OnePlus6 [about water-resistance]

  1. K.R.Soos
    Donut May 24, 2018

    K.R.Soos , May 24, 2018 :
    Hi everyone,

    I did some research about the new device's water-resistance, I watched few videos, I read articles and of course the official description too but still, I have some questions.

    I can understand the part of the warranty problem of this topic. It's okay. But is this waterproof technology what the company used in the OnePlus6 the best solution for the smartphones or exist more better, another way? Is IP68 different? And if yes, it's different, then in what way?

    I drop here two sources:


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  2. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat May 24, 2018

    iNtEnSePL , May 24, 2018 :
    IPxx is a certification given after a number of tests. Not safety measures.
    Technologies used to make a device water/dust resistant may vary.
    Usually these are seals, foam, special coatings etc.

    OP6 has some of these, but didn't undergo IPxx testing procedure.
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  3. F_張東尼_DtSX
    Honeycomb May 24, 2018

    F_張東尼_DtSX , May 24, 2018 :
    It sort of dies after 30min so not exactly pass the ip rating anyway. Correct me if I am wrong.

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  4. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat May 24, 2018

    iNtEnSePL , May 24, 2018 :
    You are wrong, I mean more like 99% wrong to be exact ;)

    Solid Protection

    1 Protection from contact with any large surface of the body, such as the back of a hand, but no protection against deliberate contact with a body part
    2 Protection from fingers or similar objects
    3 Protection from tools, thick wires or similar objects
    4 Protection from most wires, screws or similar objects
    5 Partial protection from contact with harmful dust
    6 Protection from contact with harmful dust

    Moisture Protection

    1 Protection against vertically dripping water
    2 Protection against vertically dripping water when device is tilted at an angle up to 15 degrees
    3 Protection against direct sprays of water when device is tilted at an angle up to 60 degrees
    4 Protection from sprays and splashing of water in all directions.
    5 Protection from low-pressure water projected from a nozzle with a 6.3mm diameter opening in any direction
    6 Protection from water projected in powerful jets from a nozzle with a 12.5mm diameter opening in any direction
    7 Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins
    8 Protected from immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter (manufacturer must specify exact depth)

  5. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat May 24, 2018

    iNtEnSePL , May 24, 2018 :
    I would say that OP6 would easily pass IP44, but that would not make it any more resistant than it is, and marketing wise - it would loose to all IP67 / IP68 devices.

    So OP decided to skip that because they can't use that for marketing.

  6. K.R.Soos
    Donut May 24, 2018

    K.R.Soos , May 24, 2018 :
    Thanks! I am grateful for your answer, it was informal and useful! :)

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  7. love1plus1specs
    Gingerbread Jun 10, 2018

    love1plus1specs , Jun 10, 2018 :
    Obviously from tear down web inform, sim card slot has issues... Field testing, the oneplus 6, I believe atmospheric moisture gets on there? Cause, I'm having many issues with non reading of sim both sim cards... In and out... How rigorous is my field testing... Well, OnePlus 6 costed me 5% of my yearly income... Same as a month's rent and utilities... I'm streeting it... I very much enjoy my internet life... 15 days I had the oneplus 6, been homeless these past 12 days since I've spent rent money on the high end device... It's been raining a lot these past 12 days, probably a quarter of the time... I'll crash under a tree, and I'll wake up to rain... I'm still wet clothes and all... But, believe sim card is the first to go, on moisture regards... Cause my field testing associated a YouTube? Teardown report that states there's not must sealant in the sim compartment...

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  8. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Jun 10, 2018

    Cheetosdust , Jun 10, 2018 :

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  9. vwite
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2018

    vwite , Jun 10, 2018 :
    damn 5% of your yearly income is a lot, for me it was like 0.75% and I'm underpaid in my city

    Also, to original poster, that guy of the video. you posted did the same test on other flagships and S9+ and iPhone X also died, LG G7 got water under camera glass. Go to his channel to check that out. Just don't submerge any phone on purpose, the OP6 will be fine with small accidents

  10. Bollux
    Gingerbread Jun 10, 2018

    Bollux , Jun 10, 2018 :
    Another moron YouTuber that wants to make some bucks... in the video I see a phone that is water resistant, but he tried to test it for water proofing LOL
    As far as I know no phone is...

    Maybe check some of the sponsor's of that YouTuber.

  11. Digita1Err0r
    Gingerbread Jun 11, 2018

    Digita1Err0r , Jun 11, 2018 :
    The youtuber never told the device is bad! He only tested it to how much extreme the phone would hold and what could have been the IP rating if it was put through certification. And as you said, no phone is water proof but the IP certification requires the device to withstand a certain parameters to get a certain rating and that's what was tested

  12. vwite
    Honeycomb Jun 11, 2018

    vwite , Jun 11, 2018 :
    The thing is that it wasn't "controlled lab environment" sure the depth was right but the volume and pressure and how the device was positionated at the bottom. was not the same, otherwise why the iPhone X and S9+ passed the lab tests but failed in this youtube pool?

  13. Digita1Err0r
    Gingerbread Jun 11, 2018

    Digita1Err0r , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Well, that's why he's exactly testing it. you don't get warranty because the test was in lab conditions and we all know the real life condition is way different. And he tests it for us to let us know how good it holds.

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  14. Evan73
    Gingerbread Jun 11, 2018

    Evan73 , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Your answer is really to the point.. I can imagine you are just like your avatar.. A d-bag LoL.. JK

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  15. iNtEnSePL
    KitKat Jun 11, 2018

    iNtEnSePL , Jun 11, 2018 :
    10 cm in glass is the same as 10 cm in an ocean - only depth and density (weight) of a fluid counts

  16. vwite
    Honeycomb Jun 11, 2018

    vwite , Jun 11, 2018 :
    you don't get my point, I. didn't say real life equals lab conditions, those lab test are designed for the device to pass, if the S9+ and iphone X failed his real life test but passed the lab for the certification we don't know of the OP6 would pass the lab test for IP67

  17. hotsauce
    Lollipop Jun 11, 2018

    hotsauce , Jun 11, 2018 :
    There are also many videos of Galaxy s8/9 passed 3/4ft of submerged water. Personally, I've took a dive into a pool with my gs8+ in my hand and swim around for a good 5 minutes without any issues (other than the sensor detecting water in the USB port).

  18. Prattech
    Honeycomb Jun 11, 2018

    Prattech , Jun 11, 2018 :
    To get IP rating oem has to pay royalty to IPM (organization that created these standards). I think oneplus 6 would have got ip53/54 but they just saved money by doing it OFFICIALLY.

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  19. eleung321
    Gingerbread Jun 12, 2018

    eleung321 , Jun 12, 2018 :
    Dont drop it in water.. its not covered..
    Dont care how many or who says its okay.. its not.
    It might survive an incident but I wouldn't purposely put the OP6 in a situation knowing its not IP rate.

  20. vwite
    Honeycomb Jun 12, 2018

    vwite , Jun 12, 2018 :
    you still don't get my point lol