Oxygen 1.0.2 Release with Stagefright security patches

  1. Ivangeorge
    Cupcake Aug 14, 2015

    Ivangeorge , Aug 14, 2015 :
    Those asking for ota .... Try cm12.1 nightly with boeffla kernel....latest build with amazing battery life ....or just go dirty unicorns"......use any auto root tool kits plenty available and you can flash any 5.1.1 rom.....and yeah **** never settle.....

  2. Thearcade12
    Honeycomb Aug 14, 2015

    Thearcade12 , Aug 14, 2015 :
    Not necessary if you are already running any previous oxygen os.

    But i recommend clean flash.

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  3. Sahiil
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2015

  4. jacobtij
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2015

  5. fady77
    Froyo Aug 14, 2015

  6. matthewtaylor1995
    Honeycomb Aug 14, 2015

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  7. jsims19pe
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2015

  8. Jeffreyvdv3lde
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2015

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  9. ganeshmasare
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2015

  10. Heisenberg1984
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2015

  11. KRiST0F
    Honeycomb Aug 14, 2015

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  12. 1poipoy57
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2015

  13. Shrapnelist
    Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2015

    Shrapnelist , Aug 14, 2015 :
    We want v2.0 dam mit
    o_O cause people buy this phone for manually flashing. and is easier than other devices. very easy.
    Oxygen OS was in development, thread said no ota so it was flashed thru twrp and thus a person can flash updates if he flashed oxygen os, he knows what hes doing.

  14. alex inthi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2015

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  15. alex inthi
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 14, 2015

  16. wales4ever
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2015

    wales4ever , Aug 14, 2015 :
    I was just thinking this. I thought once we we're on OxygenOS, we'd get OTA updates

  17. liamandren
    Gingerbread Aug 14, 2015

    liamandren , Aug 14, 2015 :
    Alright. Can someone just explain, in short, how to go about that flash?

    I personally flashed my girlfriends OPO from CM12 to Oxygen OS, so that's already done. The TWRP was installed in that process, so that's already on the phone as well.
    After downloading these files, how do you flash them onto the phone?
    Are we talking "reboot into recovery mode and installing the files from there (after copying them onto the device)", or are we talking something entirely different?

    I'm decent at flashing things like this, but I'm also doing it on a Macbook, so makes it a bit more complicated with following tutorials, so I'd appreciate it if people don't just refer me to a tutorial/guide. I imagine this shouldn't be that complicated, since Oxygen OS is already on the phone, and TWRP is on it too.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  18. jamiet
    Donut Aug 14, 2015

    jamiet , Aug 14, 2015 :
    I have the Oxygen custom recovery not TWRP and I just copied the zip file to root of the phone's storage then booted into recovery (using power+vol down) then wiped cache and install from sd card option. I would imagine it is similar with TWRP just more options to navigate around. Currently rebooting and got the Android is upgrading message as it rebuilds the cache.



  19. scottrc
    Eclair Aug 14, 2015

    scottrc , Aug 14, 2015 :
    Well I certainly didn't buy the phone for manual flashing. I purchased the phone like I would any other phone with pre-built software.

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  20. SpyderTracks
    Cupcake Aug 14, 2015

    SpyderTracks , Aug 14, 2015 :
    Impressive this fix was out so quick, not even Google have addressed this issue yet, bravo OnePlus