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Heads-up notifications

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  1. maikvitesse Donut Dec 29, 2017

    maikvitesse, Dec 29, 2017 :
    So I don't know if this feature is requested more but I know that there are many more users who hate the heads-up notifications.

    It would be so great when we have an option in oxygen os that we can disable this annoying feature.

    In LineageOS there is an option to disable this and you get the beautiful ticker back. This is the only feature I miss in oxygen os.

    The heads-up messages is the worst thing that happened to android and Google doesn't seem to understand that.

    it's just so annoying and ruins the whole Android experience for me. it comes in front of buttons, it comes in front of movies or videos. it comes when playing a game. I can't believe that Google doesn't see this!

    Please OnePlus, keep the never settle slogan high and add a feature to disable this annoying thing.

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  2. derrishdev Eclair Jan 1, 2018