OPO, Nexus and other that are bullying Apple

  1. Cdefilippo
    Donut Sep 15, 2014

    Cdefilippo , Sep 15, 2014 :

    Its sad...

  2. czar4you
    Jelly Bean Sep 15, 2014

    czar4you , Sep 15, 2014 :
    I have to disagree. Back in the days it was Blackberry that made ppl feel good about them selves, eventhow a person using their phone was not a business person. Apple is doing something similar which does make person feel good about them selves.

    Let me make it simple, Do you think, you fight better knowing that you have an "sesame bean" laying around? (im talking about dbz) I think ppl are the same. They know that they have to push their limits at work in order to keep getting something that is hard to get.

  3. sjraman79
    Jelly Bean Sep 15, 2014

    sjraman79 , Sep 15, 2014 :

    what ever ads comes what ever we know its already there in android already.... still...4 million in 24hrs...Only Apple can make it....


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  4. bigfella35uk
    Gingerbread Sep 15, 2014

    bigfella35uk , Sep 15, 2014 :
    lol, Soemone didn't do their homework. Yes after you unclip the front and then take apart the top section you may be able to get to the battery. Still one hell of a phone

  5. rohil69
    Gingerbread Sep 15, 2014

  6. kuzcos
    Donut Sep 16, 2014

    kuzcos , Sep 16, 2014 :
    Only reason I want to switch from ios to Android is BitTorrent. Apple don't like movies being downloaded on the go and being watched for free. -.-

    Putlocker kind of works but not as well as downloading and watching it rather than waiting for it to buffer then stream again.

  7. mydroid
    KitKat Sep 16, 2014

    mydroid , Sep 16, 2014 :
    seriously a windows phone is more optimized than ios it only needs 512mb to run and its smooth plus fast. if i wanted a locked down phone OS i prefer windows phone over ios.

  8. davehg
    Honeycomb Sep 16, 2014

    davehg , Sep 16, 2014 :
    Windows phone? My sympathies. Too little market share so developers tend to ignore it. :(

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  9. ijcy
    Honeycomb Sep 16, 2014

    ijcy , Sep 16, 2014 :

    I can buy all my neighbors a new iPhone and wouldn't touch it, no one is going to lock me up in such a way.

    source of higher benchmarks on iPhone please.

    Had an iPhone 3GS and later the 4S, they can not compete i am sorry! moved to Android and never looked back.

  10. lestergoh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 16, 2014

    lestergoh , Sep 16, 2014 :
    I totally agree. The service support for Apple is second to none. Sent my daughter iPhone 5 in for an iffy button and got a phone immediately. Over the weekend, wanted to send my Sony Z1 for service as it keeps dropping signal and was told to leave the phone with them for 7 days. I mean, does android user all have to have a spare phone so we can can get some service support?

    In this respect, Apple has got it spot on.

  11. Franjo
    Jelly Bean Sep 16, 2014

  12. cybercritter
    Eclair Sep 16, 2014

    cybercritter , Sep 16, 2014 :
    Nope, but there are so many 3rd party apps on android that do the I message thing... Off the top of my head, what's app, and go SMS.....

  13. a_fadhil2003
    Froyo Sep 16, 2014

    a_fadhil2003 , Sep 16, 2014 :
    I thought OPO dont have removable battery, but their battery is way better than apple

  14. davehg
    Honeycomb Sep 16, 2014

    davehg , Sep 16, 2014 :
    OPO does not have a swappable battery, but you can get to it for replacement FAR easier than on an iPhone. The phone from OnePlus's "cousin-company" Oppo, the Find-7 has a swappable battery, AND a charger that will get the battery 75% full in 20 minutes. Of course you are paying $150 more for it, but if you really dont want to settle there is a price to pay! ;)

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  15. Big Ben
    Jelly Bean Sep 16, 2014

    Big Ben , Sep 16, 2014 :

  16. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Sep 16, 2014

    gaster , Sep 16, 2014 :
    One 3GB of RAM and quad core cpu at 2.5GHz. Put it also please. It's the nice part ;)

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  17. milkdude
    KitKat Sep 16, 2014

    milkdude , Sep 16, 2014 :
    Agree with your statement, however your avatar makes me want to give up snackingo_O

  18. eldarikus
    Gingerbread Sep 17, 2014

    eldarikus , Sep 17, 2014 :
    No no no.... Please not the snacking.... You can't give up now, after all you've been through together..... lol

  19. southaven1981
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 17, 2014

  20. vantt1
    Jelly Bean Sep 18, 2014

    vantt1 , Sep 18, 2014 :
    Apple is very good at playing the game of numbers.

    What is the proportion of people who care about a high density Full HD display, 3 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz quad core Snapdragon 801 and a 13 MP camera, vs. people who want a phone that has a display that "looks pretty high definition", "does things quickly (or x times faster than the previous generation)" and takes "high quality" pictures?

    Notice how Apple never openly advertises quoted specs like every other manufacturer does, because they know it's an inaccurate comparison method for their market segment.

    While everyone else is getting more Gigahertz, more RAM and more megapixels, Apple focuses more on improving the user experience itself, by thinking "how can utilise such and such hardware more efficiently?" as opposed to "we need more of this and more of that".

    Of course, making better use of seemingly inferior hardware also helps increase revenue and whatnot, so I'd say Apple is easily the most profitable of the bunch.