[Submitted] Option to disable screenshot using volume down and power button

  1. Jordi.Monfar
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2019

    Jordi.Monfar , Jul 26, 2019 :

    At least when the gesture (3 finger swipe) is active, button combination should be deactivated.

    Or even better, let us choose to activate or deactivate each: one, the other, both, or none. This should fit everybody and is almost as easy to implement.

    Also note this affects most models (at least from 3 onwards) on Pie, please consider the fix for all Pie versions for all models.

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  2. jedidiah13
    Cupcake Jul 26, 2019

    jedidiah13 , Jul 26, 2019 :
    Please God let us have this... I love this phone but it's annoying to constantly accidently take screenshots

  3. furaone
    Cupcake Jul 31, 2019

    furaone , Jul 31, 2019 :
    +1 Please add this feature its really anoying when i try to unlick phone using only left hand in most times Im taking screenshot. A simple switch in options.

  4. Paragonment
    Cupcake Aug 1, 2019

  5. B1547957319794
    Cupcake Aug 4, 2019

    B1547957319794 , Aug 4, 2019 :
    Yes! On the 5T too! I take screenshots almost daily and it incredibly annoying. Please add a disable option for the sake of sanity.

  6. csasafuchi
    Cupcake Aug 9, 2019

  7. popos1
    Donut Aug 12, 2019

    popos1 , Aug 12, 2019 :
    When it will be fixed? im waiting 1 year to get this option to 5T!!!

  8. khalo
    Cupcake Aug 20, 2019

    khalo , Aug 20, 2019 :
    I'm taking screenshots when snoozing my alarm in the morning. This is making me dislike my phone generally now.

  9. tomvandenberk
    Cupcake Sep 2, 2019

  10. cmaaah
    Cupcake Sep 5, 2019

  11. Ortega90
    Cupcake Sep 5, 2019

    Ortega90 , Sep 5, 2019 :
    I take around 4-7 screenshots a day. Utterly annoying. Make a disable option or erase the function completely

  12. Denver_Sivayogan
    Cupcake Sep 7, 2019

    Denver_Sivayogan , Sep 7, 2019 :
    OnePlus, how can such a common problem be ignored? oxygen os is awesome. but this is super annoying. please have the screenshot via power button volume down DISABLED...

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  13. surdu
    Cupcake Sep 8, 2019

  14. vjameta
    Eclair Sep 20, 2019

  15. nacharlee
    Cupcake Sep 23, 2019

  16. N1545339052335
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2019

    N1545339052335 , Sep 25, 2019 :
    I've had the 6T and initially thought this was the best thing ever coming from iPhones. this is now the third support forum topic I've now witnessed ignored.

    I also have too many accidental screenshots, this on top of the stupid ambient sensor which allows for the phone to alter settings or open apps with my cheek whilst I'm on a call is a total deal breaker on sticking with the brand. all they had to do was acknowledge the users posting here, instead we are ignored. I guess this is where the budget is cut to allow for competitive pricing.

    This phones issues however trivial, are still issues and not compatible with my hot headed nature. I would rather pay extra for a better less annoying experience on another branded handset than continue to tolerate silly issues like what I've mentioned, not to mention paying extra for better customer support. As the issues I have listed span previous generations of handsets with no resolve I will now conclude with the following immortal words...

    OnePlus, you have lost a customer. I will now be changing my handset to another brand.

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  17. N1545339052335
    Cupcake Sep 25, 2019

    N1545339052335 , Sep 25, 2019 :
    well I posted my rant as a new thread, and within 5 mins it was seen by a mod and closed. seems they are choosy as to what they prioritise. my guess is you guys will have the screenshot issue for some time lol. And for the record my submission to support was submitted on a different login. A little communication goes a long way.

  18. G1566844605859
    Cupcake Oct 2, 2019

    G1566844605859 , Oct 2, 2019 :
    This is just getting worse! They can't disable vol down + power button to take screenshot without changing the phone design. They can't change the phone design either. Any new OnePlus 7 phone will have the same issue since the phones are too big.

  19. suraj1595
    Honeycomb Oct 3, 2019

    suraj1595 , Oct 3, 2019 :
    Yes please OnePlus give us an option to disable screenshots button shortcut, poor design of button placement

  20. W1570106215586
    Cupcake Oct 3, 2019