[OPINION/SUGGESTION] Software Update Support

  1. SohrabHamza Gingerbread Mar 22, 2019

    SohrabHamza, Mar 22, 2019 :
    *This is just an opinion/suggestion. Please leave if you don't want opinions*

    Obligatory, not a ROM developer.

    First of all, credit where credit is due, OnePlus is a great company when in comes to software support and updates. (sometimes). But the problem is the time it takes.

    Android Pie ROMs were available for the OnePlus3 and many other phones as early as August of 2018. Even before the OnePlus 6/5 got the update. OnePlus, though it was one of the first OEMs to release the pie update, was very late compared to the custom ROM developers. Not to mention that the op3 hasn't even received the pie update yet.

    I'm just saying that if OnePlus can't provide speedy updates for older phones, them they should at least aid in the development of custom ROMs. They can release blobs, hals and whatever ROM developers require. They can also provide official support for ROMs like a flashing tool that flashes a ROM (verified ROMs) without the need of unlocking the bootloader. This can allow more people to install ROMs and also significantly prolong the lives of OnePlus phones. (Support time for ROMs is very high), thus also cutting some slack off of OnePlus for not providing updates for older phones.

    Healthy discussion if encouraged in the comments. Thank you.

    Note: English is not my first language.
    Note2: I am currently using havocos pie on my OnePlus3.
    Note3: Mods can move this thread to a more appropriate category if required.

    Thank you, have a nice day.

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