Other OP5 root, OTA 068 (Android 10) = SIM not recognized, IMEI not recognized (Carrier ILIAD)

  1. sm12563
    Eclair Aug 8, 2020

    sm12563 , Aug 8, 2020 :
    Hello. OTA 068 installation is unsuccessful for me. Here what happened.

    I received OTA 068 (Android 10) in mid July 2020.
    While on OTA 054 (Android 9), via TWRP I installed OTA 068 and Magisk (std installation procedure, with all usual wipes).

    THE BIG ISSUE = SIM in SLOT1 not recognized (Carrier = ILIAD...IMEI not recognized) (WiFi work).
    No way to let phone recognise SIM, even switching off and on in Airplane Mode as some suggested.
    Tried 2 times the cycle "back to OTA 054 via TWRP, then upgrade to OTA 068 via TWRP".
    When back to OTA 054 I faced each time a strange issue (never had before) of WIFI NOT WORKING (not recongising and accessing any Network).
    When in OTA 068 I faced each time the issue evidenced in origin (SIM not recognised. No Carrier recognises. No voice, no data).

    So I decided for a Factory reset while on OTA 054 (no longer WIFI issue, no other issues at all, if I exclude data and configuration losses)
    With clean OP5 in OTA 054 I progressed TWRP installation of OTA 068 . BIG ISSUE PERSIST (SIM not recognised. No Carrier recognises. No voice, no data.).

    Returned to a Factory Reset and successful lean TWRP installation of OTA 054. Reconfigured all phone.

    CONCLUSION = Rejected OP5 OTA 068. Returned to OTA 054.


  2. Chinmay27
    Froyo Aug 8, 2020

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  3. sm12563
    Eclair Aug 25, 2020

    sm12563 , Aug 25, 2020 :
    Thanks @Chinmay27 .... I had impression to be the lone with such issue....