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    Grand Review

    We've come to the end of this extremely fun and tiring road! I honestly didn't expect to be up all times of the night chatting with people about the OP3 when I nonchalantly applied to be part of the Peer Review program! From meeting a bunch of great folk in the Peer Review chat, to doing a r/OnePlus Reddit AMA and writing these reviews it's been a great deal of fun and a huge privilege to be apart of the whole process! If OnePlus decide to do this again for the OnePlus 4(Four?) I'll certainly be applying again and I can only urge you all to do the same!

    Before I go any further on my impressions of the phone I'll go through the sections of the review that I've posted along the way:
    OnePlus 3 in my hand; taken with an SGS6

    Let's get into it then, shall we? I've seen it said allot of time in both Peer Reviews & Professional reviews, but the third time really is the charm for OnePlus. With the "3" they've gone from a fledgling start-up and grown into a mature Smartphone manufacturer and I wouldn't be surprised if their name becomes more and more popular in the coming years.

    What OnePlus has gotten right:
    • The Finger Print Sensor: Genuinely my favourite thing about this device, it's easy, it's placed well, it's accurate and most importantly its lightning FAST. This is at least on par with the best Finger Print sensors currently on the market. Add in the fact that the home key is capacitive, it means there is no wait time, between placing your finger in the right position and the phone springing to life. Don't believe me? Here's a video of me testing it versus my Samsung Galaxy Note5:​

    • The Build Quality: The phone just feels immense. I have doubts about the battery and a few more things (scroll down for more information), but even with those doubts I'm loathed to have to put the phone down. OnePlus have made the phone a pleasure to handle. It's one of the smaller 5.5" phones I've held and you can really tell the difference when holding it up against it's competitors- the iPhone 6s Plus feels like a tank when holding it side by side! The metal back is superbly crafted and feels great, I didn't like the idea of no Sandstone (and I'd probably be buying a Sandstone case,) but I'm now down with the design choice OnePlus made here.
    • The Screen: I know this will be controversial as there has been allot of moaning here there and everywhere about why OnePlus didn't put a "better" screen on the device. I can tell you why. They didn't need to, the screen they've got is fantastic! The depth of colour and brightness is fantastic- I've not had a problem using the phone in either direct sunlight or extremely dark situations. The size of the screen is perfect and fits well with the narrowness of the device.
    • Oxygen OS: I've not come across any bugs or real issues with Oxygen OS so far. It's very close to Stock Android, which is the way I like it. It's got a few nice customisation options and it just generally feels nice and snappy when using the phone. Add that into the fact that you can root the device without breaking your warranty and it comes up on top of the pile for OS customisation.
    • DASH Charging: Never in my life have I witnessed such speedy charging. It's so fast, it almost makes up for the poor battery life. If OnePlus come out with a DASH Compliant battery bank then this would be perfect and I urge them to do so!
    But as with every tech device that comes out there is something that could be improved and considering that OnePlus have put this phone on the market for £240 less than Samsung's current Flagship, the list for improvements is remarkably small!​
    • Battery Life: If you've read my battery review, you'll know that I don't always have the best experience with Smart Phone batteries and I've seen allot of really positive reviews around this aspect of the OnePlus 3. But in my experience it's not been nothing more than mediocre.
    • Compatibility with Android Wear: I've been using the OP3 in combination with a Motorola Moto 360 1st Gen on my wrist. I reported that I'd had a small problem where I had to reboot the device each morning to make sure I got notifications coming through to my wrist and since then I've found another issue, which makes the fantastically crafted "Notification Switch" on the side of the phone completely irrelevant if you use your Android Watch the same way I do: I like to have my phone on silent (vibrate/no vibrate depending on situation) and have my notifications come through to the watch. Toggling the switch to "Silent" (top most toggle) also puts the watch into "silent" mode, meaning you don't get notifications from either the phone or the watch! An irritating problem that hopefully OnePlus can resolve with a software update?
    But even with these negatives, I have a hard time seeing myself going back to my Samsung Galaxy Note5, simply put the OnePlus 3 has won me over and I'm positive it'll do the same to you.

    Finally, I'd like to thank you, the reader! I hope you've found my review(s) insightful, useful and a little bit of fun. If you have any questions you'd like answered please feel free to get in contact either on here or Reddit.


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    mattd04639 , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Great post, summarizing your experience with the OnePlus 3. I enjoyed reading your reviews.

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    Good reviews , it was nice to have you around.

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    Thanks! Enjoyed yours also!

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    niijonodhg , Jun 19, 2016 :
    Thanks, really enjoyed doing this :)

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    Very nice and honest review. As per battery life, what can one say? I've never owned an Android phone that won't run down battery if WiFi and LTE are not turned off or greenify does not put apps to sleep. So unless you root your OP3 and closely monitor your apps be prepared to use dash charge regularly. I guess that's why OP went down that route. Be grateful for little mercies. It could have been a smaller battery with a normal charger for the phone's price

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    Yeah completely agree and the reason I'm put off rooting it is because I'd like to continue using Android Pay and I'm told it won't work if you root?

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    Yes Android Pay won't work if rooted. But I'll root anyway as Barclay's Bank have decided to develop their own Pay app and have not signed up to Android or Apple.

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    Ahh, now I just need Nationwide to do this :)

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    Thank you Jono,
    you did a great job, especially answering all the questions you could on reddit (there is so many!),
    you definitely deserved to be selected, and to get my vote! cheers

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    Haha yes, far more than I ever expected when I started it! :) But it was fun! and thanks for your vote! :)

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