[OPO] ROM Purity 6.0.1

  1. suskisunami
    Gingerbread May 12, 2016

    suskisunami , May 12, 2016 :
    eu voltei á build do dia 01.05 que a do dia 08 a bateria está muito má para mim , estou a ter um drain muito exagerado .. até sem mexer ..

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  2. pikota
    Marshmallow May 13, 2016

    pikota , May 13, 2016 :
    Eu estou com a última e até ver nada de problemas, vou ver como as coisas vão correr ao longo dos dias. :)

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  3. BrunoNRG
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 13, 2016

  4. pikota
    Marshmallow May 14, 2016

    pikota , May 14, 2016 :
    Bem, depois de uns dias a testar a última versão da Purity o que posso dizer é que está ao nível das restantes, bom funcionamento sem problemas e a nível de bateria é o normal. :D

  5. BrunoNRG
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 15, 2016

    BrunoNRG , May 15, 2016 :
    Nova Purity:

    Purity 14/05 OnePlus One - Bacon


    If you like Dario's work, support him! https://www.paypal.me/dariosf

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, lost data, etc. Flash at your own risk!


    Purity 14/05

    ART: Remove unique-numbered labels from arm64 assembly

    Avoid accidentally using the host's native 'as' command.
    Remove post-install verification
    Turn off excess printing during the build which makes errors harder t…
    Remove arm-specific -Wno-psabi
    Do not apply -Wl,--fix-cortex-a8 to Cortex-A9
    Revert "releasetools: [WIP] Add support for LZMA in blockimgdiff"
    releasetools: [WIP] Add support for LZMA in blockimgdiff
    Revert "Added DataUsageProvider to the build"

    DeskClock: Use accelerometer instead of orientation sensor
    DeskClock: Initialize boolean state with start button visibilty

    g3: fix proximity sensor
    g3: add audio related property overrides

    onyx: Don't set dmic-ef config for voicerec usecase

    Bootmsg: The app name is now displayed in bold text.
    Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot
    BootMessage: Show each app name being optimized during boot
    Temp: Revert "SysUI: Use VectorDrawable's for rendering battery"
    Automatic translation import
    ActivityManager: fix perf boost NPE
    QS: fix performance profile tile observer
    SystemUI : Fix multi-user for keyguard
    SystemUI: Set circle battery path as untranslatable
    Update volume slider only if ringer mode changed
    SystemUITests: fix compile error
    CMSettings : Move force_show_navbar to global
    SpamFilter : Hide option if notification cannot be filtered
    Lockscreen : Disable left edge after showing keyguard
    Keyguard: Allow swiping up when trust managed
    Acquire wakelock until dream service acknowledges dream state change
    Lockscreen : Only animate targets if launched via swipe
    Ensure camera is launched if doing screen off gesture
    Keyguard : Ensure we expand onIconClicked
    WindowManagerService : Ensure we update both size/position
    bootanimation: fix check for system bootanimation
    Revert "LLS: Fix logic in isKeyguardInteractiveAndShowing"
    pm: Don't throw if invalid package setting or classname.
    Add hotword AudioService null check
    LLS: Fix logic in isKeyguardInteractiveAndShowing
    SysUI: Use VectorDrawable's for rendering battery
    Revert "FWB: Dotted circle battery (1/3)"
    SystemUI: fix blank qs tile issues
    only use proximity checks on wakeup keys
    SystemUI: fix potential NPE with Queue
    am: Don't protect apps that atttempt to grant uri perms.
    Automatic translation import
    RF cutback feature for SAR
    batteryservice: Use Alpha channel for segmented LED power level
    CmRes: Attach themed cmsdk resources to assets
    am: Remove extraneous boostage

    SurfaceFlinger : Ensure position changes are drawn with correct buffe…

    SubscriptionController: load all subs before setting defaults
    RF cutback feature for SAR

    Automatic translation import
    Fixed crash in InCallActivity.
    Best fix for the case where ModButtonPresenter UI wasn't updating
    Mod buttons only enabled when incall
    Don't query incall plugin invite intent until its actually needed
    Fix the build
    Fix NPE on a null response from caller-info-lookup
    Fix glitches in the rendering of contact-info Provider's logo
    Revert "Fix for issue where the ModButtonUI was not properly updating…
    Fix for issue where the ModButtonUI was not properly updating after
    Automatic translation import
    Add Unknown call nudge and update to new LookupProvider APIs
    Add attribution for vector drawable
    Fixes a crash when trying to take a note in a Conference Call
    Revert all the changes plugins have made to the CallButton files.
    Move Mod plugins out of CallButtonFragment to ModButtonFragment

