OP3/3T Battery and Heating tips (Nougat/Oreo/Pie)

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
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    Please read about Battery Calibration below and Follow the steps for better battery life on the below thread:

    Disclaimer: Over the last couple of months I have seen this thread evolve into a complaint section, instead of the initial purpose why I made this thread, that was to give people a guide to limit the extensive battery drainage they notice. But I cannot continue to help everyone on an individual basis as it's become overbearing so I will no longer be replying. I will continue to update the OP with anything I can find for extra tips. Thank you all for understanding.


    Hey everyone!
    So I'm sure we've all seen the endless amount of heating and battery drain threads here on the forum, well in order to help those with these issues I've decided to create a thread of my own with the tips I've tested and have verified to work with several different users here on the forum. Now I'm sure a good amount of you have seen my screenshot passed around with a few of my tips so this will have all of that and a few more things explained.

    So first off for the most part battery drain and heating go hand in hand so these tips should kill two birds with one stone.

    Battery Heating explained

    Heating is normal if you live in India where the average temp is is still very hot in the shade. You can't expect your phone to be cold and fresh like a spring morning when the ambience temperature is so hot.

    The correlation between battery drain and heat, and the difference between the phone getting normally hot and overheating.

    Basically, the phone gets hot because it has to work hard. Hard work requested by an app -> cpu needs to crunch more numbers -> cpu requires more power -> cpu gets hotter.

    Also, the phone has built in measures to never overheat. If it overheats, it will turn itself off to avoid damage. Unless the phone turns itself off it is not overheating but just heating for the aforementioned reasons. The phone can sustain very hot temps and use various methods to not overheat such as underclocking itself. I was driving once with my phone running Waze for 2 hours attached to my windshield, while also charging, and this was the other day with 37C here in Italy (I was also charging the battery through the car), and the phone got UNBELIEVABLY hot, yet it was still working just fine as it nothing happened, so yeah, getting paranoid because your phone is slightly warm. I didn't check the temp but by hand it was probably around 60-70C if notmore.

    Android System "drain" Explained

    Android System is the "system server" which runs all the background services on the system. These are services that any installed app can start on boot. The app doesn't have to be running or in Recents. Anytime an app needs to check the internet for new posts or messages or whatever, a background services does this. There are other reasons for background services as well. Some apps "retry" when an error occurs, which mean they could be in a tight loop burning through your battery but you'll never know what causes it because all you see is Android System high. Generally, this should be a lower percentage than your screen. When its really high, it's an app problem.

    Battery Drain After a system update

    After an update the phone should ideally be kept on a charger (preferably overnight) in order for the update to completely optimize

    "Well that's how Google coded android

    Your device starts optimisation only when it's connected to a charger, 100% charged and not moving physically

    After a system update this optimisation needs to be redone
    And until it completes you will face battery drain and lag issues"
    Source: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/worst-update-by-one-plus.977242/#post-19758200

    So in order to try remedy some of these issues is to clear cache from the storage settings and from recovery this should be able to straighten out most misbehaving apps.

    For a more in depth look at caches please check this thread

    Another thing you can do is checking in the Playstore which apps were updated recently and try reinstalling them.

    Freeze any app background processes
    The good folks over at XDA have found a way without root to stop any apps background processes (such as Facebook) to save battery. (Thanks to @adpro for bringing this to my attention)
    Source: https://www.xda-developers.com/freeze-app-background-processes-without-root-android-nougat/amp/

    App drains and 'alternatives' suggestions (NOTE: I am in no way associated with any of the developers of these apps nor am I being influenced or paid to promote them I genuinely enjoy them)

    So many users I find tend to have much battery drain because of poorly developed/optimized apps. You must remember to check which apps that you have installed and their effect on your battery.

    Here I will highlight a few well known battery hogs and provide some alternatives:

    Facebook: It is very well known that the official Facebook app is a complete battery hog! So my recommended alternative is 'Friendly for Facebook' a nice light weight app with some customization here and there. Friendly for Facebook

    Facebook Messenger: It seems like just about all of Facebook's apps need some serious work in terms of battery optimization. Now my recommendation for this is actually 2 you can use 'Friendly for Facebook' as well to get your messages or you can use Messenger Lite (download from apkmirror if not found in your market)

    Instagram: Another app that just continue to run in the background. I don't know of alternatively to this as i don't use Instagram, but maybe you can use it in the browser?

