OP6t & Project fi

  1. sbramell Gingerbread Nov 9, 2018

    sbramell, Nov 9, 2018 :
    did you install the Project Fi app & register your phone? it'll say it's not supported, but just ignore that.

  2. R1541162593014 Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

  3. CCMize Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    CCMize, Nov 9, 2018 :
    I already had the phone registered with a pixel device. When I download and open the app on the OnePlus 6t I get the attached notification.

  4. grxmetal Eclair Nov 9, 2018

    grxmetal, Nov 9, 2018 :
    now you guys got my attention. I'm dying to switch to ProjectFi but I like my OnePlus

  5. Jherrild Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    Jherrild, Nov 9, 2018 :
    Interesting! I got that same error on my Moto X, but not on my OnePlus 6t.

  6. sbramell Gingerbread Nov 10, 2018

    sbramell, Nov 10, 2018 :
    you're going to have to contact Project Fi customer service. Don't worry though they are very cool about helping with this stuff. Honestly, they aren't strict about trying to get it working on unsupported devices, they'll gladly help you the best they can. But that's something screwy with your account activation.

  7. CCMize Cupcake Nov 10, 2018

    CCMize, Nov 10, 2018 :
    I talked to project fi already, they just let me know it wasn't a supported device, and they could not confirm how it would work.

  8. Nintron Donut Nov 10, 2018

    Nintron, Nov 10, 2018 :
    Pardon me for asking... why not just get service through T-Mobile directly?

  9. CCMize Cupcake Nov 10, 2018

    CCMize, Nov 10, 2018 :
    I already had the project fi Sim card from my other device. Just wanted to see if it would work as my 2nd Sim before moving the number to a new carrier. I think for most people it is simplest to just use T-Mobile or other carriers.