OP6 Camera lag...?

  1. Wuhfel
    Honeycomb May 27, 2018

    Wuhfel , May 27, 2018 :
    Hey guys,

    I got my OnePlus 6 in the mail a few days ago. I'm very very happy with it, having upgraded from the OnePlus One (still a great phone). Pretty much everything except the speaker is great. Even the camera is far better than I expected.

    However, there is some camera lag. From when I press the shutter button to when it actually takes the picture is a gap of about .3-.4 seconds. This is incredibly annoying when taking pictures of fast or timely things. I tried repeatedly to take a photo of my brother's hamster, and despite finding a great shot/moment, and clicking the shutter button perfectly, the camera waits half a second and then takes it, so I get a very blurry picture because hamsters are fidgety. Same thing happens to my cat and dog.

    Similarly timed lag occurs when sliding to zoom. there is a very obvious delay between sliding to the left and the camera appearing to zoom.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I would very much like it to be fixed. Thanks

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  2. Wuhfel
    Honeycomb May 27, 2018

    Wuhfel , May 27, 2018 :
    Also: No, this cannot be fixed by using Pro Mode to manipulate shutter speed

  3. aarjutripathi
    Honeycomb May 27, 2018

    aarjutripathi , May 27, 2018 :
    same here .Wait for OnePlus to fix it.They will never settle our device .Bugs here and there .

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  4. F_Cristian_Rus_ZarG
    Cupcake May 27, 2018

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  5. prajnay0
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 27, 2018

  6. F_Cristian_Rus_ZarG
    Cupcake May 27, 2018

  7. F_Cristian_Rus_ZarG
    Cupcake May 27, 2018

  8. LeKeiser
    Gingerbread May 28, 2018

  9. aseferian
    Froyo May 28, 2018

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  10. sppssk
    Eclair May 28, 2018

    sppssk , May 28, 2018 :
    I too faced this and one more thing is that msg will appear"cam is stopped reboot the phone '

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  11. nedomacho
    Cupcake Dec 27, 2018

    nedomacho , Dec 27, 2018 :
    Brand new 6 here. Camera lags when zooming with two fingers, something I haven't seen on any other phone. Tried another camera app, same thing. A fix would be nice...