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  1. Avasz
    Eclair Jul 7, 2016

    Avasz , Jul 7, 2016 :
    After using this device for around 9-10 days now, I can confidently say that this device contains everything that is needed for a normal user for day to day use. It hasn't compromised in quality given that its price is half that of 2016 flagship devices. It may have cut a few things that seems like trend today and must have for all smartphones such as QHD display, Wireless Charging etc.

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    I instantly got attracted with its super fast fingerprint reader, dash charging and unibody metal design. It certainly has some flaws and is not perfect. But, with OnePlus 3, OnePlus has made a huge improvement from OnePlus 2.

    Designwise, OnePlus 3 is a beautiful device. The aluminum unibody design gives it a complete premium look it deserves. It does resemple iPhone as many people have commented already, but after they see the 1+ logo on the back, they start asking questions about what it is and how is the performance etc. OnePlus hasn't been heard by all people in my country yet.

    In all those days, I have never felt any lag or unsatisfied with the performance it has delivered. Switching between apps, starting apps, working on apps all has been butter smooth. It shows the true power of Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM it has packed under its hood. The only thing I find a bit weird is that it takes a bit time while loading Asphalt 8, and seems to be slower than even OPO. But after it has loaded, it can be played without any lag at all.

    Nowadays it seems that the real use of phone, calling, is not so important as many companies do not even talk about it at all. OnePlus 3 has dual SIM slot and network reception is excellent in both. The person in other end can hear my voice loud and clear, but I feel that what I hear is not quite loud even if it is clear. In busy streets I can't understand them clearly sometimes because of all the background noise at my side. I wish it was a bit louder. I liked that in OnePlus X, one SIM slot could be used for MMC, I so much hoped that it would be same in OP3, but it is not. 64GB is a good storage size, I have never used more than 20GB in my OPO, but still an external storage is a good thing to have.

    The 16 MP camera is quite an improvement from its predecessors and I am pretty sure that it is comparable with 2015 flagship phones if not with 2016 ones. It is excellent for me, but some people who are more into specifications in paper than real world performance may not want to accept it. Same with the battery, with normal usage it gives me around 1.5 days of battery life.

    To me, OnePlus 3 is the best phone I have owned till now. In my OP3PeerReview applications I had stated that I want OP3 to be a replacement for my OPO, and I can really replace my OPO with OP3 sacrificing a few aspects for now. It is not perfect and does have a few problems here and there but they do not matter a lot and after using it for some times we will not even notice the problems and start to love it. I wish OP3 will get the same amount of love that the OPO got from developer community and will live up to its name and hype. I am positive to this because I have seen many developers getting this device and starting to work on it.

    Never Settle!
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  2. Carl
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  3. Avasz
    Eclair Jul 7, 2016

    Avasz , Jul 7, 2016 :
    Thank you. I am from Nepal. :)