OnePlus's goods: the assistance (and my empty box)

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  1. MadZ
    Gingerbread May 15, 2014

    MadZ , May 15, 2014 :

    Hi guys, I'm MadZ, the unlucky guy who got robbed!

    I posted the video and in ONE EVENING 12'000 people saw it (I was out and I didn't expect it!).

    Now you can't see it anymore, I changed the privacy on private, because OnePlus doesn't deserve this criticism!!

    THE DHL DOES!!! The phone was probably stolen from a DHL employee and OnePlus is investigating! (I looked on the internet and it's full of people getting their goods stolen from the packages!)

    On the other hand OnePlus answered me fast and efficently, showing the best care they could have. In this case they got stolen too and it's not their fault!

    Thank you OnePlus, I hope everything will be fixed and I hope you will succeed.
    I still trust you, you are giving a great assistance and it's not something that many companies are giving!

    Here you have a new short written video, maybe tomorrow I will record a live one!
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  2. sahaven7
    Honeycomb May 15, 2014

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  3. valle08
    Honeycomb May 15, 2014

    valle08 , May 15, 2014 :
    Glad they were able to get back to you promptly. Enjoy it once you receive it

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  4. muddy46
    Jelly Bean May 15, 2014

    muddy46 , May 15, 2014 :
    Im so glad OnePlus gave the immediate response they did for you. I know you will enjoy your new phone soon :)

  5. jonotero
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 15, 2014

    jonotero , May 15, 2014 :
    Dude that totally sucks what happened. I hope this is resolved fairly quickly and you are able to retain what is rightfully yours.

  6. reinhardrenew
    Gingerbread May 15, 2014

    reinhardrenew , May 15, 2014 :
    Happy to see your issue were resolved :)
    Goodluck mate!

  7. joshorty
    Honeycomb May 15, 2014

  8. barizkydes
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 15, 2014

  9. fr05
    Gingerbread May 15, 2014

  10. rajitha
    Honeycomb May 15, 2014

  11. drsolom
    Honeycomb May 15, 2014

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  12. joshorty
    Honeycomb May 15, 2014

    joshorty , May 15, 2014 :
    So was the package re-taped, then? I know I have had issues with stuff being stolen and it was obvious because you could see the tape underneath had been sliced.

  13. luckyboiii69
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 15, 2014

  14. natantantan
    Gingerbread May 15, 2014

    natantantan , May 15, 2014 :
    Not that I don't believe you and congratz that everything is getting sorted out but I wonder how the DHL guy knew there was something very valuable inside that tiny box. It didn't have any logos or branding to give away that there was a phone or even any piece technology.

    EDIT: Just had a theory after I posted the comment. Maybe he opens every single box and only steals the valuable stuff. If it isn't valuable then he reseals.

  15. pawv
    Jelly Bean May 15, 2014

    pawv , May 15, 2014 :
    Wow...... I hope op will blacklist that imei.... Those bastards. They sent out 100 phones I doubt someone packaging it would leave one out.... I can see maybe one out of a million or something but even then! Bastards....... They should have some kind of seal on it that can't be masked with clear packing tape.

  16. Noel
    Jelly Bean May 15, 2014

  17. MadZ
    Gingerbread May 15, 2014

    MadZ , May 15, 2014 :
    I couldn't notice at first because probably they opened a really small aperture and then they sealed it back with a new DHL label. (maybe they could use just a finger to pull the phone) But this is the only explaination!!

    Of course it wouldn't happen if it was a better package, but OnePlus SENT me the One and a worker in DHL stole it....I'm impressed for how many cases I'm finding on internet: smartphones, sunglasses, gadgets stolen from the inside of the box by DHL employees!!

    I hope everything will be ok, but for now OnePlus is really helping me out!!

    Now goodnight because it's almost 6:00 a.m. and I'm falling asleep....I just wanted to make it clear because the video went out of control and I hate when the viral system is used for trolling!!

  18. Noel
    Jelly Bean May 15, 2014

    Noel , May 15, 2014 :
    Customs tag says what's in the package

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  19. MadZ
    Gingerbread May 15, 2014

    MadZ , May 15, 2014 :

    I don't know if it knew it KNEW it was OnePlus One (maybe is even registered in the forum...there are so many people who knows OnePlus One that he could even be one of them) or if it was just a terrible coincidence (even if it was written "smartphone" on it)....I was looking on google for what to do in this case (I want to make a report to DHL!) and I found that many people got stolen in DHL: phones, sunglasses and many more. (and even here I think I saw someone saying something like "this is ANOTHER proof that won't make me use DHL")

    I hope OnePlus can block the IMEI or, better, track the OPO when it will be used!

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  20. Ryan
    KitKat May 15, 2014

    Ryan , May 15, 2014 :
    You sir deserve a round of applause!
    These are the kinds of threads that I like to see, rather than all the threads that complain and criticize One+ for very silly things. I hope they come to a quick solution and you are united with the One+ One that you obviously deserve! :)

    The fact One+ was also so fast to help him out shows how caring they are of their fans and proves why we should stay loyal to them and not complain about the wait! :)

    I for one have dealt with companies like samsung (for a phone they sent me that would never turn on) and HP (for issues with my webcam and speakers completely failing on my laptop even after I had just received it back from repair) and they both took ages to solve my issues and wasted a lot of my time over the phone arguing with them.

    Stuff like this just increases my respect towards One+ and makes it easier to wait for their great product to finally become available to me! :)

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