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    Espmodro , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Hi All! My name is David Modroño, and I'm the creator of Time4Review platform, a spanish YouTube and Website focused on different tech. device gadgets. I'm one of the 30 chosen people that will bring you our personal point of view of the new brand OnePlus 3. Let's roll!
    1st Impressions (English)


    The really, very first impression when picking upf the phone for the first time is the following:

    "Wooow! It's so slim!and light!and that build material!"

    The overall build quality and feeling in hand is "top-notch". OnePlus has improved a lot in this
    sense compared to the OnePlus 2. However, I like the fact that in the OnePlus 2 the smartphone was thick enough to match the camera module with the phone back. If OnePlus would have decided to increase the thickness a bit more the overall quality would be the same and the battery would be bigger (3500mAh or so). I do not like the camera protuberances in general.


    Having said this, I like the pheriperal distribution quite a lot. The USB type-C in the center of the bottom side, along with the 3.5mm Jack (great position when putting it into our pocket) and the speaker in the left side. By the way, the speaker is quite loud and good quality.

    The 3-position switch is still there, standing a bit higher compared to the OnePlus 2. It's exactly the same touch like in the OnePlus 2 or the OnePlus X. It's great that OnePlus decided to mantain it. I really loved it in my OnePlus 2 so happy to see that it's still there.

    The volume rockers where moved from the right side to the left. As a right handed user, I probably would prefer to have them on the right side and the SIM holder in left (swapping them).

    The lpower button is not too high for a big hand like mine. The edges of the phone have a great finish, with a perfect continuity between the back and the sides. You will love that.

    Not the same about the camera module, that seems to be surrounded by a plastic made border. Hope that the paint remains there with the time.

    The screen quality, even if it's not the best I've seen (it's a step below the Samsung's flasghip AMOLED displays) it's quite good from my point of view. It's bright enough for be used in light conditions and the colors are a bit saturated (as it's expected with an AMOLED screen). I can appreciate the difference with a 2K screen but I think that OnePlus did a good choice with the 1080p resolution. Not good for VR (that is now trending topic) but better for the dailys battery life.

    My reference of the smoothnes adn performance has been my OnePlus 2. A phone that, has totally changed with the introduction of Android Marsmallow (Oxygen 3). Until that it was a bit laggy to be a 2015 Flagship Killer (SD810,4GB RAM, etc...). With Oxygen 3 it turned it as a very fluid phone, performing very stable and closer to Nexus experience.

    So far, so good. OnePlus 3 was suposed to had a difficult competitor at home. But that's only until I powered it on. The OnePlus 3 performance is just SUPERB. It's quick as hell, and it's the closest experience to Nexus that I have had before (if not greater). It reminds me my first experience with the Nexus 5 and KitKat (that was a big step in 2013). All the phones that I've tested usually perform better in the first days and become a bit slower with the time. I'll need to check this but I doubt it in the OP3. So far the smoothest phone that I've ever tried.


    The other superb performance comes from the fingerprint sensor. It's just Instant, and it's veeery accurate. It wasn't in the OnePlus 2 with the propietary OnePlus fingerprint API. It became very accurate and quick with the introduction of Oxygen 3 and the Marsmallow fingerprint API. And again, it was improved in this OnePlus 3. I'd say that the 0,2 seconds that are advertised by OnePlus are not just a magnification. Difficult to say how much it takes, but my perception is that it's almost instant.

    The battery life so far (second charge, the first one was a bit poort) has been 3 hours of screen time & 17 hours powered on still 25% of the battery left. I'd say that this phone will provide 1 day usage (~18h-24h) with a 3 to 4 hour screen time. However, I'm sure that there will be people with better battery statistics than mine. My typical setup is:
    • Many Google services with synchronization
    • Android Wear with permanent Bluetooth connectivity
    • Dark mode ON (to make use of it's AMOLED benefits)
    • Very few gaming
    To end this first impressions, here you have a photo taken (compressed to 1500 pixels and around ~100KB):

    Good light conditions (All automatic, auto HDR on)​


    Low light conditions (All automatic, auto HDR on)


    1st Impressions (Spanish)

    For those who are spanish like me (and for those who aren't too!), I've also recorded a 1st impressions video:

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    Maximus Decimus Meridius , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Awesome review
    Thank you

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    Espmodro , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Thank you! I will upload many more in the "camera" peer review ;)

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    Espmodro , Jun 23, 2016 :
    The 1st impressions video is available! it's in spanish, but it's a 14 min video (a bit deeper than a standard first impressions). By the end of this week I will be publishing the full review of the OnePlus 3!