OxygenOS OP3 on Beta 9 (Nougat) Dead

  1. stesind
    Froyo Dec 23, 2016

    stesind , Dec 23, 2016 :
    This morning I have found my OP3 completely dead. First guess was that battery drained out, but charging did not work. I tried charging using Dash, Anker, PC, the phone did not react at all. Not charging, not turning on pressing the power button, not showing any reaction nor LED.

    After trying for more than an hour, it finally booted into recovery mode. Then I was able to boot into normal mode. Unfortunately error log just starts after this incident.

    From battery status I can see that the device was still charged at approx. 25%. So out of battery was not the issue. Overheating neither, the device was laying on table. Before I was streaming video from Amazon. I also have a program which switches off Wifi using Android API's WifiManager at a certain battery percentage. But this worked flawlessly and WifiManager is pretty standard.

    I assume this is a hardware or Bios bug, not Kernel or Android.

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