Out the [Office] Door: Amanda W., persistence against the withering

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    Cheetosdust , Jul 3, 2021 :
    A world in mania is a world withering; plants in mania are part of Amanda’s return home. Temperament with roots, if she can make them blossom, that’s the antithesis of a tedious or uninteresting existence. If she can make them blossom, trying as she might, that’s the smoking gun that being “a natural pessimist” should be an affair of the rose-tinted glasses.

    The technology can also be in the details. Pause the grandeur of the quantum for a second and appreciate a curtain that moves through the modern abracadabra. Pause the anticipation and let the cleaning robot live its best life or the vacuum cleaner fulfill its existence by making Amanda’s life just a tad easier.

    “Can I share a moment filled with frustration as the highlight?” Amanda asked before demonstrating why she’s the least likely to beat her own chest. The answer is like the Head of Community herself: to discover the unexpected is the prompt search for the solution.

    What’s your first thought when you are about to leave the office?

    I live a life between home and work, and back again, without any substantial changes. The first thought should be: ‘How can I go home quickly and lie down?’ I cannot imagine how there could be any other answer.

    What makes you feel fulfilled when you are not at your working place?

    There's something in my life now that seems rather tedious or uninteresting. What is worse, I'm a natural pessimist, which means there’s nothing quite fulfilling me most of the time, although many people are not convinced.

    I've always been told I'm actually quite a lucky person, without any life pressure, and that I am supposed to be happy and confident. Anyway, after looking at the gallery on my phone for a few minutes, I noticed that the largest number of pictures are about my plants, especially the variety of hydroponic flowers. I might be a lover of hydroponic culture. :)


    The picture above is my favorite one, though I don't know its name. At first, I thought it had withered and died since the leaves fell and their branches were almost bare for one week without any care, as I was away. I had little or no hope that any amount of special care could save it, so I just refreshed the water. To my disbelief, it slowly came to life again after a few days, and, like the original, it is perfectly manicured and more surprisingly, it blossomed in one day!

    In March, my lemon tree had begun to blossom [above], and the Pieris tree which had been put into water produced new leaves [below]. It's one of the most fulfilling moments in recent years.

    What role does technology play in your free time?

    I’m not sure what kind of technology the word refers to here. My point is that if the intelligent household can be considered as technology, then I have to admit I need them as plants need water.

    No matter when or where, I can control appliances and video surveillance through software. From someone who has always hated housework, I have to say that the biggest benefit of an intelligent household, including cleaning robots, dishwashers, etc, is that it's so easy to clean.

    I would like to show my new cleaning robot, its features include automatic cleaning, vacuum cleaner, an intelligent identification system and an automatic battery. Due to its small dimensions, it is predestined for an installation in structures where space is at a premium and pressure forces have to be measured. The only trouble is that the price is a bit steep because we don't have many options yet.


    And there are more intelligent appliances that can super improve my life satisfaction: electric-driven curtains and a smart television. I think electric curtains are the first step with low budgets to make life at home more comfortable and convenient. By adding a touch of connectivity, they can be voice-controlled through a wireless intelligent home appliance system.

    Also, they can be arranged to suit your requirements, like performing a daily routine tracking the sun and then closing and opening accordingly. I am not doing an advertisement for the TV from our company here. :) I bought an OPPO TV at the beginning of this year because the OnePlus TV wasn't in China yet.


    It can be controlled by voice, support online music, audiobooks, weather queries, encyclopedia Q&A, news, and other features. To my surprise, I always feel as if I am in the cinema when I watch movies at home due to the great sound effects. There is no need to spend extra money on a home theater. That’s why I cut back on cinema tickets during recent months.

    Guide us through a nonwork moment that recently was a highlight for you?

    Can I share a moment filled with frustration as the highlight? I can hardly wait to record this story. Does anyone remember that I planted an Olive tree with a lot of leaves and branches in my new house?


    It looks nice, doesn't it? However, one day when I came home, I found that my mom had lopped all the branches and leaves from the tree. I was so angry, but then she told me that all the plants need regular trimming so that they can grow more healthy and far from the plant pests.


    Can anyone tell me whether it is a good thing to prune an olive tree? I wonder if it was true.

    While reading @Amanda W. replies I kept remembering Lombard Street in San Francisco. It’s a lesson in learning from the path ahead, no matter how twisted and turned it can appear. A few answers and you have the tale of someone forgiving in care, nurturing the greenery around her, something as rooted in the dirt as this community is on her whole self.

    As with every Staff Member who answered the call before her, a special thank you to Amanda for her time framing her life outside the OnePlus domain. To you, the person behind your username, a word of appreciation as a thank you for reading.

    Hope this thread is nothing but a fragment on your best-lived weekend. As you may know by now, this is the latest edition of the series “Out the [Office] Door”. You can search for the previous ones on the Recommended section here on the forums or click here to read the one with Chris de Boer that was published last week.

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    SRD. , via OnePlus 7T , Jul 3, 2021 :
    Hmmm finally it's the turn of the Community Head.
    so good to know about you @Amanda W. We both have one thing in common ( Atleast) ; we both love plants.
    me with my close friends have planted more than 800 trees many of them are twice the height of me now.
    @Cheetosdust you beautiful wordsmith. Give me some tips to improve my writing skills.
    thanks for another great read.
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    Mr. BG , Jul 3, 2021 :
    Nice to know a little more about what I perceived as the ever so mysterious Amanda ;)

    I am a lousy gardener or botanist, even cacti die with me. But I do like the fact that someone can get so much satisfaction out of this. And I think it's even nicer that Amanda doesn't try to portray an ideal image of herself, as we so often see on social media.

    We are not always happy, the deception of the advertisements of people with a great life, if only you buy this or that product. Stuff sometimes makes your life easier, but it never makes you happy.

    In the end, it is always about the people around you, family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. We exist by the grace of our interaction. In the end, that is what this community is all about.
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    Thanks @Cheetosdust for another interesting interview, beautiful pictures as well!
    Yes, I remembered.:)
    Did a quick search and it looks like you should leave a young olive tree alone in their first two years, so it all depends on the age of @Amanda W.'s olive tree.

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    Hello @Cheetosdust
    I really enjoyed your work. The interviews were great.
    I am sorry that the series has come to an end. Congratulations on the work. Looking forward for more in the future.
    Greetings 🤗🤗🤗
    Greetings to @Amanda W. too.

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    That was deep.

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