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  1. [email protected]@n , via OnePlus 7T , May 20, 2022 :
    Hello Team,

    I need OnePlus 7T silicon bumper case red colour one, I have checked offline but no luck, in online out of stock, please help to get that bumper case or at least lets me know when the stock will be available. Or let me know where can I get it in offline store.

    Saikiran Vakkalagadda.

  2. Toyguy22
    Honeycomb May 20, 2022

    Toyguy22 , May 20, 2022 :
    Considering the phone is now over 2.5 years, it's not going to be in stock in the official OnePlus store. The only option now is to use 3rd party websites like eBay, Amazon, Ali-Express, etc.

    I'm assuming you're in India. Here's a listing on eBay that ships to India: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2846788882...f1b41:g:grcAAOSwhe9ds~GR&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId

    There's also plenty of listings on Ali-Express that ship to India but this forum's spam filter won't let me post their links on here. However, it should be easy enough to find them yourself. Just go to the Ali-Express main site, type in "OnePlus 7T red bumper" in the search field, and you should see several listings for it from various sellers.

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