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    Gav_W86 , Sep 16, 2019 :
    Please do not make threads asking when OS updates will be arriving.

    This is a community forum. Nobody here knows when they will be arriving for the devices. When rollouts start, they are always staged and will reach devices over a period of time.

    OS update info will appear in the relevant device sections when it is available.

    OnePlus 9 Pro/9 is rolling out now (as of 6 June)

    OnePlus 9R is rolling out now (as of 4 June)

    OnePlus 8T ( NA) is rolling out now (as of 9 June)

    OnePlus Nord is rolling out now (as of 27 May)

    OnePlus Nord N10
    10.5.13 (EU)/10.5.14 (RoW) is rolling out (as of 25 May)

    OnePlus Nord N100
    10.5.9 (EU)/10.5.7 (NA) is rolling out (as of 16 April)

    OnePlus 8/8Pro has started rolling out for the 8/8 Pro (as of 9 June)

    OnePlus 7T/7TPro for the 7T/7T Pro are rolling out now (as of 22 May).

    OnePlus 7/7Pro for 7/7Pro is rolling out now (as of 22 May).

    OnePlus 6/6T
    10.3.11 has started rolling out (as of 21 May)

    It is also worth keeping an eye on the Announcements section for bigger OS news - https://forums.oneplus.com/forums/announcements/

    All dates are subject to change.

    On behalf of the Starting Point Experts,
    Thank you.
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