OP3 or Note 5?

  1. G_Denver_Powers_PGmK
    Cupcake Aug 30, 2016

    G_Denver_Powers_PGmK , Aug 30, 2016 :
    at first to me this seemed like a no brainer, Op3 is better. Faster processor, more ram, near stock android, better camera in specs, etc. but i have been reading through these forms and have been seeing a lot of problems people have been having with this phone so i'm not sure. I have already ordered my op3 but would i be better off getting a used note 5 for $400 on ebay? has anyone here gone from a note 5 to a op3? I get each phone probably has their advantages, but i am interested in your guys opinion. Thanks

  2. vikeor
    Gingerbread Aug 30, 2016

    vikeor , Aug 30, 2016 :
    Depends on what you really need. With the OP3 you get the most bang for your buck. The Note 5 is already an older phone (used as well!) and is filled with bloatware which I personally hate.

  3. Rschibli
    Cupcake Aug 30, 2016

    Rschibli , Aug 30, 2016 :
    If you want any support, get the Note 5! If you want the most bang for buck get the OP3!
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  4. ungeeked
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 30, 2016

    ungeeked , Aug 30, 2016 :
    You have read all about op3. Do read about note 5 in XDA forums and then make an informed decision.

  5. ilovesoneplus
    Jelly Bean Aug 30, 2016

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  6. okidokay
    Gingerbread Aug 30, 2016

    okidokay , Aug 30, 2016 :
    Remember that OnePlus community is mostly made up of tech enthusiasts, whereas many other manufacturers don't have that kind of community.
    Many flaws that you will read about here would go unnoticed elsewhere.

    And don't forget about Touchwiz, which is more of a bug itself, than it is buggy.

  7. Melvintong1516
    Cupcake Aug 30, 2016

  8. jm_rave
    Gingerbread Aug 30, 2016

    jm_rave , Aug 30, 2016 :
    OP3 for shure.

    Lots of people don't have major issues. I can't find any in my daily usage.

    Probably some that complaint so much don't see wich apps have installed that can cause issues.

    I'm not an OP fan boy. Just by for price/specs/quality.

    I had an OP2 with known overheating issue. I had once to send it to repair and I have no service complaints.

    Now I have OP3 silver and OP3 soft gold and satisfied.

  9. joebass96
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 30, 2016

    joebass96 , Aug 30, 2016 :
    Actually I prefer the oneplus 3 to the Note 7 Let alone the Note 5!
    I have had the oneplus 3 for nearly 3 months now,it's a fantastic phone,fast,smooth not had any lag issues,not had one single problem with any of the OTA updates either.
    And it only cost me £309!!!! The Note 7 is £699! in the UK
    So as I said I prefer my oneplus 3 to the Note 7 let alone the Note 5.

  10. tedulus
    Honeycomb Aug 30, 2016

    tedulus , Aug 30, 2016 :
    I am coming from Note 5 not because i like op3 better but my note5 screen is dead, i can say that i like Note5 more because of lots of functionality touchwiz is offering, note5 cameras are way better that op3 cameras, battery is better on note5, screen is better, it looks overall better, if something goes wrong with your note5 you cand find samsung service centers everywhere, but op3 is faster, it charges faster, it has a lot of support on xda. I bought the op3 because repairing my note5 would cost me 65℅ of op3 price so i chose a new phone.

  11. pvilarinho
    Honeycomb Aug 30, 2016

    pvilarinho , Aug 30, 2016 :
    Well you can read this one too, i am a happy op3 owner and it does work flawlessly.

  12. prisacariuadi
    Jelly Bean Aug 30, 2016

    prisacariuadi , Aug 30, 2016 :
    i had the same thought...but i stayed on OnePlus 3...
    check this comparison:

    imagine if OP3 beats shit out of Note7...what would do with Note5...

