Out the [Office] Door: The solo trip of Ryan Fenwick towards a crowd

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    Cheetosdust , May 22, 2021 :
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    Ryan Fenwick walked solo, his inner crowd waiting for him. If you contemplate everyone around you, it’s almost certain that you’ll find yourself better defined. Answering five simple questions, he guides us through his findings and struggles while painting a clearer picture of his existence, both sides of the skin.

    If it all starts with an artisanal beer outside the office, soon you’ll be visiting the Yunnan Province, contemplating how life and luck allowed for an encounter as a manifestation of coincidence in Dali. There’s a piece about the pleasure of reading something not printed in trees’ corpses and there’s a piece about superation, step by step, 10K easily done, half marathon behind his shoes. All the pieces are yours to fit.

    @Ryan Fenwick answers are not lessons, but they can be new perspectives. Away from home and not being able to return, here’s the perseverance of the “contemplative mindset” overcoming the always challenging uncertainty. In the end, here’s someone who discovered how much he could “enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having complete control over my time”. In the end, a beginning journaled.

    What’s your first thought when you are about to leave the office?

    “I need a beer.” Just kidding. No, actually I’m pretty serious. Luckily for me, I’ve been based in headquarters for the past year and a half or so, and social life here has been pretty normal for most of that time. Shenzhen has an up-and-coming bar and restaurant scene, so it’s a lot of fun to explore all the new places that keep popping up here. Really close to the office, there’s a great craft beer place and a hidden cocktail bar, which are my main go-to spots.

    What makes you feel fulfilled when you are not at your working place?

    Man, fulfillment is such a big concept, and I don’t think I have a clear answer for this question.

    Lately, I’ve been in a very contemplative mindset and have been making a much more concerted effort to rebalance things. I’m trying to read more, specifically non-fiction so I can work my brain in a different way outside of the office. I’m also running more. I grew up very active and athletic, but have really slacked off on working out over the years as I’ve become busy with work.

    I’ve never considered myself a runner, but after I discovered some really great podcasts (especially How I Built This), I found that I actually enjoyed running and learning at the same time. I ran my first 10K on my birthday last November, and then somehow I found the energy to run my first half marathon in February, without actually training for it. So while I can’t say these kinds of things are totally fulfilling, at least they help me keep some balance outside of work.

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    What role does technology play in your free time?

    I have very mixed feelings about technology outside of work and in my personal life. Of course I understand the importance of tech and how much fun it can be, but I also know how tech can take control if we aren’t careful. In my free time, I really try to minimize distracting technology, but I fully take advantage of supplemental technology. For example, my most used device on the weekends is my Kindle.

    I’m a huge fan of the convenience, battery life and single-use nature of an e-reader, so I look at my Kindle as a supplement to my daily life outside of work. My second most used tech on the weekend is my OnePlus 9 Pro of course, together with my OnePlus Buds Z, but I mainly use them for things like fitness tracking / step counting and listening to music.~

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    Some of you might consider me pretty old school when you read that, but it’s ok, I’ll just take that as a compliment!

    What's been your biggest challenge this past year? Did you overcome it?

    By far, the biggest challenge this year has been the fact that I haven’t been able to go back to the U.S. to see my family and friends. When I came back to headquarters last March, I had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to leave China for such a long time.

    Of course, nobody knew how things would develop anywhere in the world last year. So while I wouldn’t say I overcame this challenge, I guess I could say that I’ve dealt with it ok thanks to the ability to video chat with people back home.

    Guide us through a nonwork moment that recently was a highlight for you?

    Oh, this is such an easy one! After the OnePlus 9 Series launch, I did the unthinkable and took a much-needed vacation. I took two weeks off and did a solo trip to Yunnan Province, which is perhaps the most diverse province in China. I went hiking, did a ton of reading and journaling, met some really interesting people, tried a bunch of great local food and beer, and woke up without an alarm every single day.

    MicrosoftTeams-image (25).jpg

    And it’s crazy, but I just happened to bump into @Daniel D. at a tiny little cocktail bar in the middle of the most chill city, Dali, just weeks before he joined the team. Talk about a small world encounter! The most important thing was that it was the first time I’ve really done a solo trip.


    I had no idea how much I would enjoy the freedom and flexibility of having complete control over my time. Now I’m busy thinking about my next solo trip. Suggestions are welcome.

    This is the third installment in the series “Out the [Office] Door”. For more, you can read the thread dedicated to David Monteiro here and through this link you’ll discover how Adam Krisko has been dealing with his life outside OnePlus, a new garden in tow.

    From me, a special thanks to Ryan, not just for his precious time, but for putting communication at the forefront of the answers. I do hope you, the one who is reading this, had a good time doing so. It’s a never ending, cyclical journey and Ryan didn’t wait it out: contemplate solitude and you’ll find a crowd.

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    Saturday without a thread by @Cheetosdust feels a week incomplete.
    The series of personal lives beyond work feels great. So good to know about the none work sides of the gentlemen @dsmonteiro @Adam Krisko & now @Ryan Fenwick.
    My heart bled for you Ryan after knowing you are yet to go back to your home for the last 1 year. I just wish you could have a visit soon.
    So good to know about your passion for travelling, hiking, Running & reading.
    Waiting for the next one @Cheetosdust.

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    When I saw another "Out of the [Office] Door" thread written by the Magnificent @Cheetosdust l immediately clicked "Like", without even reading it. I was sure it was going to be a delightful read.🤩 And it was. 🥰
    Obrigada @Cheetosdust 🤗🤗

    @Ryan Fenwick thank you for letting us travel with you. 😊
    I hope you'll be able to visit your family, very soon. 🙏

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    Thanks @Cheetosdust for another great 'Out the [Office] Door', it was a great read!
    @Ryan Fenwick sounds like a great two weeks vacation!

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