ROM [OPO] OxygenOS 2.1.4 - TWRP version

  1. balaji.ananth
    Froyo Feb 10, 2016

    balaji.ananth , Feb 10, 2016 :
    Thanks a lot, my friend. The installation through TWRP was smooth without any hassles. I would probably not have taken the trouble of installing Oxygen but for this hack.. Data loss was a dampener but it was probably a blessing in disguise given all the dirty flashes that Id did in the past.

    My primary objective of trying out Oxygen is to see if it offers better mobile signal reception and call quality. It was horrible with CM 12.1 with call drops and the perennial problem with callers not being able to hear me properly.

    I have only been trying Oxygen 2.1.4 for a day now and it feels bare bones and took a bit of getting used to, especially with huge icons and no DPI reduction (tried third party apps but did not notice any change in DPI).

    However, I could feel a perceptible change in call quality / signal strength which is a huge plus for me.

    I did notice a bit of delayed charging but not much.

    I am still checking out the battery life and it doesn't seem too bad at this point.

    I am planning on using this for a week or so and then take a decision on keeping or reverting back to CM.

    Thanks once again for making this happen through your invaluable contribution !!

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  2. lusipt
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 10, 2016

  3. ihuman007
    Cupcake Feb 15, 2016

  4. siva-kumar
    Gingerbread Feb 16, 2016

    siva-kumar , Feb 16, 2016 :
    For people not liking big icons, you can install another icon pack and try. I am using Belle UI and like it so far. The weather in shelf isn't updating though.

  5. Pekeltje
    Gingerbread Feb 16, 2016

  6. Mijo Bažoka
    Honeycomb Feb 16, 2016

  7. Xyain
    Eclair Feb 22, 2016

  8. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat Feb 27, 2016

  9. jjrojoc
    Froyo Feb 27, 2016

    jjrojoc , Feb 27, 2016 :
    You can install boeffla kernel, i have oxygen and hydrogen in multirom with this kernel

  10. Aletheia_
    Gingerbread Feb 27, 2016

    Aletheia_ , Feb 27, 2016 :
    Install Boeffla kernel on the primary ROM?

    Asking cause I remember trying to install this OxygenOS (the day this thread was made) with AK Kernel on my primary ROM (CM12.1 Nightly), but then it gave me a black screen with loads of text saying that it failed to install and such.

  11. jjrojoc
    Froyo Feb 27, 2016

    jjrojoc , Feb 27, 2016 :
    Right now i have RR 12.1 with ak311 primary, secondary ubuntu touch, third oxygen os and should install boeffla kernel in this rom with twrp (off topic, for me no work very well, load battery slow, phone warm).

    Edit: hydrogen os also work with boeffla kernel.
    You can install in twrp --» multirom --» select oxygen os rom --» install zip --» select boeffla kernel. Now it should boot. Same for hydrogen.
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  12. Heitor
    Donut Mar 6, 2016

  13. Kunalkishore
    Eclair Mar 11, 2016

    Kunalkishore , Mar 11, 2016 :
    Thanks for the installation files. Was able to successfully flash from twrp
    Everything looks fine. But call quality detoriated. The person at other end complains, not able to hear my voice clearly.
    Previously was on cm13 custom rom from sultan. Please advise.

  14. daniga74
    Jelly Bean Mar 11, 2016

    daniga74 , Mar 11, 2016 :
    Try to disable google now.

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  15. Kunalkishore
    Eclair Mar 12, 2016

    Kunalkishore , Mar 12, 2016 :
    Looks like disabling Google Now helped. Thanks for the advice.

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  16. Psk.it
    KitKat Mar 14, 2016

    Psk.it , Mar 14, 2016 :
    I am really afraid, on this rom there is the latest firmware + moden made from OnePlus for the One (I thing nothing can be better), in any case you can try flashing the firmware taken from H2OS (Firmware_Modem_ONELH2OS_12_OTA_016_all_201603041137.zip or
    Firmware_Modem_ONELH2OS_12_OTA_015_all_201512301306.zip) or the previous CM12.1 one (Firmware_Modem_CM12-CM13_20150515.zip)... but at your risk, I don't know if and how it will work on this rom

    in case of problems, you can always restore the own firmware (Firmware_Modem_OnePlus_Bacon_OxygenOS_201601190107.zip)
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  17. Psk.it
    KitKat Mar 14, 2016

    Psk.it , Mar 14, 2016 :
    no, I am afraid, but I am not a dev for android...
    for Oxy v2.2 you can check the progress made from @PMehra (here)
    or wait for the official update by @Mike...
    I'll try to update it again if it will come with no TWRP suppport... but I can't grant success on changes... in any case - as usual for me - I'll publish the update only in case of success... for the moment, just wait

  18. Azezo89
    Gingerbread Mar 16, 2016

    Azezo89 , Mar 16, 2016 :
    I successfully flashed Oxygen OS 2.1.4 twrp version using twrp No problem

  19. aleric
    Eclair Mar 16, 2016

    aleric , Mar 16, 2016 :
    To flash 3.0 twrp recovery download it from official site then go to recovery and install image and flash the .img file u have downloaded...I suggest to install latest unofficial twrp by XDA member kumajaya cause it is faster...

    How about OTA support and OOS twrp version? How we can update on the future? Thanks!

  20. Psk.it
    KitKat Mar 16, 2016

    Psk.it , Mar 16, 2016 :
    this rom is stock "as it was build from @Mike" - any change to the code (just the installer script)
    well, when a new build will be released... if it again will not be TWRP firendly, i'll retry the fix...
    but I can't grant to publish it since it will be released

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