OP7t Display sleeps during phone call cannot wake

  1. Beeron
    Cupcake Jul 31, 2020

    Beeron , Jul 31, 2020 :
    1. Set Display->Sleep to anything for ex (1 min)
    2. Make a phone call (pretend on speaker phone) and leave the phone on the table, don't touch it
    3. Display goes to sleep after 1 minute
    4. Tap to wake, double tap to wake DOES NOT wake phone
    5. Actions that DO wake phone (pick up phone to show, press power button)
    6. In any case, once the phone call hangs up, screen wake works as expected

    Troubleshooting Tests
    1. Tested in safemode, result was the same
    2. Tested on a note10+, phone is wakeable after screen sleep (this means it should be a software issue)
    3. Tried with settings "Tap to wake" and "double tap to wake", results were the same
    4. Tested "draw O" gesture on the screen while in this state, action works! Flashlight turns on but screen remains asleep
    5. This is NOT a proximity sensor issue. I tested proximity sensor with app and while on call and it works perfectly as long as screen is not asleep. When screen is asleep, and in a phone call, the proximity sensor ALSO does not wake up the display.

    Seems like a bug to me...