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  1. cobecio
    Froyo Jun 19, 2016

    cobecio , Jun 19, 2016 :

    So, does the OnePlus 3 live up to its promise to be the "flagship killer"?
    Let's discover it together!

    UNBOXING (5/5)

    The first thing that comes to one's eye is the overall "premiumness" of the package.
    Once you open the box, all matte and smooth to the touch but for the "3" glossy emblem in the middle, you have a direct access to the phone. A nice couple of stickers is also provied.




    The glass top, the metal unibody, the buttons and the overall ergonomics really put this phone in an higher segment in terms of design, materials and assembly. Gone are some features like the sandstone back, but the general feeling now that we are in front of a much more mature product.


    The upper part of the phone is very well designed and I do really like the bezel around the Gorilla Glass screen and the fact that it comes with a screen protector already sticked on it.

    The back panel, which in the early photos looked a bit dull to me is really nice, with a nice texture to the touch and a gunmetal color that does not pass unnoticed. It's design does not appear completely original, yet it possess its own personality.


    From a personal point of view, there are some downsides:
    • A general "slipperiness" (add a cover to gain some grip)
    • The physical buttons, as I was very accustomed to software ones
    • The camera bump

    CAMERA (4/5)

    The 8MP front camera is more than adequate for its purposes (video calls and selfies). The back camera is powered by a 16MP Sony image sensor coupled with a wide angle F 2.0 lens, supported by a LED flash. It offers both optical and electronic image stabilization.

    Apart from the classic picture and movie settings (the latter up to 4K 30fps), the phone also supports videos in time lapse and slow motion, panorama pictures and an interesting "full manual" mode that lets you separately adjust exposure time for night shots. The general organization of the camera's controls is very ergonomic.

    The traditional "touch to focus" pointer can be divided in two separate dots, in order to separately calibrate focus and exposure.


    HDR results are very good, allowing the phone to take backlight shots without losing much detail in the darker and brighter areas


    Comparing an iPhone 6, it is possibile to see how it captures very fine details: look at the bushes behind the swan or the ripples on the water.


    While particularly performing in full to mid light conditions, when it comes to darker ambiances it generate some amount of noise which reduces its effectivity.


    AUDIO (4/5)

    Since the phone doesn't come with a pair of earphones, I tested it with two different solutions:
    • a cheap pair of earbuds
    • a pair of studio headphones (MDR-7506)
    In both cases the audio reproduction was good, without hitches or buzzes ascribable to the bad quality of the audio port.


    I also tested the performance of the internal speaker, comparing the OP3 with two flagship phones from the past: a 2014 LG G3 and a 2015 iPhone 6. OP3 is not as loud as the iPhone but it's the most natural sounding of the bunch.

    Here's a brief video of the test, please note that it was shot with a tablet:

    Audio calls are in loud, clear and without much distortion both for the caller and the receiver.

    CHARGING (5/5)

    The Dash charging is arguably the most publicized feature introduced with the OP3. Practically speaking, when you charge the phone using its proprietary charger and the USB-C cable provided by OnePlus (which is sensibly thicker than the average), you can attain amazing charging speeds, as pictured below.


    Another plus of the Dash technology is that moves the "charging control effort" from the phone to the charger, lowering the amount of heat generated on the mobile.

    BATTERY LIFE (3/5)

    I use to evaluate battery performances not by running benchmarks, but using them on a standard routine for an extended period of time. If a mobile phone manages to stay alive up to 10:00pm , I can safely say that the test is passed.

    My typical routine is:
    • 7:00am: unplug the phone from the charger
    • Listen to streaming radio for 30 minutes
    • Use the phone for IM, social media updates and some browsing
    • Make at least 3-5 calls
    • Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS are always on
    • An android smartwatch is constantly paired
    The OP3 goes lands close to the goal, with an average consumption of -9% per hour, expected operative life is about 12 hours with around 3 hours of screen on time.

    The performance is honest and, coupled with the Dash charger, makes battery life really a non-issue when evaluating the pro's and the con's of the OP3.


