[OPX][Configuration] Superb Performance+Battery

  1. joaomscosta
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    joaomscosta , Dec 2, 2015 :
    Mine is getting hot when i play games, but i guess it is normal.

  2. joaomscosta
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    joaomscosta , Dec 2, 2015 :
    @rockuppl while i was downloading asphalt 8 (Wi-Fi) it was 48*C , when i played it was 53*C. It goes up to 50*C while i am writing this comment using mobile data. I measured it using kernel auditor. I guess this is not so normal...
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  3. suquet.paul
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    suquet.paul , Dec 2, 2015 :
    I do mean kernel settings. I'll check it out. Thank you.

  4. matsby
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    matsby , Dec 2, 2015 :
    Is this method safe? I would love to keep stock, but with every update OP is just making it worse.

  5. tye359
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 2, 2015

  6. michdeskunk
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    michdeskunk , Dec 2, 2015 :
    I have power on my X from 20hours with Wi-Fi Bluetooth and gps active, with brightness at the max value, without SIM and now is 67% of battery with the first charge... no bad I think

  7. bodyguy_
    Froyo Dec 2, 2015

    bodyguy_ , Dec 2, 2015 :
    i'd like to know this too. I'm new to rooting

  8. rockuppl
    Gingerbread Dec 2, 2015

    rockuppl , Dec 2, 2015 :
    Totally safe, if you follow precisely... :)

  9. joaomscosta
    Gingerbread Dec 3, 2015

    joaomscosta , Dec 3, 2015 :
    @rockuppl what do you think ?

  10. suquet.paul
    Gingerbread Dec 3, 2015

    suquet.paul , Dec 3, 2015 :
    Mine is rarely under 50°C while in use.

  11. OmarFPG
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 3, 2015

    OmarFPG , Dec 3, 2015 :
    Awesome job! Congrats and thank you for sharing!! If I get to try this I'll share my results and thoughts. So far I'll keep it stock and just wait for updates, but this seems very impressive and wanted to give you props for it.

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  12. okidokay
    Gingerbread Dec 3, 2015

    okidokay , Dec 3, 2015 :
    I don't know why, but your tips have made everything much worse for me. On stock kernel I had bad battery leakage, on the kernel you recommended I got horrible leakage.

    I simply cannot believe that all you guys get great standby time from this. I just lost 20% in 4 hours of doing nothing at all.

    Screenshot_2015-12-03-14-58-06.png Screenshot_2015-12-03-14-58-15.png Screenshot_2015-12-03-14-58-35.png

  13. suquet.paul
    Gingerbread Dec 3, 2015

    suquet.paul , Dec 3, 2015 :
    Well, thought I was alone. Something similar happened in my case. I wasn't having problems on stock. Now its kinda laggy and i do not see any battery improvement.

    I may just go back via nandroid backup.

    It was a fun experiment though. This is the thing with flashing custom roms or kernels. It's fun experimentation.

  14. erwann.jeanneau
    Eclair Dec 3, 2015

    erwann.jeanneau , Dec 3, 2015 :
    Did you change anything in the blu_spark kernel settings or did you just used default settings ?
    Also did you used ext4 or f2fs partition formats ?
    btw r53 is out as is TWRP- r5

  15. joaomscosta
    Gingerbread Dec 3, 2015

    joaomscosta , Dec 3, 2015 :
    Ok, good to know!

  16. suquet.paul
    Gingerbread Dec 3, 2015

    suquet.paul , Dec 3, 2015 :
    Yeah, and I don't think it's anything to worry about. If it gets too hot for the device to handle itself, it'll either throttle the processors speed automatically or, it it somehow gets too extreme, the phone will show a message on the screen saying it got too hot and will shut itself off.

    I personally have never had that last thing happen. Even after a solid hour of Asphalt playtime.

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  17. rockuppl
    Gingerbread Dec 4, 2015

    rockuppl , Dec 4, 2015 :
    Now since two new updates are out
    1)Oxygen os incremental update
    2)r53 kernel.

    Steps you guys need to follow before flashing kernel

    Note:Backup all your internel storage data before proceeding

    1. Go to Wipe>Advance Wipe>Tick System,Data,Dalvik,cache,Internal Storage
    2. Go to Wipe> format data>Type yes
    3. Install full Oxygen os dated 11/03/2015
    Incremental Oxygen os dated 11/23/2015
    Incremental Oxygen os dated 11/30/2015
    4. Reboot(no super su or kernel right now should be flashed)
    5. Again comeback to recovery
    6. Flash super su and latest kernel r53
    7. Reboot
    8. Charge your battery full and download any battery calibration app from play store. Calibrate your battery
    9. Drain battery to 5%(without charging in btw- Very imp)
    10. Charge it non stop to 100%(without taking off charger in btw)

    Kernel settings

    1) Download Kernel Adiutor from play store
    2) Go to CPU hotplug and change
    Minimum CPU online to 1
    Maximum Cores screen Off to 1
    3) In CPU >>> Multi Core Power Saving to Aggressive

    Strictly follow and You are done...
    I did exactly same and getting SOT of 5.25hrs...till battery drops to 5%

  18. rockuppl
    Gingerbread Dec 4, 2015

    rockuppl , Dec 4, 2015 :
    Dont format data on f2fs partition, it will lead to encryption unsuccessful but you can format cache on f2fs...
    Mine are both ext4.
    N settings refer to my previous post

  19. MatthUnderpants
    Gingerbread Dec 4, 2015

  20. erwann.jeanneau
    Eclair Dec 4, 2015

    erwann.jeanneau , Dec 4, 2015 :
    I have formated my data and cache partitions without any encryption errors. Just have to work out the procedure in order to install the OTAs as they will revert to ext4 format (I guess).

    Thanks for sharing this guide and your settings