OnePlus7 Pro curved screen glare and distortion problem

  1. nkshirsagar
    Donut Jun 3, 2019

    nkshirsagar , Jun 3, 2019 :
    what a shame. i wish they had just gone with a non curved screen.. i also noticed the glare right away in the store.. any lights or sunlight causes the edges to reflect light differently, and u end up with these bands of light along the curves. they might as well be bezels, the glare is that bad sometimes..

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  2. cybergameruk
    Cupcake Jun 3, 2019

    cybergameruk , Jun 3, 2019 :

    At the weekend I took the decision to return the OP7 Pro, no way could I live with that screen glare. Outside, inside with any strong light, it was just annoying. As someone on here said, the curved screen is just an unwanted gimmick.

    For the first time in 6 years, I am without a Oneplus and have joined the Pixel Ranks. roll on the 7T or 8

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  3. Blair287
    Honeycomb Jun 3, 2019

    Blair287 , Jun 3, 2019 :
    I'm also close to returning it but I think OnePlus will probably stick with the curved screen unfortunately. Had a look at an S10 and it still has glare but the curve is a lot smaller so no where near as bad as 7 pro.

    Would not be surprised with 8 with be curved on normal and pro.

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  4. nkshirsagar
    Donut Jun 3, 2019

    nkshirsagar , Jun 3, 2019 :
    you mean the glare just at the curved part, or glare in general on entire screen ?

  5. thetonyclifton
    Froyo Jun 3, 2019

    thetonyclifton , Jun 3, 2019 :
    The screen is impressive but the curve will be an acquired taste. I immediately preferred it but only in portrait and did not like landscape video. I got over that in a day or so. Not bothered anymore. I haven't experienced any glare that I have noticed or that has impacted on my experience at all.

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  6. nickc84
    Donut Jun 3, 2019

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  7. krazor8x
    Eclair Jun 4, 2019

    krazor8x , Jun 4, 2019 :
    Man you people are picky.... I haven't had the glare as mentioned... Worst case.. Wait for tinted screen protector.

  8. Edward_
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 4, 2019

    Edward_ , Jun 4, 2019 :
    Shame. Pixel is a huge backwarsd step in hardware/design.

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  9. thetonyclifton
    Froyo Jun 4, 2019

    thetonyclifton , Jun 4, 2019 :


    nkshirsagar said:

    "you mean the glare just at the curved part, or glare in general on entire screen ?"

    I have found the screen glare less than other phones. just sitting here in my living room with overhead spotlights and beside a double glass door to the garden I have next to no glare on my OP7P unless I tilt the phone to try and find it. On a Huawei work phone (which has a flat screen) it is glare central *shrug

    As I said in a previous post the curved screen will be an acquired taste and may take some getting used to but I see that and the slight distortion of having a bend of sorts is the thing to like or dislike with the phone rather than glare. I mean it's glass, it will glare, but I find the whole screen when you find the right/wrong angle rather than a particular part.

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  10. pipboy2006
    Cupcake Jun 5, 2019

    pipboy2006 , Jun 5, 2019 :
    I feel the same. Not just the problem with the glare, but the curve is not game friendly at all. I ended up always touching the curve edge in gaming, and the distortion at the edge is more obvious in game.

    I've used the phone for about a week, and I am not getting use to the curve at all. Will most likely return it for a OnePlus 7 (not pro). I will have to order the phone from Asia which is super annoying.

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  11. G_MrPlymouthsundance_fLl
    Cupcake Jun 6, 2019

    G_MrPlymouthsundance_fLl , Jun 6, 2019 :
    I dont understand why anyone would prefer a curved screen over a flat one. I think a curved screen is just plain useless and I ask myself ...Why ? I am trying to get used to the 7 pro but there is glare, a color shift and slight distortion on the edges that looks weird compared to a flat screen. If the screen was flat this phone would be truly insane. Only reason I can come up with is that samsung made them use an edge so it wouldnt be better than a galaxy. I know that sounds crazy but who would approve these edges.

    I am coming from the 6 and could have waited as i was happy with it. This is my first curved screen and I hope I can get used to the edges because everything else on the 7 pro is awesome. I love oxygen OS. The vibration motor really surprised me, it feels really nice and the speakers are a nice upgrade. if you ignore the edges the screen is really nice also, 90 hz is kind of trippy (in a good way) in the beginning.

  12. G_Bobby_Davies_FQgk
    Eclair Jun 6, 2019

    G_Bobby_Davies_FQgk , Jun 6, 2019 :
    It's grown on me a lot and I decided to keep it. The screen performance and overall performance has been a great upgrade from the 5t for me. Will be curious in the future if I decide to go with the curve again but for now a nice case really does wonder for the gaming ghost touches.


  13. Basey90
    Eclair Jun 6, 2019

    Basey90 , Jun 6, 2019 :
    I've just returned my OP7 Pro and got my OP7 yesterday.
    I'm absolutely satisfied with the OP7 screen etc. don't even miss the 90hz.

    Quiet happy with the switch.

  14. Blair287
    Honeycomb Jun 8, 2019

    Blair287 , Jun 8, 2019 :
    Returned my 7 pro too shame as I've loved all my OnePlus phones but the 7 pro purely the curved screen has annoyed the hell out of me. the glare and lack of screen protectors has put me right off will not be making the mistake of getting a phone with a curved screen ever again.

  15. Edward_
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 9, 2019

    Edward_ , Jun 9, 2019 :
    I felt the same sadness when I returned my galaxy S6 edge.

    But because of that I found OnePlus.

    I wonder where we'll end up next?

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  16. Jeramy_Koval
    Froyo Jun 10, 2019

    Jeramy_Koval , Jun 10, 2019 :
    I experience some amount of glare on any phone when outdoor. haven't found one yet that performs well in this area. Maybe I'm just used to it since I have been in Samsung Notes since 7.

    To me, fingerprints and smudges are far more annoying in the sunlight.

  17. Blair287
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2019

    Blair287 , Jun 10, 2019 :
    dunno was tempted by the normal 7 but that camera bump is huge!

    Might wait till 7t or 8 but OnePlus are losing me as a customer shame really I love oxygen is but curved screens are massive no or there might be the pixel 4.

    I love stockish android so limited in that area.

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  18. nickc84
    Donut Jun 10, 2019

    nickc84 , Jun 10, 2019 :
    I don't really think about the curve anymore until I get a notification to this thread lol. This phone is stupid fast it's unbelievable.

  19. Blair287
    Honeycomb Jun 10, 2019

    Blair287 , Jun 10, 2019 :
    Just go back to a flat screen phone you will see the difference. I can actually see the screen now not just the center of it.

  20. nickc84
    Donut Jun 10, 2019

    nickc84 , Jun 10, 2019 :
    I'll be ok I promise