OnePlus X or HTC One M8 (US)


Which phone for US?

  1. OnePlus X

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  2. HTC One M8

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  1. Aonex
    Gingerbread Feb 5, 2016

    Aonex , Feb 5, 2016 :
    Hey folks, I'm a little torn between these two phones. I know most of the people here will lean towards the OPX since this is the OP forum, but I'm looking for pros and cons of each device. I find a lot of similarities between these these two phones... both high end and stylish builds, both have Snapdragon 801's, both still on Lollipop (with Marshmallow coming soon). I'm guessing the OPX wins in display and camera, while the M8 has better connectivity (Band 12/17) and quick charge (which I've grown accustomed to having). The M8, being a former flagship and all, does has a better selection of high end cases. As far as price, the OPX is $250 and you can get a M8 on eBay for around $220. So are there any other things to consider? Thanks.

  2. nyzproof333
    KitKat Feb 5, 2016

    nyzproof333 , Feb 5, 2016 :
    Get a GPE Edition M8. I had one and it was one of the best devices I have ever owned other than the inconsistent camera. The GPE I believe is running 6.0.1 if I recall as well.

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  3. Tokolozi
    Most Original Avatar Feb 5, 2016

    Tokolozi , Feb 5, 2016 :
    Are those still on sale ? (didn't see one in stores lately)

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  4. nyzproof333
    KitKat Feb 5, 2016

    nyzproof333 , Feb 5, 2016 :
    Google stopped selling them a little while back I believe. EBay or Swappa I'm sure you can find them.

    I really liked mine.

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  5. fguerro
    Donut Feb 5, 2016

    fguerro , Feb 5, 2016 :
    The pros of the HTC One M8:

    All metal design
    Front-facing stereo speakers
    Available on most carriers
    Removable SD
    Supports Quick Charge 2.0
    Upgradeable to Marshmallow
    Upgradeable to Google Play Edition

    I have an M8 I bought on my T-Mobile plan and I recently converted to the Google Play Edition so I can run Marshmallow 6.0 (got tired of waiting the carrier-specific version of 6.0 to come out).

    The M8 comes with 32 GB of main storage but with the removable SD option, I bought a 32 GB card for expansion with pictures and other files.

    Although the phone is nearly two years old (in terms of technology), I still think it delivers a good user experience. Having stock Marshmallow 6.0 is zippy enough for my needs and I'll be upgrading to phone based on the upcoming Snapdragon 820 later this summer or fall.

    I love the all metal build quality coupled with the ability to convert to the Google Play Edition to allow me to install the stock Google Marshmallow 6.0 rom. It's like having a slightly faster version of the Nexus 5 but with a better build quality, front-facing speakers, and ability to run the latest Google OS.

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  6. tomas.vrtak
    Cupcake Feb 5, 2016

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  7. SantMS07
    Froyo Feb 5, 2016

  8. danduf1981
    Honeycomb Feb 7, 2016

    danduf1981 , Feb 7, 2016 :
    I would only say the M8 because it would be a lot easier dealing with warranty problems. As far as hardware and software, OPX.