OxygenOS Oxygen 9.0.2 full of bugs!

  1. C1541583366498 Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    C1541583366498, Nov 7, 2018 :
    Also, night mode and reading mode have been disabled somehow.. unable to switch to reading mode...

  2. Gatoo Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

  3. Noni0ne Froyo Nov 7, 2018

    Noni0ne, Nov 7, 2018 :
    Only issue that I have is the notifications.

    When talking the notification sounds are extremely loud and distorted. Something needs to be done there and some notification sounds for apps like facebook/messenger are distorted.

    Tried reinstalling and other troubleshooting, its not helping.

  4. V1540842140128 Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    V1540842140128, Nov 7, 2018 :
    Salut, OP 6 după ce am făcut trecerea la 9.0.2 nu pot răspunde la apel, suna telefonul dar nu pot răspunde rămâne blocat pe sonerie, se blocheaza in aplicatii, etc.

  5. KsSreedev Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

  6. Blackdem Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    Blackdem, Nov 7, 2018 :
    better not to do it from my point of view

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  7. Inturi Narendra Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

  8. KsSreedev Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    KsSreedev, Nov 7, 2018 :
    I facing lot of issues..

  9. Hiken Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    Hiken, Nov 7, 2018 :
    mine is the same .. pitch black

  10. abyadav24 Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    abyadav24, Nov 7, 2018 :
    Same issue. Shows a black spot instead of the user image. Apart from this, haven't faced any issues with the 9.0.2 update. I use only gestures and no issue of lag or keyboard freezing etc. I also use swiftkey. For those feeling the animation to be laggy, go to developer option and set all the animation scales to 0.5x.
    Can't comment on camera quality as i haven't used it extensively yet, although the night mode felt unimpressive in the couple of test photos i took. Battery seems fine, no abnormal drain. But the dash charging seems to have really quickened after this update! So far, seems like a good update.

  11. N1527694381692 Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    N1527694381692, Nov 7, 2018 :
    Same issue again for me on 9.0.2. as it was on first Pie update. Emergency calls only while in my workshop where I would normally get 4G. I've reset network settings, checked APN's. I'll have to revert back to Oreo. I'm in the UK on ID Mobile.

  12. Mead76 Froyo Nov 7, 2018

    Mead76, Nov 7, 2018 :
    so glad I have not updated mine yet.....I'm not sure I ever will...

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  13. Pratik78 Froyo Nov 7, 2018

    Pratik78, Nov 7, 2018 :
    how did u flash brother please give me the steps!!!

  14. Deactivated User Nov 7, 2018

  15. C1541583366498 Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

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  16. AtLeastITried Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    AtLeastITried, Nov 7, 2018 :
    I think this person is right. Everything is happening to me too.

    The WhatsApp thing happens to me any time I use any messaging app (discord, Google messages, WhatsApp)

    and the gestures are waaay to slow, and they're far worse than the old ones. You're right about it not being a bug, but it's definitely not an improvement.

  17. Kenny_Dedeurwaerder Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    Kenny_Dedeurwaerder, Nov 7, 2018 :
    Messaging apps hang all the time too (whatsapp, instagram, ...), using Google keyboard and already cleared it's cache.
    It's like the phone thinks it receives a command to switch apps, and then just goes back to the homescreen after a couple of seconds...

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  18. F1539533726378 Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

  19. Sethwhites Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    Sethwhites, Nov 7, 2018 :
    I have the same problem, and what the hell is that new slow animation when going on homescreen from some app. I thought that oxygen should be fast, this is like going few years back :)

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  20. Equity Cupcake Nov 7, 2018

    Equity, Nov 7, 2018 :
    I don't know if it is but or not but I can't change home screen nor order of the screens. Does anyone know how to do it after last update?