    Twitter: there are loads of different alternatives for Twitter my personal favorite is Flamingo (Note: It's a paid app)
    Note: For those experiencing some sudden drain from Flamingo I got this response from the developer It's due to the way the 'Basic Notification' settings work.
    "I’d recommend using Twitter Push as it will use less power and get notifications faster. You can set it up with notifications from the Twitter website in Chrome so you don’t need the official app installed."

    Chrome: Now this is one that you wouldn't expect to be too heavy but it is, I suggest you disable it (I know webview runs natively in chrome but don't worry once you disable it System webview will be enabled instead) the app that I recommend is 'Brave Browser' much more lightweight and the UI is the same as chrome so you won't have to learn to navigate something new
    Brave Browser

    Google: or should I say Google feed is the cause of quite a bit of drain so I suggest going into the Google app settings and turning off 'my feed' if you do not use it constantly.
    Note: Newer versions of the Google app no longer support turning off the feed

    Settings tweaks

    Now these are some changes you will need to make to your settings (don't worry nothing drastic)

    WiFi- ok first go into WiFi settings and click the cog wheel now make sure to turn off Smart WiFi Switcher, Scanning always available, and Network Notification
    Gestures- Remove any gestures you never use or just turn them all off it's up to you.

    Display- Keep automatic brightness off to have better control on how much you actually need so that you can minimize the amount of battery used. I usually keep my brightness at around 25% and adjust it as I see necessary

    Battery- Turn on aggressive doze/battery optimization, now under aggressive doze/battery optimization keep the applications that you absolutely need notifications from, 'unoptimized' (messaging apps especially)

    *Overnight drain*

    It is best to turn off mobile data and WiFi while you are asleep in order to minimize the amount of battery used. AFAIK this is an issue with Android 7.1.1 and has reportedly been fixed in 7.1.2 on Pixel devices though I am not 100% sure.

    P.S. After further inspection, the apps you have installed directly correlate to idle drain (I'm leaning things too :p) just continue following the guide and your idle drain will improve regardless of having 7.1.2 or not. :)

    *I am only going to say this once if your overnight drain is more than 4-5% it is either an app or your reception!!!*

    Developer settings tweaks

    Now I'm sure most of you know how to access the developer options but for those who don't:

    *click the settings menu, and scroll down to "About phone." Tap it.
    *Scroll down to the bottom again, where you see "Build number."
    *Tap it seven (7) times.

    Now that you have the developer options enabled

    Enable 'doze mode' first

    Now Scroll down until you find 'App WLAN Multi/Broadcasting Filter' turn that on.
    Next scroll all the way down and go to 'inactive apps' and turn off everything you don't need in the background.

    For those that have asked me in the past and will most likely ask again, here is an explanation for what the 'App WLAN Multi/Broadcasting Filter' does:
    (The broadcast filter should be turned on unless you have problems with local (LAN) device discovery. For example, you may have a TV Remote that needs to discover the TV. If it fails, flip this off. There are lots of such broadcast packets on a corporate network and they can wake up the devices daily often when WiFi is on.)

    These steps should help some people and improve the state of the forum as of currently. Please if you found these tips useful direct anyone that has opened a 'battery drain or heating thread' here.

    Special Thanks

    I'd like to thank a few people because this thread wouldn't be as informative without them

    @elanglois for the great explanations of 'Android System' and 'App WLAN Multi/Broadcasting Filter' and his in depth explanation of the workings of caches in the Android OS

    ( @Bobbie63 @sahil.khiwani @adpro @Sun90 @ssagheer @varma246 @Dresa91 ) for helping me test and confirm these tips

    @Baymax for the awesome gifs

    @MarkLR for the thorough explanation of phone overheating. It's very much appreciated for the information.
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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :

