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  1. script Marshmallow Moderator Dec 3, 2018

    script, Dec 3, 2018 :

    Update 3: January till May is taken, plus August taken

    (June/ July added)

    I'm very very happy. So far I have invited the following members and friends to write one of the coming 12 opening posts of the monthly threads:

    @woSch , @TibiTibi, @maarten_lisboa , @Bouncer71 , @otto2 , @buntycubal , @NeVeR_SeTTLe , @Shivang Joshi , @cdnfarmer , @azzzulikz966 , @vittunen and @Vladka Evelyn , and the overall response is super positive. Half of the year is already taken and reserved by those who did send a pm to me. I won't reveal who answered, and which month they cover....

    All I say is that January, February, March, April and May and August are already taken.

    Great, I love that. Will update this post whenever there's new info. I'm sorry, it's a closed post, it's supposed only for info.

    Last note: I invited those members who I personally know that they're good photographers. Ofc I don't know all of you. So, if you are interested and want to contribute as well, please send a pm to me. I cannot guarantee one of the 12 posts, but the invitation to write one of the opening posts of the monthly photo threads is open to all forum members.

    More info in the December opening post.
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