    OXYGENOS (5/5)

    OxygenOS doesn't add much to the stock Marshmallow experience and from my point of view this is definitely a huge plus. The launcher, while very similar to the the Android stock one, is rather customizable.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All the benefits of running a very streamlined and customizable version of the latest Android are paired with some of clever add-ons. Just to cite a few:
    • The ability to customize the led notification color
    • A very functional interface to manage the double SIM slot
    • The inclusion of Swiftkey
    • A simple, but effective (at last!) implementation of gesture controls
    Finally, even if I can't tell if its due to sensor quality or to software implementation, I have to praise the high efficiency of the fingerprint recognition, almost instantaneous and very reliable.

    On the downsides:
    • The Shelf function is not as useful as Google Now
    • Display controls are a little limited and it isn't possible to adjust contrast
    • Night mode must be shifted on manually

    Special coverage: DISPLAY (4/5)

    I really praise the choice of OnePlus to stick to FullHD instead of going QuadHD. This greatly helps in saving battery juice and processing power, while not really affeting perceived image quality.


    Compared to an LG G3 and an iPhone 6, its brightness seems to be a little bit under the average, while outdoor readability was unusually good for an AMOLED.


    When it comes to color reproduction, perhaps is due to the intrinsic features of the AMOLED matrix, some of the subtler nuances seems to be disappear in favor of a very high and not software adjustable level of contrast.


    The screen is pretty uniform and as expected OP3's AMOLED produces the deeper black levels. Overall the display performs adequately for this type of device, but lacks the qualities to be really distinctive.


    Among strongest selling points, I would at least highlight:
    • A gorgeous design and a top class build quality (did I already said "premiumness"?)
    • A simple and solid implementation of the latest Android breed, with no useless stuff to hog the overall performance
    • High performance hardware (Snapdragon 820, incredibly fast fingerprint scanner, Dash charging)
    The real questions to ask when deciding do buy an OP3 are more related to specific design choices that can't be really described as drawbacks:
    • Does a 5.5 inches phone fit in your hands and your pockets?
    • Are your ready to trade user replaceable battery for a slicker unibody design?
    • With 64GB of storage, do you really need to use an SD?
    • Do you really need a power-hungry QHD screen when your eye is not able to perceive the difference with a regular HD?
    If you answered "yes" to the first two questions and "no" to the latter ones, look no further: the OP3 can really be the smartphone for you.

    While it does not excel under every aspect, it also doesn't have any real weak point (I dare you to find a device with this quality). Every feature is at least *in line with* if not *better than* what you would expect from a 2016 flagship device and it's a very well rounded performer under any aspect. And all of the above for a retail price that is between 50% and 60% the one of its direct competitors. Winner.

    Final evaluation: 4.5/5 a well rounded device at an excellent price, deserves its tagline of "flagship killer".
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    Donut Jun 21, 2016

    desp4649 , Jun 21, 2016 :
    great review!
    In the side-by-side display pictures it looks like the brightness of the oneplus 3 is set to a very low level..? Would it be possible to post more side-by side pictures with brightness adjusted to similar "output" on all three phones?

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    cobecio , Jun 21, 2016 :
    Thanks Nicole! It was my pleasure! You did a great work for the community!

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    raju28p , Jun 21, 2016 :
    bought the phone upgraded from one plus one to one plus 3 it is great but be careful one Small fall the phone is gone for toss phone gets off does not work gorilla glass 4 ??????? very very delicate

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    Moin2200 , Jun 21, 2016 :
    Great review! Nice touch with the screenshots showing how long it takes dash charging to fill the battery.

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    AkinY. , Jun 21, 2016 :
    Awesome review. I can attest the solid battery life and audio quality. What I noticed too, is the lack of brightness. I assume you set the brightness level to auto!? From my experience with the handset, for the last couple of days, the adaptive mode sometimes fails to adapt to the lightning conditions. Outdoors, the display sometimes is way too dim despite sunshine while indoor it suddenly lightens up and is way too bright. I hope this is simply a software issue and gets fixed soon, since it can become quite annoying.

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    run_dkc , Jun 21, 2016 :
    I saw a video of the OP3 dropped from 5ft onto tile three times and it didn't flaw after anyone of them

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    kiran.sampathnr , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Wow man... That's one of the best reviews I have seen... Now I am confused and I really don't want to wait for the new Nexus...

    Edit: If this is not your profession, you should seriously start considering it...
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    Quite quality review!!:p:D
    When do you provide 5/5 for battery performance? What is the benchmark?:)