    I'm going to preface this by saying that at least 95% of what was written for Nougat can still be used with Oreo and I tested this while on close to stock settings for Oreo. I only turned on the WLAN filter I'm still playing around with everything to see how well they work out. So for now I'm just going to be putting the things that I've noticed while I've been using Oreo.
    1. I still highly recommend a clean flash of Oreo for those coming from Nougat (some may disagree and that's fine do as you wish)
    2. Social media apps 'Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, ect' have been far more stable with battery life (at least for me) that I could get through a full day of moderate usage with 5-5.5 hrs of SOT and about 3-4% overnight drain. (This is with me going from 100%-20%)
    3. I haven't had to restrict myself from using the Google feed (you're not allowed to turn it off anymore but you can activate a data saver I don't know what effect it has on battery)
    4. You can now restrict MOST apps (I don't know the prerequisites)) from using background resources if you wish BUT they need to appear on your battery graph first
    5. Having aggressive doze (a.k.a Advanced battery optimization) enabled is unnecessary and brings no noticeable benefits or drawbacks
    6. Those noticing high 'Android System' usage, see if you use Picture in Picture (PiP) often, especially in the YouTube app. I've noticed this seems to be one of the reasons for it. I've since turned it off for YouTube because I didn't find it useful, and found a noticeable improvement. Note: I found that you don't even need to be using it. Just the fact that it's enabled does increase the drain. I recommend disabling it for every app that you do not use it for.
    Small disclaimer: As of November 19, 2017 there is a bit of extra drain caused by using LTE it will present itself as 'Cell Standby' OnePlus is aware and working on a fix. (January 5th, 2018 this has been fixed in beta and seemingly in 5.0.1)

    Just click on an app in the battery menu and look for the 'restrict background activity' option
    Screenshot_20171118-233815.jpg Screenshot_20171118-233835.jpg
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    Baymax , May 28, 2017 :
    He never said anything about aggressive doze... Regular doze should be turned on to optimize battery and performance.

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    If that is what you feel you should do go for it. But I tried with one or the other turned off and both turned off I found my battery life better with both on.

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    F_Junaid_Khan_kKSE , May 28, 2017 :
    Battery- Turn on aggressive doze/battery optimization, now under aggressive doze/battery optimization keep the applications that you absolutely need notifications from, 'unoptimized' (messaging apps especia...

    Read it again

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
    I mentioned aggressive doze lol

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    Baymax , May 28, 2017 :
    I stand corrected. My apologies.

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    darius1988 , May 28, 2017 :
    They are good tips , but I am afraid that tomorow we will see anothers x threads about batterry drain because the peoples are to lazy to search before create a new thread...Anyway this is a good thread, congratultions!
    In my case , the batterry drain over night still persist , I tried almost all , in the final I think that maybe I have a problem with my router , so I must investigate more hehe

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
    Ooh thanks for reminding me I missed something. I'll add it right now but to help you out keep mobile data off during the night and only have WiFi. That Will lessen the drain

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    F_Junaid_Khan_kKSE , May 28, 2017 :
    I get around 6 plus hours of sot with 16 18 hour battery time , so a heavy user during the day and before going to bed with single charge.. i use official facebook app as 360 videos are only available on it and all other social media apps .. i keep both doze off...

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
    Perfect that works great for you, people can fiddle around with the doze/aggressive doze as they see fit. From those I've recommended this to and that have gotten back to me they saw improvement just depends on each user

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    Vicky945 , May 28, 2017 :
    I tried to to setup the inactive apps but nothing happens. It remains active and shows tap to toggle. Please help me.

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
    If you're charging they won't turn off. Also some remain active and can't be turned off

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    Vicky945 , May 28, 2017 :
    What's exactly the benefit of keeping them inactive ?
    Will they never run on their own ??

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
    I'm sure some will start up again at some point but let's say you close an app (like Spotify) and you check and it's active and you're not going to use it for the rest of the day turn it off

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    darius1988 , May 28, 2017 :
    The fact is if I keep wifi on I lose 8-10% over night, with mobile data I lose 1-2%, with wifi off and data off I lose 1%. So why wifi consumed so much batterry?

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    Android450 , May 28, 2017 :
    I haven't the slightest idea, well maybe just a nougat or OOS bug? That's one of the things I haven't been able to figure out. With both WiFi and data on I lose ~5% and with data off I lose 1-2% it's very odd