[OP8] Honest Review : A journey of a Indian kid

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    samyakjain372 , Jun 17, 2020 :
    "Somewhere in mid - 2014... A kid had just completed his board examination and was excited because his parents had promised him a good phone, the kid was using a device which used to take ages to unlock and lagged whenever he tried to play any game. He only wished for one thing "A phone that does not lag and is very fast" little did he know that his wish was granted and a new device called Oneplus One was already floating in the Indian market"
    Yes, that kid was me and today I am going to hook you up with an interesting review of how I was amazed by Oneplus and in-depth review of how my requirements for a smartphone changed as I grew up and how Oneplus 8 is fulfilling those needs.
    A real review starts before we buy a phone, we never go blindly on a person's feedback and purchase a device so the question arises why Oneplus 8? I will be starting my review of what a common college student/employee of an organization / a daily hustler thinks
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    1. Rush!
    believe me, nobody wants to buy a phone that hangs or lags. In this daily struggle, nobody wants a phone which will take time to unlock/ load an app. Suppose I am in a crowded local train and I want to use an app, with fast face unlock I can unlock my phone so that I don't have to touch my sweaty finger or draw a PIN or pattern. This way I can focus on my task.

    As a student/enthusiastic human I have a habit of clicking photos for each and everything, whether it's a quick commercial on TV or a slide of presentation in the classroom. I want my phone camera to open with a gesture so that the photo is clicked and saved at the right time.
    3. Music flows in people's blood
    It's not always necessary to plug in earphones and listen to music, sometimes we feel the need to listen it loud and with a big speaker in a phone, it is very easy to do that

    Strict budget or limited pocket money, you want a phone that has a loaded feature and just ponder somewhere magically you can afford it.
    With some of these points in mind, we set to look out for a mobile phone....






    As soon as you receive the premium red box all you can think is to rip off the easy to remove plastic coating from the box, well kudos to the team it saves my time to run and find out a scissor :p

    Coming on the slow drop to unleash the beast well trust me it is a real patience tester! I love that feeling when I am inches away from looking at my new toy. As the drop completes, you see a nice-wrapped Oneplus 8 closely.
    Now inside we get some manuals and I saw something new which was a plastic recycling card, well I liked it trust me! The RED crisp box is really an eye-catcher along with the warp charger


    First impression

    You may get a lot of technical views but as soon as I held the device it had a balanced weight and perfect back attractive body. The phone was quite slim and was quite big enough to operate with one hand (6.55"). The punch hole camera is invisible in the dark screen which I loved.

    Boy Oh boy! When Pheobe shouted My Eyes! My Eyes! in Friends well she actually predicted that the Oneplus 8 display is going to be superb! Yes, the display is super crisp with a full fluid AMOLED display! to sum up I could see the tiny teeny faraway enemy clearly in PUBG! Hardcore gaming fans may understand this! The 90Hz is so smooth you can feel the difference while you switch it from 60Hz! Full marks for display! I just had a minor complaint with curved screen as it had many accidental touches!

    I am a young IT professional and love filmmaking by passion. I always have a creative side for content making, I shoot random scenes when I am bored, film out sunsets, cinematic shots, and much more. I hate carrying heavy DSLR to shoot all this and here comes OP8 to my rescue!! 48MP + 16MP + 2MP well this device is my go-to guy, as I mentioned earlier I need quick capture of the moment and with triple camera, I could capture all those! I just think the selfie camera could be improved with upcoming updates. Here are some random captures. To be honest, I couldn't shoot enough because of a pandemic and lockdown situation but still here are some of the captures:



    Faster and enough! Yes, it is fast enough, speed is their motto and Oneplus team has achieved it! With Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Chipset they are already leading the race... I just had only one week to test but I am pretty sure they won't degrade the performance as I have been in this journey since Oneplus One. The 8 GB variant does not disappoint at all and can handle multiple apps running in the background.

    Oxygen OS :

    TBH! This is the only reason why I always prefer Oneplus devices for daily use because of its OS - The OXYGEN OS. It is I can say the best so far, clean ad-free, faster, easy access. The best feature I loved was customization, I am a fan of dark mode and in this OS we could customize dark mode settings, in fact, we had customization for each and every little feature. Also, Zen mode and screen recording are included in this what can I ask for more?

    Overall Review :
    To sum up, in this budget the Oneplus 8 gave me enough satisfaction to be happy. The buttons are great, finishing is perfect. Speakers are great and what else!


    Someone said it right, "A good review is incomplete without after-sales service"
    I would like to highlight the aftersales service (India). I still remember how I was having a battery issue with my previous Oneplus device and the guy assured me saying, "I wouldn't let you leave till you are completely satisfied with your device". The after-sales is amazing, they have a dedicated service center and if you think your query was not addressed properly, they have managers who reply to your emails promptly.

    "To finish up with the story, the kid is really happy now and I think he got a phone that he always wished for and that is the NEW Oneplus 8".
    Check out our shoot for Oneplus 8 here
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