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  1. cohaolain
    Honeycomb Jan 18, 2017

    cohaolain , Jan 18, 2017 :
    I don't normally rant on here, but this has been drawn out for a while so wanna chip in my two cents. This isn't a duplicate thread, this is a reflection on a number of issues that have been facing OxygenOS and OP with regards how they've been managing it recently. Hopefully this will all be cleared up now that we're getting closer to more bug-free N.

    OP, you are really hurting the company image by consistently ignoring what people are asking for recently. Despite always saying you appreciated customer feedback, that doesn't seem to be the case recently.
    You appear to have REMOVED features that people loved. For example, I love the double tap to reach my last used app function, that's included in Nougat. While this still technically works, it's very slow, clunky, and really takes away from the experience of an otherwise smooth phone.
    You REMOVED accent colours that people loved and replaced them with ones people hate. I genuinely can't see the reasoning behind this. People were initially frustrated by the lack of colours and then you made the selection even worse. This is down to taste, but the new set of colours seems to be the test of very few. I haven't heard from anybody who likes the colours.
    Please place some trust in your customers to have some style, let them choose from a set of NICE colours, and if they don't like them, let them pick from a colour wheel.
    Also removed is volume control (proper). Volume has to be adjustable to vibrate all the way to 100%. That's simple. It doesn't matter if iPhones do it differently. People like android because they can make it work THEIR way and yet you won't let them do that. Depriving people of customisabilty this basic seriously hinders their efficiency and productivity, and is going to seriously damage your reputation among people who want to use their phones in the workplace, especially if anything like this were to happen again.
    It's been a few weeks since OB10, and it seems as it not much has changed. Please work on this stuff.
    Please listen to the community who have constantly been asking for the same things again and again. Sure, audio EQ is cool, but NOT AS IMPORTANT as the stuff that hinders productivity.
    And please release kernel sources.

    I want you guys to get this right, cause I believe in OP has a company. But I'm begging you guys to stay true to your origins and make the phone that your customers want. Don't take features away, and fix the major annoyances first.

    Accent colours, slider control, recent apps double tap - not cool

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