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  13. Paaz88
    Cupcake Aug 30, 2016

    Paaz88 , Aug 30, 2016 :

  14. sfomin
    Nougat Aug 30, 2016

    sfomin , Aug 30, 2016 :
    fanboy spotted

    Depends what you are looking for:
    Note 5: way better screen, Spen, better camera (pictures and especially videos), more features, less bugs, better build quality, more support/brand recognition (with op3, good luck dealing with tmobile/at&t when something goes wrong. they have no clue what a OnePlus is)

    OP3: DASH charging, more RAM, alert slider, better battery life

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  15. F_De_Araujo
    Donut Aug 30, 2016

    F_De_Araujo , Aug 30, 2016 :
    I had the Note 2 and Note 3, probably I was going to Note 5 if Samsung delivered it to Europe, but thanks they didn't bring it and I was able to go out of the routine. I have to be clear, I used a lot the S Pen and I was very afraid I would miss it, I was in the same situation as you thinking to buy a Note 5 used and imported or to buy a OnePlus 3, I choose the OnePlus 3 and already having the phone for about 2 weeks I can't look back and these are the reasons:

    1 - Note 5 probably will get Nougat by the end of 2017, my old Note 3 got Lollipop only in January 2016.
    2 - Note 5 camera is better, but not by much, I am very satisfied with the One Plus 3 camera, it has some hiccups but even the Samsung phone cameras also have, no phone is perfect.
    3 - In my case (only for people living in Europe) buying a Note 5 as Import means we don't have any support from Samsung as it is a rare phone around here.
    4 - I know and saw a lot of people complaining about the Customer Service of OP in the forum, but I already had experiences with Samsung and I have to say that they are not better, at least with my OP3 I will have Warranty good or bad, in a used phone I would have only the word of the seller, you never know what that phone already went through.
    5 - Note 5 = 32 GB non expandable vs OnePlus 3 = 64 GB non expandable (OnePlus 3 won that in my opinion)
    6 - I know the Note 5 still a capable phone, but the OnePlus 3 has newer technology and at least 60% more powerful than last year's Samsung phones.
    7 - Note 5 = 2k screen vs OnePlus 3 = 1080p - As I was happy enough with the Note 3 1080p screen, it didn't make any difference when looking at this difference, but I have to say a 1080p screen from 2013 looks really bad when comparing with the OnePlus 3 1080p screen from 2016, it is much more improved.
    8 - Only owning it, having it in my hands I could understand and notice how bad Touchwizz was, man, the OP3 is fast, as I came from a long run with Samsung phones, I didn't have much problem as the OP3 have the fingerprint in the front and you can modify the capacitive buttons in the front to be Samsung like with the back button in the right side.
    9 - Price: Pay 400 Euros for a brand new phone or pay 400 Euros for a used phone, I choose the new.

    I believe this is a personal choice, I only put some of the points that made MYSELF choose the OnePlus 3 over another Samsung phone. I hope my points can help you a bit to think and decide what is better for you.

    Loving my One Plus 3 Soft Gold :)

  16. G_Denver_Powers_PGmK
    Cupcake Aug 31, 2016

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  17. TlathamXmahtalT
    KitKat Aug 31, 2016

    TlathamXmahtalT , Aug 31, 2016 :
    You can get Note 5s on Swappa for $300 if you're lucky.

  18. prisacariuadi
    Jelly Bean Aug 31, 2016

    prisacariuadi , Aug 31, 2016 :
    not only the price...
    have u seen this?
    imagine that everyone goes with the phone in bathroom when taking sh*t. i don't buy a second-hand phone, i can't put the phone on my face, on my ear thinking that it has someone's bacteria on it. My germs and bacteria are enough...i dont need anyone's else
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  19. F_De_Araujo
    Donut Aug 31, 2016

    F_De_Araujo , Aug 31, 2016 :
    That is true, I mentioned it on the number 4: "you never know what that phone already went through."
    Even if it was never on the toilet, maybe it could be dropped many times and not show signs, or broken and sent to repair. You really never know what you are getting when it comes to second hand phones.

  20. F_De_Araujo
    Donut Aug 31, 2016

    F_De_Araujo , Aug 31, 2016 :
    No problems! The important thing is that you made up your mind and you are going to buy the mobile phone you think is better for you. Happy days :)