Orzly TGSP vs official screen

  1. thetonyclifton
    Froyo Jun 20, 2018

    thetonyclifton , Jun 20, 2018 :
    I just got the Orzly. It's pretty good. I have also used the official glass so this is my comparison.

    The Orzly is slightly and noticeable smaller. I don't think it cuts off any more of the screen but there is a bigger gap around the outside edge. Seems more noticeable top and bottom.

    The edge of the Orzly is sharper, not as rounded so if you used gestures and drag from too low it does feel sharper. Official is much more rounded.

    So given both of the above the official screen definitely blends into the phone more both visually and from a texture point of view. However the Orzly will go with more cases than the official case.

    The glass of the Orzly feels better, don't know why but it feels smoother and more like the phone screen.

    The Orzly was easier to install, the official was a pain but I managed it. Orzly is more forgiving and I readjusted easily and it worked out fine.

    Orzly is much much cheaper. £7 for 2 screens Vs £17 for 1.

    I am happy with both the Orzly and the official screen and would happily rock either. If you are going caseless I would say the official case is better if you dont mind paying the extra. If you are using a case I'd say just get 4 of the Orzly screens for less than the OEM.

    If you get the official TGSP be prepared for the fitting to be difficult.

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