    updated kernel

    Defconfig update
    arm: crypto: Add optimized SHA-256/224
    crypto: arm/aes update NEON AES module to latest OpenSSL version
    ARM: 7835/2: fix modular build of xor_blocks() with NEON enabled
    ARM: crypto: add NEON accelerated XOR implementation
    Make sure we are using the correct calls for CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR
    netfilter: x_tables: Fix compilation error
    netfilter: x_tables: check for size overflow

    netfilter: x_tables: fix unconditional helper
    ipv4: Don't do expensive useless work during inetdev destroy.
    netfilter: x_tables: Fix compilation error
    netfilter: x_tables: check for size overflow
    usbnet: cleanup after bind() in probe()
    USB: cdc-acm: more sanity checking
    ALSA: timer: Fix leak in events via snd_timer_user_tinterrupt
    ALSA: timer: Fix leak in events via snd_timer_user_ccallback
    ALSA: timer: Fix leak in SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_PARAMS
    defconfig: update
    Crypto: sync with caf

    Use correct icon for sim card
    Settings: Move vibrator value restore to onSaveInstanceState
    Settings : Filter livelockscreen, button for secondary users
    Disable cellular networks settings menu if airplane mode is enabled
    Revert "Settings: Dotted circle battery (2/3)"
    Add config to hide/show weather menu
    Automatic translation import
    Automatic translation import
    Disable battery pulsing if segmented battery LED is enabled

    Automatic translation import

    Automatic translation import
    Wifi HOTSPOT receiver to handle RF cutback
    Move new PERSO string to cm_strings

    Trebuchet: Make workspace layout configurable by prebundled mcc
    Put apps with uncomputable section names in special bucket
    Trebuchet: Index folder contents screen and cells on first load
    Automatic translation import

    Automatic translation import
    CMSettings : Move force_show_navbar to global
    PerformanceManagerService: drop requests if system is not yet ready
    Revert "Cmsdk: Dotted circle battery (3/3)"
    CMSettings: don't trample user metrics setting on upgrade
    LLS: Fix NPE when backing service dies
    Automatic translation import

    Build DataUsageProvider
    Update Ambient SDK to 1.5.8

    Fonte: https://plus.google.com/communities...5/stream/c92a1676-2cd4-4d3c-9755-4fa4af757077

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  6. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat May 15, 2016

  7. suskisunami
    Gingerbread May 15, 2016

  8. BrunoNRG
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 15, 2016

    BrunoNRG , May 15, 2016 :
    Que eu note, não. Tenho actualizado sempre mas já algum tempo que não noto diferenças de uns updates para os outros na Purity, o que não quer dizer que esteja má, antes pelo contrário.
    Last edited: May 15, 2016

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  9. pikota
    Marshmallow May 16, 2016

    pikota , May 16, 2016 :
    No último update vi que houve alterações nas definições da meteorologia e nas definições do ecrã de bloqueio, bastantes opções.
    Esta última actualização ainda não está instalada no meu.

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  10. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat May 17, 2016

  11. pikota
    Marshmallow May 17, 2016

    pikota , May 17, 2016 :
    Eu não tenho notado nada de anormal, a não ser a bateria desaparecer um pouco mais rápido. :D

  12. Jadson André
    Gingerbread May 19, 2016

    Jadson André , May 19, 2016 :
    Qual o Gapps que usa para essa ROM?

  13. pikota
    Marshmallow May 21, 2016

    pikota , May 21, 2016 :
    Opengapps. :D

  14. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat May 30, 2016

  15. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat May 31, 2016

    PCesar.Cercal , May 31, 2016 :
    Não volto a colocar a purity. O meu OPO ferve com esta ROM. Já tive o mesmo problema à algum tempo e hoje até fritava ovos. Bastou um pouco de net e já queimava no ecrã....

  16. scp41
    KitKat May 31, 2016

  17. PCesar.Cercal
    KitKat May 31, 2016

  18. pikota
    Marshmallow Jun 1, 2016

    pikota , Jun 1, 2016 :
    Mais uma vez pergunto porque motivo dizes isso sem testar esta ou outras ROM's.
    A TugaPower está boa, disso não há dúvidas, mas pelos testes que realizei com outras ROM's em vários dias, a do @jgcaap está um pouco melhor no que toca a autonomia e performance.
    Dizer que não se gosta sem experimentar é que não é correcto.

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  19. taunus
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 2, 2016

    taunus , Jun 2, 2016 :
    Eu estou com a Purity de 1 de maio e nunca mais quis outra coisa.

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  20. pikota
    Marshmallow Jun 2, 2016

    pikota , Jun 2, 2016 :
    A grande maioria das ROM's 6.0.X para o OnePlus One estão muito estáveis e todas elas muito semelhantes.
    Eu passei da Purity para a do Jgcaap e agora vou até à TugaPower. :D

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