Oxygen 1.0.2 Release with Stagefright security patches

  1. samrat kautilya
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

    samrat kautilya , Aug 15, 2015 :
    Klol...but true :p

  2. hans44
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

  3. aaanonymous
    Donut Aug 15, 2015

    aaanonymous , Aug 15, 2015 :

    I suddenly have an yellow line in the right upper corner of my screen.. today i was flashing oxygen 1.02 and after i noticed i have a yellow line..

    I already tried:
    *bat files to restore stock recovery+rom oxygen < downloaded link from this website
    *bat files cm 11 < received from opo support a while ago
    *unroot, root
    *factory swipes
    *installed cm 12 nightlies

    The yellow line is everywhere, you can see it in all the apps and software, included my recovery mode.
    See the pictures.

    How can i remove this? Or is it hardware? Anyone an idea?

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  4. scottrc
    Eclair Aug 15, 2015

    scottrc , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I emailed Cyanogen about the COS 12.1 update at https://cyngn.com/ but have not heard anything back. They are just as quiet as OnePlus. I imagine someone has told them to be quiet.

  5. gringoboy
    Lollipop Aug 15, 2015

    gringoboy , Aug 15, 2015 :
    Looks like it's a mark on a protector. If it's not, RMA.

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  6. xgen
    Eclair Aug 15, 2015

  7. rswheaton
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

    rswheaton , Aug 15, 2015 :
    OK its still very early but I want to report... so far things are AWESOME! I have been around the block with ROMs. Most recently I am coming from BlissPop 3.8, been through all the CM nightlies, and a handful of others. So far I am VERY impressed with this ROM. Feels "buttery" smooth the way a Nexus device should feel. Fingers crossed that it will last. So far no issues at all , connected to blutooth in my car no issues, no pinch to zoom issues, no yellow screen. Everything works GREAT!

  8. Klaeje
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 15, 2015

    Klaeje , Aug 15, 2015 :
    Damm why not OTA.... Have no twrp!! And i am not going to....this is sh**

  9. moorscode
    Donut Aug 15, 2015

    moorscode , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I'm getting an MD5 mismatch on the provided files.

    Never mind.. Checksum verified correctly so removed the md5 file.
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  10. jusnice15
    Eclair Aug 15, 2015

  11. jusnice15
    Eclair Aug 15, 2015

    jusnice15 , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I think the page b4 this 1 someone successfully flashed it by renaming the zip file. That's what I'm gonna do. I hope it's works with multirom (probably not though) cause I want to keep using 5.1

  12. chirantanad
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

    chirantanad , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I'm not noticing any mobile active bug/drain.. :) Touch seems responsive and perfect..Installed touch fix build and flashed latest build using default oxygen recovery.

    If you flash via TWRP...Please delete md5 file...It will give an error in TWRP if you have build file and md5 file in one Folder. Thanks @Helen

  13. amjad_2020
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 15, 2015

  14. AndreyFranzese
    Gingerbread Aug 15, 2015

    AndreyFranzese , Aug 15, 2015 :
    I guess not Multirom supported? Because It gets stuck at the OP logo...

  15. chirantanad
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

  16. rswheaton
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

    rswheaton , Aug 15, 2015 :
    Back up a few pages and read my posts. You just have to rename the file.

  17. andrew_maz
    Cupcake Aug 15, 2015

  18. chirantanad
    Honeycomb Aug 15, 2015

  19. DeltaSky
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 15, 2015

  20. Deactivated User
    Aug 15, 2015