[OP3T Q&A] Noob Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!!

  1. G_Rich_Monroe_NYWw
    Cupcake Mar 8, 2017

  2. heavy_arms1
    Cupcake Mar 9, 2017

    heavy_arms1 , Mar 9, 2017 :
    My question is why does oneplus have such a massive update bug that they cannot service my BRAND NEW device in a timely manner? Over 600 other "emergency repair request" today? Why does the customer service give me the run around when I ask for the simple information about returns? Why does the forum block me from making a post about my issue?

  3. vladkost
    Eclair Mar 9, 2017

    vladkost , Mar 9, 2017 :
    I'm sorry if this question was already posted, but I couldn't find it. I recorded a 4K video with my phone and when I attempt to transfer it to my PC, it moves over as an audio file. How can I transfer the mp4 to my pc without that change?

    I already did the recommended upgrade I was notified when I turned my phone on, I downloaded the driver, and I switched USB mode from charging into full file transfer. Thank you!

  4. Tinyhunt
    Eclair Mar 9, 2017

    Tinyhunt , Mar 9, 2017 :
    Hi there, I just purchased the phone today. What would the first thing you guys suggest I do when I recieve it? Any fun easter eggs, or thing I should check for?

  5. kuranza
    Cupcake Mar 10, 2017

    kuranza , Mar 10, 2017 :
    Hi I'm a new owner of a 3T and sometimes my phone will randomly freeze then shut off by itself, when it shuts off, you can still see a few lines of graphics for a couple seconds before turning fully dark unlike how it is when you just turn screen off by pressing the power button, any possible fixes?

  6. Tinyhunt
    Eclair Mar 10, 2017

    Tinyhunt , Mar 10, 2017 :
    So DHL is returning the item to one plus. And I don't know if they will reship to me :(

  7. GamingPolarbear
    Cupcake Mar 11, 2017

    GamingPolarbear , Mar 11, 2017 :
    So I'm hoping buy this phone over the summer however I heard things such as the phone not working with certain providers, I am in the US and am on Boost Mobile would the OnePlus 3T work?

  8. G_sathiya_J_QzXe
    Cupcake Mar 11, 2017

  9. wenna
    Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 11, 2017

    wenna , Mar 11, 2017 :
    Could you give some more information... like what os version? What messages app? what browser? etc

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  10. G_sathiya_J_QzXe
    Cupcake Mar 11, 2017

    G_sathiya_J_QzXe , Mar 11, 2017 :
    Android Messages, Google Chrome, WhatsApp.
    All latest version.
    OS: Oxygen 4.03 official, no root.

  11. Hifikepunye
    Cupcake Mar 11, 2017

    Hifikepunye , Mar 11, 2017 :
    Hi I just flashed a custom ROM and rooted my device. Now during startup I get a screen prompting me to do a "fastboot oem lock" to not see the screen anymore. When I was about to do it, there was a warning that proceeding to do that might void warranty. I'm worried that it would brick my device. My aim is to keep device rooted, is it a bad idea to relock bootloader without the stock ROM? Thanks!

  12. will3277
    Froyo Mar 12, 2017

    will3277 , Mar 12, 2017 :

    I bought a 3t from Swappa a week ago but it ended up being the Chinese version A3010. Luckily, I was able to return it and get a full refund. I placed an order online last night at the OnePlus store for the 128 GB 3t. How do I know if its the US version? Will I automatically get the US A3000 because I ordered it in the US?

  13. F_Lohith_Mallikarjuna_Wz
    Cupcake Mar 12, 2017

    F_Lohith_Mallikarjuna_Wz , Mar 12, 2017 :
    I'm using oneplus 3t from last week.. When I going to use YouTube it will show.. There was problem while playing this video... What to do.. Pls help anybody and Facebook video also not playing I clearly Cache also but no use... Pls help

  14. Master_TC
    Jelly Bean Mar 13, 2017

    Master_TC , Mar 13, 2017 :
    Yes, you will get the right one for your country.

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  15. Harsimransingh26
    Gingerbread Mar 13, 2017

  16. elanglois
    Lollipop Mar 13, 2017

    elanglois , Mar 13, 2017 :
    backup all your apps, clean flash, install new OS from OnePlus, restore apps. Do not restore Xposed

  17. elanglois
    Lollipop Mar 13, 2017

    elanglois , Mar 13, 2017 :
    With an app like any other phone. Try Google Photos

  18. elanglois
    Lollipop Mar 13, 2017

    elanglois , Mar 13, 2017 :
    it's not your phone. it's a network problem

  19. elanglois
    Lollipop Mar 13, 2017

    elanglois , Mar 13, 2017 :

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  20. rp2pilot
    Gingerbread Mar 13, 2017

    rp2pilot , Mar 13, 2017 :
    That's been a known issue that hasn't been fully resolved. The connection manager automatically shuts down the hotspot after 5 minutes if there aren't any devices "attached", but when WPA2 is turned on the connection manager seldom recognizes that devices are attached. What has worked for me is to initially configure the hotspot as open, connect my device to the hotspot, turn off hotspot, reconfigure with WPA2, then reconnect device (laptop) to the hotspot.