op3 a3000 battery replacement

  1. Oualidos Cupcake Jun 18, 2019

    Oualidos, Jun 18, 2019 :
    hi their,

    i have a op3 that works very well for my need, its battery is deteriorating and thats fine after 2years of use.

    however it start feel problematic to recharge each 5h for simple uses

    i searched mainly in the internet for a battery replacement

    all i found are chinese one with unknown brand
    the oneplus offer a battery replacement service

    BUT THE PROBLEM is that oneplus is not available on my country neitheir i can send the phone to the europe it can be lost or damaged on the posting process.

    i m good at electronic handling [e]1f604[/e], so i can manage to change it my self

    my only concern is that the spare battery is safe, my op3 is used often by my kids so i can't take the risk for any fire or explosion linked to a battery disfunction

    is their any manner to get an official new battery

    the one that seems official are selled by 3rd party, old stock 2016/2017 batteries and a Li-ion battery is damaged buy aging so its not a good idea to buy an agef battery

    can any provide me help? or can i get a battery from oneplus itself ?

    plz help