[Open] Remote of my Q1 tv is not working via OnePlus 6T

  1. sakshi_dewangan
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2020

    sakshi_dewangan , via OnePlus 6T , Sep 28, 2020 :
    The remote of my tv stopped working 6 months back. Since then I've registered multiple complaints but the issue still hasn't been resolved. Please help me or tell me how to get the invitation code for the Netflix remote.

  2. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Sep 29, 2020

    Venky61 , Sep 29, 2020 :
    Did any technician visit to check the remote? Also, what's the Customer service saying about this?

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  3. sakshi_dewangan
    Cupcake Sep 29, 2020

    sakshi_dewangan , via OnePlus 6T , Sep 29, 2020 :
    The customer service told me to book a repair in the oneplus care app. I've tried booking a repair 3 times but no technician has visited to check the remote.

  4. AyushKumarAK
    Gingerbread Oct 3, 2020

    AyushKumarAK , Oct 3, 2020 :
    Well, this is Pathetic..This could be due to the Pandemic. It's possible that they're not yet functional with full power.

    Here you can apply for the new remote - https://www.oneplus.in/product/netflix-remote