OxygenOS OnePlus5 not working properly after Android 10 update

  1. Suryansh1+
    Donut Jun 17, 2020

    Suryansh1+ , Jun 17, 2020 :
    First of all the native Gallery app is not showing the photos and then the Google Play Store and Google Photos and even the Chrome. What's wrong with my phone?

  2. Nishavarkumar
    Cupcake Jun 18, 2020

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  3. Suryansh1+
    Donut Jun 18, 2020

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  4. Nishavarkumar
    Cupcake Jun 18, 2020

    Nishavarkumar , Jun 18, 2020 :
    I have whatsapp , playstore, instagram and so many apps down..Is there anything solution for improving apps?. or any future updates possible on solving this issue from OnePlus side.

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  5. Suryansh1+
    Donut Jun 18, 2020

    Suryansh1+ , Jun 18, 2020 :
    I think the only way is bbby factory resetting it once... I haven't done that yet but will do it as none of the methods are working

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  6. gomrod
    Cupcake Jun 18, 2020

    gomrod , Jun 18, 2020 :
    Hello!! I had the same problem with gallery before upgrading to Android 10, I'm not sure if it had any beta installed. Yesterday I updated to Android 10 and the old photos disappeared again. I solved it by copying the photos to the SCREENSHOOT folder from the CAMERA folder in DCIM using the file explorer, so all the photos appear in the gallery.

    Another fault that I have noticed is that the alarm does not sound with the phone turned off ... thank goodness that I always put an alarm on two devices or I would not have arrived at work on time... :confused:

  7. ZRL-TaRo
    Cupcake Jun 18, 2020

    ZRL-TaRo , Jun 18, 2020 :
    Hello I'm experimenting exacly the same today. I can't get to the File Admin to show me anything, The lockbox was untouched.
    When I connect the phone to to the PC I can't access the device itself

    EDIT: it seems to be working again, but Google Photos is uploading EVERYTHING again
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  8. AMIT_sajith
    Donut Jun 19, 2020

    AMIT_sajith , Jun 19, 2020 :
    there is only one option factory reset google wasn't happening after factory reset it started working try it out

  9. Nishavarkumar
    Cupcake Jun 19, 2020

    Nishavarkumar , Jun 19, 2020 :
    I updated on Android 10 in my op 5 after update phone is toos low nd most of the apps not working..is the best solution for factory reset... factory reset is working fine.. anyone tell about this. recommend

  10. gomrod
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2020

    gomrod , Jun 20, 2020 :
    As soon as I make a backup I will try a factory reset. I have verified that dash charge does not work when "do not disturb" is activated either.

    The automatic ignition does not work when it is activated from one day to the next. In a test for the same afternoon, the smartphone did turn on and the alarm sounded, but when I programmed it for the next day, neither turned on the smartphone nor did the alarm sound

  11. rahulsharma10771
    Gingerbread Jun 20, 2020

  12. jontalk
    Gingerbread Jun 20, 2020

    jontalk , Jun 20, 2020 :
    Instead of posting the issues in the forum, use the Community app>Feedback>Bug report tool. You can't expect the Dev team to monitor countless threads, but they WILL look at actual bug reports. I've chatted with support twice regarding v10.0.0 since the US was just notified and they stated a new build is in progress. I have NOT installed the first version either :)

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  13. gomrod
    Cupcake Jun 20, 2020

    gomrod , Jun 20, 2020 :

    When taking the screenshot, the small image appears to one side and below it, in blue, the option to scrolling in the screenshot.

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  14. rahulsharma10771
    Gingerbread Jun 20, 2020

    rahulsharma10771 , via OnePlus 5 , Jun 20, 2020 :
    ok thanks [e]1f44d[/e]

  15. Zippy7
    Honeycomb Jun 23, 2020

  16. b9anders
    Cupcake Jun 24, 2020

    b9anders , Jun 24, 2020 :
    Feels like a I've received an alpha version upgrade. It has serious problems with rendering images across all apps, frequent freezes in chrome, notifications have become very erratic (text messages are files as 'hidden notifications'). The 'dark mode' option that was supposed to be a part of android 10 nowhere to be seen. Really struggling to see the improvements here.