Ordering to Canada

  1. GPopovich
    Donut Mar 15, 2015

    GPopovich , Mar 15, 2015 :
    Let's hope they let you use an invite that cannot be used due to the little issue of having no shipping options when they find shipping options.

  2. ShakPlus3
    Donut Mar 16, 2015

    ShakPlus3 , Mar 16, 2015 :
    They didn't suspend shipping or cancel it.
    Courier is based on contracts with companies. Chances are the contract ended (which they decided not to renew) while looking for alternatives (which they haven't found yet)...

    This is observation only. So unlike consumers, they can't switch couriers the moment they think about doing so. It doesn't work like that.

    Just an Fyi. x__x"

    I want this phone before Galaxy S6 / Edge is everywhere for sale >__<

  3. Captain Oblivious
    Eclair Mar 16, 2015

  4. kapernando
    Eclair Mar 16, 2015

    kapernando , Mar 16, 2015 :
    I honestly don't get why people are complaining about DHL shipping. My guess is that they see the $299 price tag of the OPO and forget that it's US DOLLARS! That's $380 Canadian. You have to pay HST on that, weather you buy it in store or you have it shipped from the US, which is another $50 CAD. The only difference is the shipping and brokerage fees.
    Unless OnePlus opens a store near you, you'd still have to have it shipped, so really, the only additional cost is the brokerage fees of 2.5% or $9.50 CAD. So yes, the $299 USD phone ended up being $440 CAD, of which only $10 is extra.

    USPS costs more than DHL including brokerage fees, so that's not any better. Unless they find a shipping method that's nearly free and has no brokerage fees, I really don't see how they can make this any cheaper.

  5. denya126
    Donut Mar 17, 2015

    denya126 , Mar 17, 2015 :
    When will shipping to Canada be available?

  6. Gamm86
    Jelly Bean Mar 17, 2015

    Gamm86 , Mar 17, 2015 :
    No date has been set. Soon... When exactly...? Noone knows.

  7. Driver0204
    Cupcake Mar 17, 2015

    Driver0204 , Mar 17, 2015 :
    Every Tuesday, you can order without an invite. Except to Canada. For now. I hope. HELP!!!!

  8. raaomoka
    Honeycomb Mar 18, 2015

    raaomoka , Mar 18, 2015 :
    What's taking so long with this? Simply provide the option of USPS, NOT UPS. With USPS (it's like the Canada Post of the US), shipping may take longer (depending on which method you use, standard or express), but at least you get no nonsense fees upon delivery, and shipping would probably be cheaper.

    UPS is as garbage as DHL, both charging stupidly outrageous fees to fill those bottomless douche pockets, and telling lies to justify them. I once got a $60 package with UPS, went to pick it at their office, and they were demanding $50 for import nonsense. I fought their nonsense claims and was finally told that I could go to some customs close to the airport and handle the customs my self, and bring a receipt. Guess how much the actual customs fee was, not $25, not $10, just $2!

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  9. kapernando
    Eclair Mar 19, 2015

    kapernando , Mar 19, 2015 :
    UPS does charge outrageous brokerage fees but when I had my OPO shipped through DHL their brokerage fees were only $9.50. Depending on what you had shipped the import tax may have been different. For cell phones it's HST so 13%. Whether you ship through USPS or UPS or DHL they should all charge HST on the OPO. If they don't it's a mistake so consider yourself lucky. Finally, check out USPS's shipping rates. For a 1lbs box standard 3 - 5 business days shipping it's $40 USD so it's not cheaper than DHL even if you include DHL's brokerage fees.

  10. raaomoka
    Honeycomb Mar 19, 2015

    raaomoka , Mar 19, 2015 :
    Huh? You paid only $9.50 on delivery? Where in Canada do you live? I live in Alberta, no HST, just GST, I paid $20.20. Regardless, I've received $900 packages from the US to Canada via USPS, not once did I pay an import fee, that's the advantage of USPS and Canada Post, they are government owned.

  11. kapernando
    Eclair Mar 19, 2015

    kapernando , Mar 19, 2015 :
    I'm in Ontario and I didn't say I paid only $9.50 on delivery. I paid $54.89, which is $45.39 HST + $9.50 brokerage fees.

    The fact that you never pay HST/GST when you ship using USPS/Canada Post is indeed a proof of government employees not doing their job. According to the government website, all goods imported, except for gifts, are subject to GST/HST.

    We're talking about legitimate shipping methods here and which one is cheaper. If you claim that your OPO is a gift or it's worth $1 or hope that the import officer doesn't do his/her job to charge you GST/HST, then you're at the mercy of chance.

  12. kapernando
    Eclair Mar 19, 2015

    kapernando , Mar 19, 2015 :
    Oh, and $20.20 makes sense for Alberta assuming you got the $299 OPO. You paid $14.95 GST + $7.45 brokerage fees. A bit more than $20.20 but it depends on the exchange rate on the day you got your OPO.

  13. northernman
    Cupcake Mar 19, 2015

    northernman , Mar 19, 2015 :
    Thanks Jacob. Is there a way I can "save" my invite till the time shipping to Canada is available again? I have only 24 hours to go.

  14. kapernando
    Eclair Mar 19, 2015

    kapernando , Mar 19, 2015 :
    You can just add it to your shopping cart and leave it there. I did that about a month ago and it's still in the cart.

  15. raaomoka
    Honeycomb Mar 19, 2015

    raaomoka , Mar 19, 2015 :
    I tried that on my OPO, had 5 items in my cart and after about an hour or two, my cart was empty again. Guessing your IP has to remain the same for that to work, which isn't guaranteed with mobile networks going up and down in coverage.

  16. catplus
    Cupcake Mar 20, 2015

    catplus , Mar 20, 2015 :
    Is it still not possible to order to Canada? I was planning on ordering one on tuesday

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  17. Shneef
    Donut Mar 21, 2015

    Shneef , Mar 21, 2015 :
    Has there been any updates on Canadian shipping lately?

  18. raybee150
    Cupcake Mar 24, 2015

    raybee150 , Mar 24, 2015 :
    Please fix this Canada issue! Need this phone!

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  19. deltatux
    Donut Mar 24, 2015

    deltatux , Mar 24, 2015 :
    I really don't understand why this was suspended. OnePlus is just hurting themselves by essentially pulling out of an existing market that is interested in their products just to satisfy what I understand is a vocal few.

    I've got friends trying to get the device and have moved on to competitors. Crossing the border is not a feasible alternative for many, so it's ridiculous to suggest it. It will work for some, but most don't have that option.

  20. Marlon
    Gingerbread Mar 24, 2015

    Marlon , Mar 24, 2015 :
    Hope they figure this out. I personally would pay whatever it takes to get OP's products over the border. Plus I like buying from the Manufacturer...feels good! Plus supporting the company. Please don't push me to these 3rd party vendors! @Carl and team Please help us cold canucks out. I bought one in July, super happy with it and can't wait for what's next :)