OnePlus X Charging Analysis

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    Tronsmart, Nov 7, 2015 :
    OK Guys, Tronsmart again;) Today we will show you the charging performance of OnePlus X. OnePlus X features a 5-inch 1080p display, and the combination metal & glass frame is just under 7mm thin. Inside, the X is rocking a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP camera, and a MicroSD slot. 2525mAh battery, What the OnePlus X doesn’t have is NFC, USB-C, quick charge, wireless charging, or even higher storage options.


    You should read a lot of Oneplus X reviews from different sites, but as a brand which concentrates on chargers, Tronsmart focuses on different chargers’ charging performance for Oneplus X. We will test the original power adapter, suggest how to quickly charge your device, and help to pick up the correct alternative chargers.

    In the following analysis, you will see we test with Original 5V/2A charger ( no quick charge), and iphone 6 original charger (5V/1A), also tronsmart charger(support quick charge 2.0,18W).

    Here we go:

    The specification of Oneplus X original power adapter:

    INPUT AC100-240V OUTPUT DC5V/2.0A

    Micro B 1.0m Cable

    The X come with Micro B cable while the OP2 use type-c cable. They use the same adapter(Output and Input are the same). Following is the original charger of OP2.


    You can check our OP2 Charging Analysis we had finished before. Following are the test:

    1)Test with OPX original charger:

    Total Charging time from battery 0% to 100% is 2 hours and 15 mins with the original charger.

    When we first connect the charger, the OnePlus X and the charger have the “communicate” and directly change the charging volt to 5V. and in the whole charging time, the volt is always keep in around 5v to make sure get the fastest charging speed.

    It is very interesting that from 0~86% the Battery level increase about 9% per 10 mins. In the whole charging process, the volt is super stable(around 5v).

    If you have checked our OnePlus Two Charging Analysis, for OP2(3300 mAh battery), it takes about 2 hours 10 mins to get the full charge (from 0%-100%). Then you will find that the charging ability of OP2 is better than OPX( 2525mAh battery, 0~100% needs 2 hours 15 mins) because the OPX only supports 5V/1.5A although it comes with a 5V/2A charger.

    2)Test with Iphone 6 plus original charger:

    INPUT AC100-240V OUTPUT DC5V/1.0A

    Total Charging time from battery 0% to 100% is 3 hours and 32 mins with the iPhone 6 plus original charger.


    The iphone 6 plus original charger only offers 5V/1A. A half of Oneplus X original charger output. So it is no surprise that needs more time (1H 17 mins) to get full battery level.

    3) Test with Dual Ports Tronsmart QC 2.0 Car Charge (Dual ports support quick charge 2.0, each port 18W, total 36w)

    INPUT DC12-24V OUTPUT DC 5V/2.0A 9V/2.0A 12V/1.5A


    From the table above we can see that from 0~100%, tronsmart QC 2.0 car charger only needs 2 hours and 5 mins. Less than Oneplus X original charger(2 hours and 15 mins).Because Tronsmart CC2F car charger features VoltIQ technology which can detect and identify the current of the battery and delivery the maximum charging currect for One Plus X. So it can charge faster than One Plus X original charger

    That’s all. Thanks for reading our charging analysis for Oneplus X. If you want to read more charging analysis for other popular smartphone, check here.

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    ian_hazell, Nov 7, 2015 :
    I'm always wary of using chargers that are not identical output rated o_O

    Also forgot to say Good Review :cool:
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    Tronsmart, Nov 9, 2015 :
    Sorry that we don't have any tool to test the battery life:D

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    mayurdg, Nov 9, 2015 :
    Hey, thanks for the review. Which is the OS version you got running there? looks different to Oxygen OS 2.1. I have ordered a Champagne One plus x and wondering if it will also have a different OS like this has?? I would rather have Oxygen.

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    akhil.techgeek, Nov 11, 2015 :
    Small help, does your opx miss behave like having a Wrong touch response while charging i am having such issue !

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    Tronsmart, Nov 11, 2015 :
    No, it works very normal:)

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    chiran54321, Nov 11, 2015 :
    Thanks for results. My OP X gets charged well below 2 Hours with stock charger. I would consider my self lucky then.....

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    DanCtoo, Nov 11, 2015 :
    So, no need to buy an alternative charger as the one provided is already excellent. 10 minutes faster charging is not worth it...

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    Tronsmart, Nov 11, 2015 :
    If you need a car charger, it will be a nice choice:) Because oneplus x don't come with a car charger

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    it has oxygen 2.1.1 out of the box but as soon as you connect it to network services ypu will get an update for 2.1.2.its amazing

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