Camera [OP3] Camera focus issue

  1. GioGioOnePlus
    Froyo Jul 11, 2016

  2. sunsac7
    Froyo Jul 12, 2016

    sunsac7 , Jul 12, 2016 :
    I'm having the same issue, bought it 12 days ago but only managed to use it now.
    Sometimes I try to put my finger around the camera and I get lucky and it focus...
    Did you had to return all stock?

  3. Spelt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 12, 2016

  4. fr3dm
    Donut Jul 12, 2016

    fr3dm , Jul 12, 2016 :
    Even I had this problem. But got it rectified after the factory reset.

  5. jcadigan
    Eclair Jul 17, 2016

    jcadigan , Jul 17, 2016 :
    mine will not focus (manual or auto). also having this issue, only since the latest update. third party camera app doesn't focus either.

  6. jcadigan
    Eclair Jul 17, 2016

    jcadigan , Jul 17, 2016 :
    just finished a support chat. was originally given a remote service appointment for the next day but then was told i have to wait almost a week due to "hectic scheduling". also had to download over 1gb of files (thanks OP) for the technician to flash my phone, which still won't guarantee a fix. asked about getting a replacement device instead (i've had it for less than a month) and was told i would have to pay for shipping.

    starting to regret my purchase. will be telling others thinking about buying one of these to reconsider. NOT a very pleasant support experience.

    Oneplus - this is NOT a comfortable customer experience, figure it out.

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  7. Shuzaan
    Gingerbread Jul 17, 2016

    Shuzaan , Jul 17, 2016 :
    Last time i saw this, it was on an S7 edge. Poor fellow dropped it and since then the camera is stuck on macro. It refuses to budge and he finally had to trade it in for another unit.
    Question is, did you drop it?

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  8. DanniB
    Cupcake Jul 18, 2016

    DanniB , Jul 18, 2016 :
    Same problem here. Worked fine until today. Dind't drop the phone. I'm gonna try a reset tomorrow and if it doesn't work i'll contact the suport. So annoying.

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  9. eallan
    Cupcake Jul 22, 2016

    eallan , Jul 22, 2016 :
    I wound up having to send mine off. It's not been the speediest of repairs but I should have a replacement back this saturday.

  10. ungeeked
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 22, 2016

    ungeeked , Jul 22, 2016 :
    Settings > Apps > camera
    1) Force stop
    2) Clear cache and data
    3) restart phone

  11. eallan
    Cupcake Jul 22, 2016

  12. F_Gm_Teenykimi_Lujg
    Gingerbread Jul 22, 2016

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  13. GioGioOnePlus
    Froyo Jul 22, 2016

    GioGioOnePlus , Jul 22, 2016 :
    Everyone! It was a hardware failure. Got it repaired. Not very satisfied with the RMA system though.. Took about 2 weeks and de metal bezel a the volume buttons is a little bend, also the left lower corner of the screen is raised a bit, which is not normal.

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  14. jfxmedia
    Eclair Jul 28, 2016

    jfxmedia , Jul 28, 2016 :
    Just had this start happening to me too ! Wtf. Disappointing. I'll probably be sending in my new OP3 now. Will have to buy a temp phone in the meantime to use while it's out. ****.

    If it happens to my replacement or repaired OP3 I may have to switch. But damn did I love this phone. ****.

  15. jfxmedia
    Eclair Jul 29, 2016

    jfxmedia , Jul 29, 2016 :
    Had the same problem. Filed an RMA request got a shipping label. Before shipping tomorrow I figured I'll take it apart and check the camera just in case. I fixed it in about 30 minutes. It wasn't focusing at all. And now its perfect. Anyone else who has this issue and doesn't want to send their OP3 in for three weeks contact me. Be glad to help.

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  16. malidan
    Nougat Jul 29, 2016

    malidan , Jul 29, 2016 :
    You can't say that here:eek: there are nooooooooooo issues with this device it is perfect, flawless. Well that's what the fanboys keep saying.;)
    You should have posted your current version on the device but seen as you haven't, download the latest version you can find on the forum do a full wipe and install it. If the issue persists open a ticket within 14 days of receiving the device.

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  17. jfxmedia
    Eclair Jul 29, 2016

    jfxmedia , Jul 29, 2016 :
    Did you send it out ? I found a fix.

  18. jfxmedia
    Eclair Jul 29, 2016

    jfxmedia , Jul 29, 2016 :
    I found a fix. Did you send it back ?

  19. idbirch
    Froyo Jul 29, 2016

    idbirch , Jul 29, 2016 :
    ^Stop waiting for someone to stroke your ego and just post the fix. Jeez.

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  20. BiriTheCow
    Cupcake Jul 29, 2016

    BiriTheCow , Jul 29, 2016 :
    Yeh mine doesn't work either but only with the default app. Using another app for video recording really helps. For some reason the default app is really 'shaky'