Out the [Office] Door: Crystal Z. and the crescendo of her sparky “two minds”

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    Cheetosdust , Jun 5, 2021 :
    Come closer and discover the two minds of @Crystal Z., learn the full state of a person who shows you that a lively existence also needs time to recharge; come closer until the grounds where the body craves rich brunches give way to the “all-encompassing” sea. A tale of “two minds” opening up as one, showing that a struggle doesn’t necessarily mean a falling sky.

    And here we go: from the serene karaoke and badminton with the almost dolce far niente feeling to the serious impact technology has on the everyday lives who function where COVID-19 left its footprint. “Being affected by COVID,” writes Crystal, “no matter where we go, we need to show our green health code”.

    The same screen that shows her photos of fried and hotchpotch dreams, puffs a code - yellow or red - as a reminder that a scar is a healing past. Buzzwords be damned, there’s no need for 120Hz when the health is speaking. Phones be damned, when the wedding is looming after six years that didn't diluted all the apprehension.

    What’s your first thought when you are about to leave the office?

    The answers vary every day. Sometimes, I think: yay, I can catch up and enjoy the latest TV shows, sometimes I feel relieved and play a round of games before leaving the office.

    But most of the time, my two minds are just fighting against each other, with one saying: what shall I have for dinner, fried rice, spicy hotchpotch or ramen? And the other is saying: don't eat anything, you're on a diet.

    And when I check my gallery, not surprisingly, most are food pictures, which explains why I failed in losing weight every time.


    What makes you feel fulfilled when you are not at your working place?

    A morning without being woken up by the alarm, that should give me ten hours of sleep, sometimes up to twelve. Then brunch with my favorite food, which won't increase my weight (never happened). Hanging out with friends in the afternoon, playing badminton for two hours, then a rich dinner with more communication with friends, karaoke or bar after the meal.

    That was my last weekend, I didn't take any pictures as I fully enjoyed the day even without my mobile phone.

    And I enjoy the sea scenery a lot. Whenever I feel down or fretful, I go to the beach or the bay; the sea is all-encompassing, everything is negligible in front of it. And I can sit there all day, hearing the sound of the waves.


    What role does technology play in your free time?

    While enjoying the convenience of technology, sometimes I forget I'm surrounded by technological products, they're like a daily necessity rather than a technology product.

    Previously money, credit card or keys were the items that give you a sense of security when going out, that changes to a phone now. Wherever I go, I check the routine on my phone; when choosing what to eat, we use some apps to find the best restaurant, or order takeout - payments are processed via the phone, keys are inserted to the phone as well.

    Being affected by COVID, no matter where we go, we need to show our green health code, the phone records if we've been to the high risk area and the codes will turn yellow or red if we did. It also contains the record of our PCR Test result and whether you received the vaccine.


    What's been your biggest challenge this past year? Did you overcome it?

    The preparations to get married. I've been dating my boyfriend for over six years now, and we're planning to get married, maybe in 2022. When our parents sat together and discussed the plans during the spring festival, I was quite apprehensive, feeling that I'm not ready for marriage.

    Recently my best friend told me she's pregnant, and I can't express how happy I am for her. Getting married, being a mother are both big changes. I may still need some more time for that, and I'm happy for the upcoming changes to myself.

    Guide us through a nonwork moment that recently was a highlight for you?

    As I was just about to start typing the answer to the question, my colleague @Charles C. walked over to me, read this question, and said: "oh, it's easy. We go to the bar every Thursday after work to take part in a trivia night, colleagues from social media, community, public relations, get together and answer a bunch of questions to show how smart we are”.


    The funny thing is there's also a team from Huawei, OPPO competing with us, and we won last time!


    A warm thank you to Crystal for replying to these answers and to you, dear reader, for continuing to dedicate some minutes to this series. It’s not your imagination, everyone is allowed to treat technology as they please, be it inside or outside your office or school, be it in or around your home. And by technology, I mean everything encapsulated in your daily negotiations with your own mind.

    This is the fifth thread published as part of the “Out the [Office] Door” series. Below you’ll find the previous ones, giving you a greater and wider picture of how the Staff Members are spending their lives when the office door closes behind them.
    On a personal note, the more this series grows, the more I feel that very smart people make very smart compromises with themselves. A little bit less today can be a lot more tomorrow. A deep breath is the one that reaches further, so take a few of them during the weekend, hoping that your next week is a better, longer exhale.

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    McJader , Jun 5, 2021 :
    You begin with a conundrum between two minds and end with a true-to-heart feeling.
    Cheetos, over this series, I've come to appreciate how your writing is just next level. Have you ever considered writing a blog?:p
    Coming to @Crystal Z. this interview just humanizes you as a person I know (or I don't). The trivia nights, food pictures, marriage and diet worries! Just loved reading about this side of you:D

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    It already says that on the bottle. And I'm pretty sure he already knows it, and for him, the pros outweigh the cons. Let him be

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    Yash Pratap Singh. , Jun 5, 2021 :
    Amazing @Cheetosdust...you're interviewing other people, but who will interview you? I'm waiting for your interview too now 😉
    Ahh....for me, the foodie mind won the fight loooong ago...no point of fighting anymore...just food should be tasty.

    :rolleyes: - I exactly sleep half of that lol :p

    Indeed....I also love photos related to water, sea beach, calm oceans, etc - but my state is in the middle of india - no beaches here, except on the edges of a highly polluted "holy" river :(
    That's why I keep asking @otto2 for water-related photos :D
    It is - but only when taken excessively. Moderated intake isn't harmful


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    i ll shoot some extra pictures with water just for you whenever i got the opportunity .


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    Yash Pratap Singh. , Jun 5, 2021 :
    Haha thanks!
    I haven't seen a beach after the summer of '19

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    SRD. , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 5, 2021 :
    Was waiting for your thread @Cheetosdust. Every week you provide us great chapters with your "Out of the Office door" threads.

    About @Crystal Z., she is one of the sweetest hosts in the Forums. 2 minds are with all I guess ( the devil one always wins in my case).
    There is always a dilemma before deciding on marriage, but believe me, it's never a tough decision. Congratulations btw 🎊🎉.

    Your dedication to the community is worth a big shout out @Crystal Z.

    Thanks for the lovely thread @Cheetosdust.
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