Oneplus X vs iPhone 5s


Should I Change??

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. kornyeib
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2015

    kornyeib , Nov 25, 2015 :
    I'm confused. I have an iPhone 5s 16GB and a macbook. I'm in a struggle, I don't know to change to OPX or not. I'm asking for your opinion on this question.
    Here are my pros on buying the X:
    •Bigger screen
    •Better battery (hopefully)
    •LED notification
    •Bigger storage
    •Sync problem (My iPhone and my mac are totally working together. Just to mention some apps: Notes, Safari, iMessage, Reminders)
    •iMessage (I use it a lot with friends)
    •other useful IOS apps (Friends, Wallet, Facetime...)
    •Apple Music (I know that now its avaible for Android but works like shit..)

    This is just a short list, hope you can help me with this decision..

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  2. cyberfeen
    Cupcake Nov 25, 2015

    cyberfeen , Nov 25, 2015 :
    one plus x my friend, your life's too short for commitments especially on a phone. :(

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  3. jkb114
    Lollipop Nov 25, 2015

    jkb114 , Nov 25, 2015 :
    Help with the cons:
    Sync Problems - You do know that the google apps can be downloaded onto a mac in order to sync
    IMessage - Whatsapp/Hangouts or even that old thing called texting
    Other Useful IOS apps - Google Wallet, Hangouts/skype
    Apple Music will work, just give it time. Or just use spotify or Google play music

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  4. agenttank
    Eclair Nov 25, 2015

    agenttank , Nov 25, 2015 :
    i changed from a 5s to the OPX recently and i do not regret it at all! i do not have a mac though. i always hated the itunes-syncing - it makes things so complicated. i just want to connect it and put on the files manually or get it from the phone to backup them manually.
    i never liked android since back in 2010 and always defended iphone because it was "just working" and of its simplicity. not like the samsung galaxy phones i knew because of soo many features which i thought where unnecessary and make everything kind of bloated.
    now i know it better... the apps and the user (me) are not in a cage anymore... they can communicate with each other much better and provide a very nice experience.
    iphones are just not worth the price and the limitations anymore. android got so much faster and more enjoyable. also android is not that ugly anymore :) it's actually pretty nice to look at.

    tl;dr read the threads here (there are a few limitations at the moment) and get the OPX, but keep in mind that you would lose the apple benefits with your mac you have. the OPX is a really really nice phone.

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  5. Abhijity25
    Eclair Nov 25, 2015

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  6. kornyeib
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2015

    kornyeib , Nov 25, 2015 :
    Yeah I can download google apps to my mac but for example safari is much better on mac then google chrome... I mentioned iMessage because lots of my friends have iPhones so thats why it is so necessary. I use Facebook Messenger a lot though. Thanks for your reply :)

  7. agenttank
    Eclair Nov 25, 2015

    agenttank , Nov 25, 2015 :
    sooo... buy the OPX, show it to your friends and they should be convinced in a moment to buy an OPX too. if not, dump them (the friends)

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  8. kornyeib
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2015

    kornyeib , Nov 25, 2015 :
    I dont have problem with syncing any more because i can sync everything with icloud and my google account since i use apple music.. I had Oneplus One before so I know how good it is and that the software is brilliant and nice. I agree with you about iPhone price but in this case it doesn't matter because I already have it :). Thanks for your reply! :)

  9. jkb114
    Lollipop Nov 25, 2015

    jkb114 , Nov 25, 2015 :
    You can still text them and it doesn't appear any different to them really. just a bit slower to reply.

  10. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Nov 25, 2015

    gaster , Nov 25, 2015 :
    If you are ok with the Android, then go for the X. Yesterday i got it in my hands for an hour and it feels amazing. Great design and build quality and the OxygenOS runs pretty smooth. Also about bugs e.t.c be sure that they will fix it in every future updates. The Amoled screen producing amazing color quality and vision to your eyes. The glass and the whole device feels great in hand

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  11. P1k4chu
    Eclair Nov 25, 2015

    P1k4chu , Nov 25, 2015 :
    Not to mention, you will lose touchid as well. But i feel OPX will benefit more in terms of storage (micro sd card support), a better AMOLED screen, and a longer battery life (iphone just sucks at this department).

  12. TakeMyMoney
    KitKat Nov 25, 2015

    TakeMyMoney , Nov 25, 2015 :
    I would never recommend an iPhone but considering your situation and the devices you are comparing, I'd have to say; either upgrade to an Android flagship or stick with your iPhone. The X won't be much of an upgrade considering you have an iPhone 5.

  13. jkb114
    Lollipop Nov 25, 2015

    jkb114 , Nov 25, 2015 :
    Fingerprint isn't used much really atm. plus it's a debate with 5s which doesnt have a fingerprint scanner (as far as i'm aware) so you wouldn't be missing out

  14. z7z
    Eclair Nov 25, 2015

    z7z , Nov 25, 2015 :
    I wonder what would the weight of plastic instead of glass.
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  15. mitchell.meijs
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 25, 2015

    mitchell.meijs , Nov 25, 2015 :
    Safari? Use Chrome!
    iMessage is uselles
    Facetime is useless
    Why these apps only let you communicate with other apple product users.
    Apple music, doesnt matter for what OS, it is shit. Spotify is the current best music app for you.
    Instead of notes you could use Evernote.
    You forgot the pro about the notification switch.

    I would say battery should be as good as a new apple phone. Thats the only con apple products have. Stability cause it's own os is programmed for 1 set of hardware. And it's battery life. Although they are know for their updates to ruin this so you feel like getting a new device every 2 years

  16. Chika
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 25, 2015

    Chika , Nov 25, 2015 :
    i say yes because you came to the right place at the right with the right question;).

  17. aaron.hossain75
    Lollipop Nov 25, 2015

    aaron.hossain75 , Nov 25, 2015 :
    :) get the OPX

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  18. kornyeib
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2015

  19. Rad1
    Honeycomb Nov 25, 2015

    Rad1 , Nov 25, 2015 :

    You can't even put the opx in the same category since the iPhone 5s outperforms the opo and in graphics performance still outperforms the opt. Look to gfxbench overall fps scores for a general idea on real world gaming performance. Specs aren't everything. It's all about the sum of all parts, even if a company delivers a package of souped up hardware it's software better be optimized for real world performance needs. Unfortunately every OnePlus product has failed in this regard.

  20. iPusak Gaoq™
    Jelly Bean Nov 25, 2015

    iPusak Gaoq™ , Nov 25, 2015 :
    You should stay using iphone 5s...you might gonna regret buying opx as most android tools work on windows or linux not mac....