Order Status OPX

  1. Myeris
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2015

  2. KSomi
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

    KSomi , Nov 11, 2015 :
    @ludoke I guess Saturday, hopefully. Expecting mine as well, in NL around the same time. Apparently, it still hasn't landed anywhere after departing from Shenzhen.

  3. ManAboutCouch
    Eclair Nov 11, 2015

    ManAboutCouch , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Mine is on the same flight. Having looked at other reports on here I'd say it will arrive into East Midlands late tonight and transfer to somewhere closer to you very early tomorrow morning. It *might* be out for delivery tomorrow.

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  4. matsby
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

    matsby , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Mine is in the same plane probably, hopefully tomorrow it will arrive :D

  5. d-a-n
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 11, 2015

  6. ludoke
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

  7. ludoke
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

  8. jonmaund
    Honeycomb Nov 11, 2015

    jonmaund , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Missed delivery \o/
    Rescheduled for tomorrow... Will have to pull a sick day

  9. peppinfernando
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2015

    peppinfernando , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Hey Matthius, Can you share the trick to me as well please? Mine is showing processing as well

  10. TaCe87
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2015

    TaCe87 , Nov 11, 2015 :
    The same mine. Perhaps aircraft is shot down...

  11. pitface
    Eclair Nov 11, 2015

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  12. Inglorious-Nuke
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

    Inglorious-Nuke , Nov 11, 2015 :
    owh god prob it will :/ they are not working today so they will not be processing the shipment from china today ( if direct fligth from china to brussels)

    else it will arive today in uk and will be shipped overnigth to brussels and we will get it tommorow :)

    Froyo Nov 11, 2015

    MSTSCAX , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Anyone else's phone departed Shenzhen on the 11/11/2015 at 15:50 local time?
    I'm trying to find the flight number but all I can find is flights from Hong Kong to Leipzig and from Leipzig to East Midlands. Looking under AeroLogic on Flightradar24

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  14. herminator3000
    Donut Nov 11, 2015

    herminator3000 , Nov 11, 2015 :
    My status changed to "Processing" yesterday eve. Should I get a mail with the tracking number, or is "Processing" just before being shipped?

  15. AndreRibeiroPT
    Froyo Nov 11, 2015

    AndreRibeiroPT , Nov 11, 2015 :
    since I'm not at home (Coimbra) , I contacted local DHL near Mealhada, to be delivered there instead of home. After lunch I'm going to pick it up. It's a coincidence to be working today near this DHL warehouse :) That battery review is great... It was one of the problems I was hoping to solve with this new phone, since mine only lasts half a day!!!! Enjoy yours... I will certainly do the same with mine beginning right after lunch!!!!!

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  16. markussen
    Donut Nov 11, 2015

  17. destz0r
    Gingerbread Nov 11, 2015

  18. Dark795
    Cupcake Nov 11, 2015

    Dark795 , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Ordered mine on Monday with express, still says pending shipment. I live in UK. Should i be worried?

  19. JotaMeS
    Froyo Nov 11, 2015

    JotaMeS , Nov 11, 2015 :
    Arrived today! Unforntunately I am not at home all day, so I'll get it tomorrow. Can't wait!!

    Ordered on 5th, that makes 5 business days in total. Nice!

  20. migman
    Honeycomb Nov 11, 2015

    migman , Nov 11, 2015 :
    That is correct the goods are loaded fromShenzen then trucked to HKG to get a flight from HKG-LEJ in the early hours landing in LEJ 16:00cet onwards.

    They the get a late afternoon/evening flight from LEJ-EMA , this is 9/10 a BCS flight code but also can be a AeroLogic flight.