Out the [Office] Door: Zach X. shows why life and work are not a zero-sum game

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    Cheetosdust , Aug 15, 2021 :
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    Latch onto the unfounded “hope that I can share something more interesting with you guys next time” and rewind your time of reading when you see it. Before, Zach X. will have something way more interesting than that quote to share with you.

    The sunsets were backdrops to photos on the balcony. Pay attention to the past tense conjugation and you can feel the sorrow of not pressing the shutter button one more time. Because, sometimes, 599 days are more than one day short of a round number, they are one day short of the continuation.

    Index finger ready on his Olympus Em-10 Mark 2, the eyes on a Sony Alpha 7C, the disposition waiting for your opinions. Take a look around and witness the adaptation to a new role: inside OnePlus and in life, minimizing the friction of free will while transforming the ordinary into the magnificent connection.


    What’s your first thought when you are about to leave the office?

    Every day when I was about to leave the office, I would habitually walk to the balcony to see what the sunset looks like today. The office of OnePlus headquarters is by the sea, and each floor has a very large balcony, which is an excellent location to watch the sunset.

    Sometimes before leaving the office, I would call my colleagues to take pictures on the balcony together. This is why there are so many sunset photos in my phone gallery. Let me share some of them with you guys.





    This office is my first place to work after graduation. I have worked here for 599 days, which has left me with many unforgettable memories. Now we have all moved to another office building. Although the new building looks much fancier, I still prefer the original office.

    What makes you feel fulfilled when you are not at your working place?

    When I’m not working, one of my hobbies is photography. Although I am not a professional photographer, being able to capture some of the wonderful moments in life really makes me feel satisfied and fulfilled. In my senior year in University, I made money from a part-time job and bought myself the first camera in my life.

    I did lots of research and finally chose a camera with a perfect balance of performance, price, and look that suits me, which is Olympus Em-10 Mark 2 with a 25mm F1.8 lens. I took this camera to a lot of places, so it is very commemorative.

    The one that gave me the most sense of accomplishment was when I uploaded some of my photos to Unsplash, I realized that my photos were featured in the editorial section.

    So far I have accumulated 23M views and 44k downloads haha. However, after graduation, I didn’t take photos with my camera as frequently as I did before. I hope I can continue to maintain this interest. If I would buy another new camera, Sony Alpha 7C seems like a good choice, what do you think?

    What role does technology play in your free time?

    Like every young person, even when I’m not working, my life is still occupied by mobile phones and computers, either social media or computer games. I don't think that technology has a completely negative impact on me, and I will not deliberately control myself to minimize my use of these devices on weekends.

    After all, without these devices, things that are usually taken for granted may not continue to operate normally. I like reading, but I haven't bought a paper book for a long time. Instead, I am more accustomed to downloading and reading directly on Kindle, and it is more convenient to mark notes directly on Kindle as well.

    What’s more, I go to the gym, swim, and play tennis every weekend, and I can monitor my exercise records with a smartwatch. If I went to the swimming pool and found myself not wearing a watch, I would even feel that today's exercise was wasted.


    What's been your biggest challenge this past year? Did you overcome it?

    The biggest challenge I encountered this year was the change in my work. As you may know, I transferred from my original community operation to a community product manager. In April this year, our community product manager Vickie resigned.

    I had to take over all of her previous work in a short period of time, and also be responsible for my previous work. This was a very big challenge for me because I had no relevant experience before. However, I regard it as a good opportunity because I am more interested in the work of a product manager.

    Product manager work includes user research, preparing product requirement descriptions, following up development process, data analysis, etc.

    I spent a lot of time reading related books and consulted other professional colleagues in the company, and finally completed the handover of work smoothly. I am now in charge of the project of the community’s new App plan, but I can’t reveal too much here, so stay tuned!

    Guide us through a nonwork moment that recently was a highlight for you?

    This question seems very difficult to answer because my work has been so busy recently that my life seems to be filled with work. This makes me start to reflect on what is left in my life besides work.

    If I have to choose a highlight moment, it may be hanging out with friends on the weekend, but it may be just an ordinary weekend for you guys. Due to the COVID-19, it’s been a long time since I last traveled. I should have gone hiking last month, but it was canceled because of the typhoon. Hope that I can share something more interesting with you guys next time!


    And here we are surviving, fighting the solo to belong with our peers, dealing with typhoons that change plans altogether. A proposition: the reflection about what’s left in life if we remove our work from the big equation. Are you happy with the result?

    It’s not a zero-sum game and we all know it; sometimes it’s you and me getting carried by the will to peek over the fence and let life, previous, past or future, make us to belong with them.

    Thank you @Zach X. for allocating time for the words and the photos. And thank you reader for your attention. Even if during these days we are away from our previous simmering, that doesn’t mean the fire isn’t still there. Thank you for collectively peek over the fence.

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    jlasensiofi , Aug 15, 2021 :
    Great interview, @Cheetosdust! I love 🤗😃😍

    I've always liked hearing from the people who are part of the OnePlus team. I did some of @Zach X. hobbies when he was younger, like tennis for example. I keep sharing the photography, and I can see that you take some fabulous photos. Congratulations! 👏👏👏👏👏🤩

    Thank you both and take good care of you ☺️😉🙏

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    Overzee , Aug 15, 2021 :
    This Sunday is getting better and better! Thanks @Cheetosdust for another great Out the [Office] Door! Thanks @Zach X. for sharing this with the community.

    I'll read it when I get home, and have found a great spot in the back yard. Have a great weekend 😊.

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    This is what exactly I was looking forward to the weekend.
    Thanks @Cheetosdust for the wonderful write up and thanks @Zach X. for showing us your other side of work.
    Yes, we saw your balcony pictures few days before and they are stunning.
    All the best to your for your new responsibilities and I am sure you are going to do justice to your work. Eagerly waiting for the App ( even I shouldn't say more about it ) 😉

    Have a great day gentlemen.

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    thank you @Cheetosdust for inviting to this week's Out the [Office] Door! I really love your words. Let's keep inviting more of our staffs to join:)


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