[OP3T Q&A] Noob Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!!

  1. ArxXx
    Froyo Mar 2, 2017

    ArxXx , Mar 2, 2017 :
    i had the same question but one thing for sure, check the camera mp...if it says 15.9 or 16.1 then is 3t since 3 has 8mp

  2. G_Abhishek_Jain_GIGc
    Froyo Mar 2, 2017

  3. G_Vincent_Augé_oTcT
    Cupcake Mar 2, 2017

  4. ShubhamDey
    Eclair Mar 2, 2017

    ShubhamDey , Mar 2, 2017 :
    Hey guys, i'm new here. Just one quick question which one is the best camera app for Oneplus 3T running the lastest OxygenOS Nougat build

  5. Master_TC
    Jelly Bean Mar 2, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 2, 2017 :
    The stock app and open camera.

  6. Visarg
    Donut Mar 2, 2017

    Visarg , Mar 2, 2017 :
    Guys, Just wanted to know if there is a way to add skip songs option using volume button on non rooted stock rom.
    Also I cant add a music player widget on lock screen.

  7. ShubhamDey
    Eclair Mar 2, 2017

  8. 545414
    Donut Mar 2, 2017

    545414 , Mar 2, 2017 :
    my phn is earthing while charging may I know why it's happening

  9. MoonFooy
    Cupcake Mar 3, 2017

    MoonFooy , Mar 3, 2017 :
    Hello, Newby here
    I was just told about this phone a few days ago when i was asking a different forum about what new phone I should get. I currently have the Samsung Note Edge and it has disappointed me beyond belief... My phone would constantly restart (at least 2-4 times/hour at constant use) the battery life was none existent (would maybe last 3-4 hours in and out of safe mode with minimal use) and constant lag (also in safe mode). I've tried all the quick fix solutions and none of them worked. Needless to say I need a new phone.

    I've done some research on this phone and the specs look fantastic for the price (I'm looking into the Oneplus 3t btw). I know all phones have there issues and I want to be sure i'm not going to be dragged into another waste of money phone, so i have a few questions...

    Question One- I could not find this phone in any Canadian Stores inc. Best buy, Future shop, and all phone providers. Can I only buy this phone off the site and is the shipment well packaged to keep it safe?
    Question Two- Are there any recurring problems with this phone such as constant restarting or horrible battery life?
    Question Three- If i were to purchase the phone through the site and get the 18 or 24 month warranty where i can replace the phone due to physical and software issues, is there a cap on how many replacements that I could get during that period and can i renew the warranty after the time?
    Question Four- Is the sim card accessible for me to put in my current sim card? and what size sim fits in this device?
    Question Five- I love how android interface works on my current phone and I would like to know a little more about the oxygenOS interface that this phone is using and is the a way to disable it? Can I still access developer options in the settings?
    I hope i came across clear enough for my questions to be answered and i would like to thank in advance anyone that gives an answer. Any other comments on this phone are greatly appreciated.

  10. SzG324
    Froyo Mar 3, 2017

    SzG324 , Mar 3, 2017 :
    Funny question. Disable them the same way as you put them in.

    BTW, is that a new type?

  11. abrarkhan
    Gingerbread Mar 3, 2017

    abrarkhan , Mar 3, 2017 :
    lol, I found it later...

  12. Anckur
    Cupcake Mar 3, 2017

  13. Master_TC
    Jelly Bean Mar 3, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 3, 2017 :
    Install a 3rd party app.

  14. G_srikar_dabbiru_FblO
    Cupcake Mar 3, 2017

    G_srikar_dabbiru_FblO , Mar 3, 2017 :
    my playstore isn't downloading or using the apps..
    please help..
    cleared cache and data of playstore..
    rebooted couple of times..
    still the problem persists..

  15. Master_TC
    Jelly Bean Mar 3, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 3, 2017 :
    Deactivate data roaming and use wifi. It´s a known issue of Google!

  16. G_srikar_dabbiru_FblO
    Cupcake Mar 3, 2017

    G_srikar_dabbiru_FblO , Mar 3, 2017 :
    I can't use Wi-Fi..
    I can only use Jio and that too with roaming..
    there is no other option to solve this problem??

  17. Master_TC
    Jelly Bean Mar 3, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 3, 2017 :
    Definitly no.

  18. G_Moon_Walker_uCYS
    Donut Mar 3, 2017

  19. Navneet Bhargava
    Honeycomb Mar 3, 2017

  20. zapmanplus
    Cupcake Mar 4, 2017

    zapmanplus , Mar 4, 2017 :
    Is there any way to add a work place or other information to the incomeing caller ID?