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Does it matter the phone does not have and NFC beam?

  1. Yes

    24 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Deactivated User
    Oct 21, 2015

  2. billq
    Jelly Bean Oct 21, 2015

    billq , Oct 21, 2015 :
    Bit of a been done many times thing this

  3. Pharadem
    Eclair Oct 21, 2015

    Pharadem , Oct 21, 2015 :
    Either that or go with Meizu Pro 5, there are Meizu service centers everywhere around the world; unlike OnePlus.

    Unknown brand, literally no warranty (online warranty, dafuq?)

    so yeh, its up to you, S7 would be a better overall choice, as its gonna be a real flagship killer, im enough with oneplus 2 bullshit; I'm just hoping to win the contest to swap my op2 for a meizu pro 5 :D

  4. oreomonster
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 21, 2015

  5. rkrs
    Froyo Oct 21, 2015

    rkrs , Oct 21, 2015 :
    I am very satisfied with the purchase, and don't really care that it doesn't have NFC. The phone is awesome. Nothing more needs to be said.

  6. Christian_yn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 21, 2015

    Christian_yn , Oct 21, 2015 :
    need one? still got one to give out

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    Honeycomb Oct 21, 2015

  8. Christian_yn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 21, 2015

    Christian_yn , Oct 21, 2015 :
    if you're using the OPT over an iPhone 6s Plus, you gotta stop doing drugs sir :D:D

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  9. malidan
    Nougat Oct 21, 2015

    malidan , Oct 21, 2015 :
    All you have just stated are not activities undertaken by the majority of the buying public.
    If they were in any doubts as to if the device has any issues, I think you have more than confirmed them.

  10. Azhar Soni
    Donut Oct 22, 2015

  11. Azhar Soni
    Donut Oct 23, 2015

  12. Azhar Soni
    Donut Oct 26, 2015

    Azhar Soni , Oct 26, 2015 :
    To be honest it is a really good phone and I find it easy to use, the fingerprint scanner is really sensitive and everything is working fine, just have a small issue about the battery in that it runs out quickly

  13. Eddieo
    Gingerbread Oct 26, 2015

    Eddieo , Oct 26, 2015 :

    customer service abysmal....like talking to a brick wall. Im to pissed to expand on this so dont ask, enough to say they dont have a clue about UK consumer protection and the sales of goods act... just wish I had spent a bit more on a phone with better support

  14. gascan21
    Donut Oct 26, 2015

    gascan21 , Oct 26, 2015 :
    can any one help?? my opt charger makes a sound like a soft vibration..grrr..grrr..:(

  15. Deactivated User
    Oct 26, 2015

  16. Maurice baan
    Froyo Oct 26, 2015

    Maurice baan , Oct 26, 2015 :
    i love my OPT some of the features i dont use at all but a lot of them are realy great and i am glad i bought the phone!!!

  17. docMario
    Gingerbread Oct 26, 2015

    docMario , Oct 26, 2015 :
    It is a good phone, but certainly not the best phone I've ever had... this title goes to the Nexus 5 with the OPO at a close second place.

    For my very personal point of view, the OP2 is a bit too heavy/bulky with quite sharp edges that sometimes make it uncomfortable to hold the phone. The swap covers add to that problem since (at least the carbon fiber one) is not seamless.

    The speed of the SD810 is impressive. For example re-building ART cache takes only a few seconds (versus several minutes with the OPO).

    The Camera is OK. Quite good actually.

    OxygenOS is far from perfect. Pity that Cyanogen turned their backs on OnePlus.

    Would I buy the phone again?! Probably not... I'd rather wait for the "next big thing".
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015

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  18. Azhar Soni
    Donut Oct 26, 2015

    Azhar Soni , Oct 26, 2015 :
    To be honest friends and family have been asking me what I will do if something happens to the phone, I have told them I think I gotta send it back to China. I don't know tough.

  19. Cheick
    Donut Oct 26, 2015

    Cheick , Oct 26, 2015 :
    We are developing a technology based on NFC, that's why I would have loved if my OP2 had one. Otherwise I have it since a week and haven't face any problem yet.

  20. tiwari_p_k
    Cupcake Oct 26, 2015

    tiwari_p_k , Oct 26, 2015 :
    Finally after long wait of approx 2 months since launch, I received my OnePlus 2 Friday last week.

    Overall looks quite impressive than the earlier phone I had however I wish if I could get rid of unwanted botwares that came with default OxygenOS without rooting phone.
    Battery life looks pretty impressive.
    Ran AnTuTu benchmark on it and its one of the phone in top 5.
    Tried few heavy racing games, internet and lot more things and no problem so far at all.
    Interchange capability for Back and kill apps button looks nice.
    Fingerprint sensor as alternate unlock impressive, detects 99% of the times I tried so far.

    Still lot to explore but overall its looks nice phone.