to leave my phone at one end of the house and go to the other doing various tasks ( . ~40ft) without having to carry the phone.
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  7. G_plusone Marshmallow Mar 17, 2019

    G_plusone, Mar 17, 2019 :
    Congratulations to the Design Team of Bullets and wireless Bullets

  8. Antgl Honeycomb Mar 17, 2019

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  9. Badr.D Gingerbread Mar 17, 2019

    Badr.D, Mar 17, 2019 :
    no surprise, nothing beats the mirror glass reflective finishing, perfect size notch, and the ergonomic camera and fingerprint setup of the op6

  10. shezack Gingerbread Mar 18, 2019

    shezack, Mar 18, 2019 :
    My favourite was the Oneplus 3 design and the soft gold colour with white. Definitely waiting to see the Soft Gold colour to comeback in future oneplus devices.

  11. sw_btn Froyo Mar 18, 2019

  12. G_beardman_inshades_GzUQ Donut Mar 18, 2019

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  13. David Y. Global Community Manager Staff Member Mar 18, 2019

    David Y., Mar 18, 2019 :
    In term of design, the OnePlus X ceramic edition always has a special place in my favorite OnePlus product category.


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  14. Dale F. Copywriter Mar 18, 2019

    Dale F., Mar 18, 2019 :
    I was never lucky enough to have experienced that :'( Hopefully there's an unboxed OnePlus One lying around the office somewhere for me :D

  15. Dale F. Copywriter Mar 18, 2019

    Dale F., Mar 18, 2019 :
    A true masterpiece. Always wanted that phone because of its beauty but it was just too small for me.

  16. RamSurath Froyo Mar 18, 2019

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  17. aris Jelly Bean Mar 18, 2019

    aris, Mar 18, 2019 :
    Awesome! Congrats!
    Definitely OnePlus One had the best packaging and OnePlus 6 is the best device so far!
    Waiting for OnePlus 7! I would love a popup front camera!
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  18. Dresa91 Android Q Mar 18, 2019

  19. YRJ Lollipop Mar 18, 2019

    YRJ, Mar 18, 2019 :
    Great news! That calls for celebration and a small contest maybe? :D

    That apart I really want you to make some drastic design changes in the future, not that the OnePlus 6/T or the upcoming 7 looks bad just that need a blast of fresh air!
    Also, let's move from the white minimalist packaging. Bring some life into the box and refresh the unboxing experience.....
    First impression must always be the best one!

    Thanks and congrats again to the whole team, wish you all even more success in the future :)

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  20. the_o2 Marshmallow Mar 18, 2019

    the_o2, Mar 18, 2019 :
    Congratulations, now I want party :D:cool::rolleyes::cool::D

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