Oneplus X ceramic invites?

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  1. YuTech
    Donut Nov 9, 2015

    YuTech , Nov 9, 2015 :
    Little confused here. Are the Oneplus invite card codes also for the ceramic version? (I got my invite code from the London event)

  2. Ceasedd
    Marshmallow Nov 9, 2015

    Ceasedd , Nov 9, 2015 :
    Is the ceramic version on sale?Available for purchase?

  3. tharwatq
    Gingerbread Nov 9, 2015

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  4. Darqo
    Eclair Nov 9, 2015

    Darqo , Nov 9, 2015 :
    The same question: is the ceramic version on sale now?
    I've recieved an OPX invitation but only the onyx version16 GB is possible to buy...
    Has anyone of You got the ceramic version or ceramic and onyx both? What's your impression? Which one is better in your opinion? Ceramic or onyx?

    Another one qustion - is OPX available in white with a golden frame???
    I was very supriesed when found that version in one of auction services.
    Can it be true or it is the first falsified dummy OPX? As far as I know and read the OPX specs on official website only the onyx and the ceramic versions are manufactured so far. Hmmm... Got any idea?
    Link to the misterious version of OPX: [removed 1.4 No Ads]
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  5. thomas230898
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

    thomas230898 , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Don't have either of the two, sorry. But the white version I believe is only available in China, so you can't buy it anywhere else in the world officially.
    That means while it is an official product, you are most probably not able to buy it except if you buy it on some dubious website. But I don't think it looks all that good anyway haha. To each their own though.
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  6. Darqo
    Eclair Nov 11, 2015

    Darqo , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Hello and thanks for replay. I decided to buy the onyx version with the invite and ordered one OPX. As soon I get it , I'll let You all know my impressions of onyx version. Hope my doughter will be happ with it. So far I received yestrday my first OP device - OP2. Have a nice day :)

  7. #OPX
    Eclair Nov 11, 2015

  8. tooplus
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2015

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  9. antonio.romalv
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2015

  10. noquarter
    Lollipop Nov 12, 2015

    noquarter , Nov 12, 2015 :
    If you can use the card for a ceramic X, it's written on the back ;)

  11. alienrobot
    Gingerbread Nov 12, 2015

    alienrobot , Nov 12, 2015 :
    You've been a member for less than 2 weeks & you already have a OP2 & OPX on order? Did you get them with invites ?

  12. federullo
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2015

    federullo , Nov 12, 2015 :
    Hi there,
    I'm located in Spain and I'd love to receive one of those invites (OPX) you have in your pocket;-)
    Thanks in advanced!

  13. crellino
    Donut Nov 12, 2015

  14. alienrobot
    Gingerbread Nov 12, 2015

    alienrobot , Nov 12, 2015 :
    you wont get invites by invading the threads - especially if you only joined yesterday.

  15. tooplus
    Cupcake Nov 12, 2015

    tooplus , Nov 12, 2015 :
    It doesn't say which model its for on the back

  16. Darqo
    Eclair Nov 13, 2015

    Darqo , Nov 13, 2015 :
    Hi! YES - I've already bought OP2 with an invite and got it.
    OPX was ordered few days ago - with an invite, as well. Now waiting for shipment confirmation.
    Wish You all the best and ... invites in Your mail box. :)

  17. Yashasvi Shah
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2015

  18. Darqo
    Eclair Nov 13, 2015

  19. slimlim
    Donut Nov 19, 2015

    slimlim , Nov 19, 2015 :
    Does anyone have the ceramic? Not sure is theres a different with the Onyx and the Ceramic. The ceramic looks like the front and back glass has a sharp angled edge and the onyx looks like its rounded? Not sure if its the lighting.

  20. slimlim
    Donut Nov 19, 2015

    slimlim , Nov 19, 2015 :
    you are right. I switched from op2 to LGv10. Op2 had and still has so many bugs. It takes them for ever to fix it. I'm only getting the one plus x as an mp3 player.