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    Espmodro , Jun 18, 2016 :
    Hi All! My name is David Modroño, and I'm the creator of Time4Review platform, a spanish YouTube and Website focused on different tech. device gadgets. I'm one of the 30 chosen people that will bring you our personal point of view of the new brand OnePlus 3. Let's roll!
    Unboxing (English)
    OnePlus is one of those companies that likes to care about the details. Those details that, even if don't improve the overall product quality, help doing some kind of "branding" and
    product recognition.

    This feeling starts from the product box itself. Made from a soft material, the packing of the OnePlus 3 feels very premium. It uses the common red & white colors from OnePlus.

    The first thing that we see when opening the box is the smartphone itself (and it should be always this way). It is hold on a plastic frame that is not very common (usually all the box is made of paperboard. This increases the feeling of unboxing something very special. I always
    love to open a new gadget for the first time, and as I said before, this details help increasing
    the "hype".

    Below the OnePlus 3 itself, you will find a letter from Carl Pei, the Co-founder of OnePlus.
    You know, he thanks you for choosing OnePlus and encourages you to spread OnePlus
    brand all over the world :). Not bad, it feels like if he was directly writting to you. It's a detail
    that works for "small" companies like this. I like it.

    This is what you will find in a quick unboxing:
    • The OnePlus 3
    • The Dash charger
    • A Dash charge compatible - non invertible (like the plain cable from OP2) USB cable
    • The cool letter
    I miss here that OnePlus did not include more accesories into the retail box. Maybe asking for a cover is too much, but I think that for a High-End product, having a pair of headphones nowadays should be a must have. However, I understand that this product is quite cheaper than other flagship smartphones, and that comes into a price.

    Good to see that they decided to include the Dash charger and not a normal charger.

    If we do a full unboxing, there are some extra items inside:
    • OnePlus stickers (¡like them!)
    • SIM opener tool
    • Some documents (Quick Start Guide, etc...)
    Overall, unpacking this OnePlus 3 has been a great experience (It's a long time that I did not
    enjoy this so much) and shows that OnePlus cares about the details.

    Now, let's pick this BIG-little monster and start playing!

    Unboxing (Spanish)
    For those who are spanish like me (and for those who aren't too!), I've also recorded a quick unboxing video:

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